Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Would YOU Rather Episode 4

What Would YOU Rather?  I know sometimes it's hard to choose.  But play along and try and choose one and explain why you chose that in comments!

Here we go!

1) Would you rather have eyes that always make people smile OR a voice that makes people calm?

2) Would you rather be overweight and healthy?  OR Skinny and unhealthy?

3) Would you rather be rich but have a horrible marriage and can never get out OR be poor the rest of your life, always struggling with money, but be in love.

Okay!  Let us know in comments what you would rather... and feel free to be anonymous and/or comment on other people's comments!


Gucci Mama said...

1. Eyes that make people smile. I mean, why get rid of what I already have? ;)

2. Don't ask this of a fat girl. She will always answer wrong. I would rather be a skinny bitch, thankyouverymuch.

3. Always always always poor and happy. There's not a lot worse than having money (which everyone thinks should make you happy) and being miserable and trapped. Trust me.

Mrs.Duran said...

I love this!
1. Lets see, I woukd rather have a voice to calm people down, with being a mom I think that would come in handy when I a standing in the check out line with a screaming 2 year old!

2. I am already overweight and I love my curves and I am not unhealthy either!

3. I would rather be poor and in love ( oh wait I am already) my boys are my everything!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Hey! Dang it! I meant to be first!


1) Eyes that make people smile - (615 has a good point about the calming voice though, almost swayed me)

2) I'd rather be healthy no matter how big or small I was!

3) At this time in my life, just for this moment, I'd pic rich rich rich!!! But in reality, I'm not a person that could be alone when it comes to the heart, so I'll do the poor and in love-tis my life so far, and yet, I'm happy :) (shut up Sage)

heelsnstocking said...

the eyes please, a wobbly butt and a pocket full of loving x

heelsnstocking said...

And its DCHY's birthday so give him a shout and tell him he is old!

Keith Wilcox said...

By definition Over-weight is unhealthy. Otherwise it wouldn't be Over, right? But, i'd much rather be a little unhealthy with some extra pounds than really unhealthy and falling apart skinny. I do have eyes that make people smile (I've been told that), but I don't have a calming voice. And, of course, poor and happy is better than rich and not. Happy is happy. A poor person who is happy wouldn't care that they're poor. Otherwise they wouldn't be happy.

tiarastantrums said...

haha - I'd say rich - I've already done the poor and in love!
soothing voice for me!
and why can't one be skinny and healthy?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Hey Keith and Tiara--- hello! Just play along and stop being all logical! This requires no logic, you just answer what you would RATHER do! Am I going to have to send you two to time out?

But just so we can be clear on this... Not everyone that is over weight is necessarily unhealthy.

Okay let's continue--(I have my eyes on you two) ;)

Gucci Mama said...

Can I change my answers? Because I've decided I want all of the above. What I have is eyes, fat, money, and shittiness. What I'd LIKE is eyes, voice, thinness, money, and happiness. I think I'll go with "all of the above" since I don't have to be logical. Nor do I particularly enjoy following rules.

Chief said...

1.. the voice

2... Fat and healthy

3...poor in a happy marriage.

HEll, I think I just described myself to a T

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Oh Gucci Mama- oh how you errrr, the questions don't and should not be logical, and you DON'T have to follow the rules, unless of course they are mine!

No changey's either! Live with your first response.

That's it, I'm poking you in the eye and sending you to time out for sure!

While in time out trying balancing that spinning top on your rack ;) hehehe

Gucci Mama said...

You will see that spinning top balanced there a week from today, my friend. Never you fear. I also had requests for a beer and a bowling ball. Since I'm on time out now I have a lot of time to practice.

Danielle said...

I seem to piss people off when I speak, so I am going with calming voice.
I am "per standards" fat and healthy cause I have muscle and weigh more than is acceptable for my height. So I will stick with that.
I have had money and it didn't make me happy, infact the opposite. I don't handle it well.
So poor and in love would be my choice. Now I just need to find the "Love" part. :)

Anonymous said...

1. I want eyes that make people smile (if they could make guys fall in love with me, that would be a bonus!)
2. Skinny and unhealthy (I'm fat right now and no matter how much I workout or cut calories, I can't lose it)
3. Poor and in love (the money wouldn't last long if I was that unhappy cuz I'd spend it all)

wendy said...

Very good questions.
I think a calm voice in this day of fear would be valuable.
I would actually rather be skinny and unhealthy---kinda vain eh.
especially after having put on 20 lbs I emotionally feel like crap anyway.
and the last question is a kicker---OF COURSE we all want love
but sometimes love gets erroded by financial worries and many trials. Takes a VERY strong marriage and a VERY strong love.

Anonymous said...

1. A voice that makes people calm. I'd like to be able to just calm my children down when they're hyper or sad or angry just by using a couple of words and a soothing voice. Unfortunately, they're not that easy to calm down lol.

2. Shit hard on. I used to be skinny and unhealthy. I'm now "overweight" and healthier (I say "overweight" because I'm still in the normal BMI range but am close to the top). Honestly, I prefered the skinny and unhealthy. I get very depressed over not being able to fit properly into clothes (specifically shorts and dresses).

3. Well, I consider us financially poor. Ok, maybe not POOR but money is usually a struggle and our "extra funds" after bills this week isn't very much. I've grown used to it so I'm ok with it. And besides, my husband and I are in love :)

Anonymous said...

I have both on number one. A voice that makes chicks ummmmmmmm squishy and eyes that are squinty but friendly.

I am fat so there ya go.

I am poor and ave an ok marriage.

There is little difference between being rich and being poor, it is a hell of a lot more fun being rich.

wendy said...

I KNEW that about Sage--the whole voice and eye thing

Just Jules said...

1) eyes - you don't always get a chance to speak.
2) I am skinny to average and have a truck load of health issues. I deal.
3)poor and in love because there is money to be made if you work hard enough (sometimes)

Ashlan Belliston said...

1) Eyes. Definitely.
2) Skinny.
3) Poor and happily married! I could not live a loveless life, even if I was rich. I'd rather work through poverty with a man who loves me. :)