Monday, January 18, 2010

How does Duke stand to watch this crap?

At our house the T.V. dominates.

I am not proud of this as I grew up with no T.V. in the living room.  You were required to go downstairs into the family room to watch television.

Duke was raised with a T.V. in every room.  It isn't unusual for his parents to have a different program on in each room,. both blaring at 8 decibels.  It makes me so crazy to go visit... an overload of my senses (and I don't mean his mothers gas problem either).

So when we got married there was some adjustments that needed to be made. Duke bought the biggest T.V. Circuit City had in stock and carried it home like a 23 year old new momma with her infant baby.  I developed selective hearing.

We have graduated over the years to larger and larger T.V.s... first we had to have flat screen and then HD.

The television is always on at my house.

I have a house full of boys so I know all there is to know about most sports... some I can handle and some I can't.

I feel like this place is my second home

and these gentlemen are beloved members of my family

I love football.  I can watch a lot of football without complaining.  I will watch a little bit of basketball but I would rather be blogging.

One sport I don't understand that Duke really loves is Nascar.  I have tried to watch it, to get involved with the drivers, figure out the strategy that Duke swears is there... but I can't.   It is mindless noise and endless circles of cars with commentators and pit crews that use horrific grammar and have horrible dental hygiene.

Someone explain it to me because after 10 years of trying to find a love for it... it just doesn't make sense.

As much as I hate Nascar there is one other sport that I refuse to watch.  Duke is required to wait until I am gone or asleep before he watches it.

A sport shouldn't make you feel sick to your stomach and the Ultimate Fights really bother me.  Why would someone want to watch another person beat a human being to submission?  Why would someone want to be beaten so badly that they are unable to think for themselves?

Let me clarify, Boxing is completely different that the UFC.  While I don't care to watch it either.. it isn't as violent and ugly.

Why do men want to watch this?  Does it have to do with the testosterone?  Do they secretly wish they could beat another human stupid?

Someone explain it to me...

Here's where I hide most days... shhh... don't tell the boys!

all images courtesy of ESPN.COM


Hubman said...

In recent years, we've downgraded the number of TVs in our house so that now there are just 2, one in the living room and one downstairs in the family room.

I think everyone has a show (or 4 or 5) that they can't stand yet their partner loves. Veronica can have her Project Runway, I'm going to bed!

Now I'm not a fan of either boxing or mixed martial arts, but your statement that they are completely different as far as the level of violence is extremely un-informed. Do you realize that boxing gloves are basically weights ranging from 14-20 ounces that not only increases the force of the blow but cushions the punchers hands? Compare that to a bare-knuckle fighter- after a couple of solid blows to a skull he probably has a few broken knuckles and subsequently won't be punching as hard. To say that boxing is less violent is nonsense. Just ask the punch-drunk Muhammad Ali.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

My husband played and plays sports but he's not a watcher nor does he have favorite teams nor does he play fantasy anything... So... We don't have the sports problem at my house.

I actually love watching UFC fights and so does my husband.

Hubman as far as pain goes it might be the same? But boxing is BORING to watch. It's usually slow and once blood is drawn don't they have to pause the fight and see if it stops before they continue?

UFC is quick most of the time and blood? Ha! They laugh at the sight of blood although it gets a bit slippery when that happens.

Boxing they just use their hands or the gloves you explained in different punching combinations and they hug a lot.

UFC they use hands, elbows, knees, feet, the whole body while grappling! I think rules are no hitting the boys on purpose and if blood streams in the eye they have to pause to see if they can get it to stop, other than that its no holds bar until one or the other taps out or passes out or has no way of defending himself!

So it may be just as painful maybe? But UFC in my opinion also looks more violent to watch. Although I am sorta twisted and kinda love to watch it :P

I don't get Nascar either?

My hubs got into the habit of falling asleep with the T.V. On and so insists it be in our room, even though every marriage book tells you that's a no-no. But it's a battle I choose not to partake of, it's his guilty pleasure :). Most nights though he stays out in the front room so I can fall asleep, then he gets into bed and does his thing, I think, cause he's always there when I wake up in the morning and tv is off!? So I can't complain!

Great post Chief!

Lori said...

I have never watched a UFC fight, but it's not something I would want to watch either. Chief, maybe you need to get your own tv and block the sports channels so that they won't watch your tv!!

Unknown said...

Ya know what, I agree although myhubby is not a huge sports fan. He rarely watches Nascar since Earnhardt died. Notmuch on football either once ina great while. .. but the Tv thing I hear ya on we have one in every room BUT ours.. but I think that is about to change... cause I am going to make a place that is safe for my kids and us without all that drama of media.. girl I learned some things last night that made me furious at the TV media.. you can come visit me I will have coffee and no TV on I promise..

Cajoh said...

I never got much into sports. I guess I am a fair weather fan and only watch sports if our team is going to the playoffs.

We only have one TV in the house and we really want to get it replaced. We like the flat-screen TV idea and having HDTV would be a great boon, but we just don't have it in our budget at the moment.

Thanks for sharing,

We Believe Blogs said...

Hubman - My bad. although I still say it is alot lees violent to watch :)

Shelle - I would have never guessed you would be a UFC girl! That insight into your world is very intriguing!

Peterson Fam, I don't want to watch TV that much... truly. Sometimes I just want quiet!

Angel, I may just take you up om your offer... but Im a diet coke girl. Coffee smells funny!

Cajoh, Im moving in with you... it sounds quiet there!

Brian Miller said...

lol. if we had a tv, it would stay on sportcenter....i have trained my boys well.

hav been to a race...but cant watch it on its not a male thing. i guess that would be a thang in nascar speek though.

Unknown said...

What? You don't enjoy watching cars go round & round in a circle while rednecks cheer them on by getting drunk? Yea. I've been to a race.

And if I wanted to watch people fight, I'd pay more attention to my children.

Chief said...

Sorry guys! The We Believe Blogs is me... too many log ins! lmao

Brian! Amazing... no TV? That's why you write so eloquently.. yer brain is still whole.

Semi Slacker, TOUCHE!

Shell said...

Thankfully, I just have to watch football, soccer, and basketball. With the occasional hockey or baseball game thrown in. Wait, I didn't realize just how much sports are watched around here.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Hate Nascar and UFC. Hubs watches UFC at friends house. A little sidenote about Nascar...hubby met the real life inspiration for Tow Mater from Cars while calling on a plant in Charlotte, NC. He says the cartoon is a dead ringer for him. My boys think it's awesome that he met a real live cartoon!

Chief said...


can't believe you being fro the south that you don't have your wife beater #8 nightie!

Thats awesome about tOw MAter!

hes my lover

Missty said...

We have TV's! A lot of them - even in the garage and laundry room. All hooked up to Direct TV. lol A house of boys - we have sports.

Matt doesn't really watch to many sports, but NASCAR we do. He loves it, so I have learned to love it with him. We have went to a few races, very fun.

Chief said...

Shell, Somehow I missed you... I didn't see Nascar or body beatings on your list! you're safe!

Missty, My husband loves going to the races as well. I love having the weekend to myself ~wink

Anonymous said...

Thankfully my hubby only watches football.

mCat said...

When I get homesick (when I travel for work), I turn on Sportscenter to make me feel better.
Na na na. Na na na!

And we too have a tv in every room of our house and sometimes watch the same program while texting each other about it. We are the lamest.

Love boxing - hate Ultimate fighting.

Enjoy your day off!

Chief said...

Heather, LOVES the FOOTBALL!

M-Cat, sigh... the texting, the boxing, the tV's!

Anjeny said...

Chief..I am soo with you on this post. I am not a big sports fan, can't stand watching it on tv..the boxing and car racing watching on tv literally gives me rashes. I guess I'm lucky that my hub doesn't care to watch those either. My thing on sports is if I ever get interested in it, I do NOT want to be a spectator, I want to be doing it.

We only have one tv in our house and most of the shows we watch on there are Dora, and teens shows...and of course, when I take control of the tv, it has to be some horror shows, I know, I'm weird that way.

Good job on the post.

DGB said...

WonderWife™ says she is thankful every day that I am not a sports fan. That said, you say you have a lot of TV's. So why can't you have him watch in another room?

I don't subject my wife to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a show that she despises. I wait till she goes to bed first.

Becky Andrews said...

Love it -- I think those announcers are part of our family these days too. Lots of football and basketball around here and yes in several rooms.

Another Suburban Mom said...

Thankfully Hubman does not watch a whole lot of tv that I do not like. I mean I don't love The Deadly Catch show, but I can usually tune out anything.

Personally I do not get to watch as much TV as I would like since most of what I enjoy is either not appropriate for the kids, or they hate it and will whine for their own show and ruin any chance I have to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...


I used to watch sportscenter but now the bride hates the history channel. how can anyone hate history?

Have you ever been to a race? I will say this about nascar, without fail, even if they don't become fans, EVERY chick has a natural positive reaction to Nascar when they are in the stands, I'm sure Duke will be glad to inform you what that reaction is if you ask him and he has been to a race.

MMA, well I can take or leave that myself but I LOVE boxing. I do share something with those MMA boys. When I have relations I wanna make her "tap out" not just win but decision or knock-out!

Just Jules said...

Sports Center has been replaced with online sports updates - thank goodness. There are the occasional games on here - but luckily not all games all the time.

Hunting tends to be on more then anything , and truly I would NOT mind watching hunting at all if they didn't whisper. That and wait until it is dark to go find what they killed - really? who does that - NOONE! makes sh*t hard to track - stupid. Sorry... stepping back.

jam said...

football is the only sport that i have to endure the entire season. i'll watch the super bowl. baseball only have to endure the playoffs and the world series. basketball playoffs and nba championships. only car races he enjoys are the formula ones. i'll watch some then go do other things. good post