Friday, June 25, 2010

What Would You Rather Episode 7

What Would You Rather--I know sometimes it's hard to choose.  But play along and try and choose one and explain why you chose that one in the comments!

1) Would you rather marry someone who is funny OR someone who can sing?

2) Would you rather have really awesome friends OR your dream someone?

3) Would you rather run into your spouses ex OR yours?

Now tell us in comments--comment on other peoples comments--and feel free to say it Anonymously if that is more comfortable! 

p.s. All questions were found on THIS website.



Becky Andrews said...

1. Think a sense of humor is essential. One of the first things attracted me to my husband - his ability to make me laugh.
2. Dream someone - we sometimes say its us against the world. He has been there to help me fulfill many dreams.
3. Not applicable at this point so ?? Guessing I would prefer his ?? -

Anonymous said...

Geez, my first time playing the game and these are tough ones. But for you Shelle, I'll try ;)

1. Funny all the way.
2. Dream someone (though friends would be hard to pass up, cause everyone needs someone to complain to about their dream spouse).
3. Mine. Cause I'd love to know if he's overweight and bald now ;)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I'm already the funny one in any relationship... so I'd have to go with someone who can sing... they could croon me into doing anything! Kinda my weakness. (But so is a guy who can make me laugh... tough one, but I'll stick with the singing)

2)I'd rather have my Dream Someone--because at some point you have to leave really awesome friends, and I need someone to pretend to listen to me--and unless they have committed themselves to me--it ain't happen-n'! So stick the ball and chain on my dream someone please!

3) My spouses ex--since I didn't have any, and I like to compare myself to people. Wait! I already had this happen--it backfired because she's way pretty and get this... NICE! Gah! What!? She was suppose to be really big and bitter. Oh well.

Just Jules said...

Funny for sure - it isn't like they go around singing all the time.....but being a dud sucks.

Friends for sure - dreams change. ...

I don't have an ex- but if I did, I would rather it be mine, I have more control over that situation.

Gucci Mama said...

1. Definitely someone funny, unless I can choose a specific person, in which case I would choose Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs, because he's hilarious AND he can sing. But that's maybe a little known fact so it's like I'm choosing funny but then I get a bonus.

2. If such a mythical creature exists, and I am not convinced, I would choose my dream someone. However, since I stopped chasing impossible dreams some time ago, I'd like to have some friends I don't hate too.

3. Actually, I can think of a certain ex of mine I wouldn't exactly hate running into at some point...

Kenny said...

1) Oh Funny...look if you can laugh everyday together then the iPod can take care of the rest. Besides I am funny and practically Jason Mraz/Michael Buble, and Brad Paisley combined already

2) Great Friends..the Dream Someone is a myth..we ALL have flaws ans so do our partners. When we get over the idealistic then we get to the real and when we learn to accept their shortcomings as well as our own then in essence then we have a life partner. Great friends however can get you through anything

3) Well I have an ex..and she has a boyfriend...and since for reasons unknown to me he is totally insecure about me and intimidated by me I want to run into him and make him nervous.

Anonymous said...

1. Well I wouldn't care about either, now if they sang for money and were good at it I'd take that or if they were in movies cause they were funny I'd take that, otherwise I could care less.

2. I don't care. My dream someone is a rich, hot, nympho chick who doesn't talk. I'll take that!

3. My ex's, Id like them to see how much more beautiful I have become. When they new me I was a solid 9.8371129 now of course I am an absolute 10, the change is negligible but maybe they would see the difference.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay... Ya'll missed the part where you are suppose to choose one! Ya know... Like not choose ONE and then explain how you'd choose two!? Do as I say people, not as I do!

And ken and Gucci Mama- of course the perfect someone is not Real! That's why if the possibility is out there... Would you rather choose that? Or awesome friends! See it's if you HAD the option for REAL Wat Would You Rather choose?

Sometimes you choose the best of two evils like some of us did in the election (that was for you Sage)- and some times you choose between good and good.

Sigh--I see I'm going to have to start punching people in their arms and spraining some fingers.

Whose first?

Gucci Mama said...

Okay, if a dream man exists, and I assure you he has never been found in nature, but if I could create him in a lab, then fine. I would choose my test tube man. Don't punch me; I'm too cute for bruises. ;)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay you are right you are to cute for bruises!

My hubby is near perfect though! And dreamy.

Ha! I just said that cause I read your blog and I know you hate the word hubby!

Now play by the rules next time ya hear! ;)

B'Man said...

1. I'll be the funny one. She can sing for our supper.

2. What are awesome friends if one of them isn't your dream someone? Just a bunch of people to complain to.

3. It depends on what I'm driving. If I'm driving a radio controlled car, mine. If I'm driving a real HumV, hers.

Anonymous said...

Ok redo for me.

1. If she can cook I hope she is funny.

2. I don't care.

3. My ex's for the reason I stated.

just a note:
Because y'all don't know me doesn't mean the dream guy isn't available. Just because I' taken doesn't exempt me from being the dream.

Mrs.Duran said...

1. I love to laugh so I need someone funny.

2. my dream one

3. mine

wendy said...

Definitely someone FUNNY....I am the singer in the family, I don't like competition.

and next one is hard because I DO HAVE MY DREAM SOMEONE....yet no friends around much here in the country, and I miss my gals!!!! ALOT

and I have made peace with my x's. In fact my second x ...we still sorta love each other (long story)

wendy said...

Sorry Shelle, I guess I didn't play by the rules either. Kinda been my M.O. in life.

Danielle said...

1) Someone funny
2) Awesome friends
3) If the ex is fat and ugly now, I would rather see his!

Anonymous said...

1. Someone funny.
2. Awesome friends
3. Exes don't matter

~DokterKenny said...


GoodWill said...

1) Someone funny. And i did marry her! And she does not sing hardly at all. Unless we've got the radio blaring in the car. Then we can both sing out of tune as loud as we want!

2)My dream someone. Don't get me wrong, I have an exceptional group of friends and love that. But I don't need a big group around me. My wife is the one person I really want to share everything with...I'd be fine with just that!

3)My ex. I don't really care much about my girl's exes. I don't feel the need to know them. I also wouldn't be too uncomfortable around them if we did run into one. Unless they are much better looking than me, then i might be a little shy. That being said, I'm curious as to how my exes are doing. It would be awkward, but I'd be up for a quick reunion to catch up.

- W

UP said...

I married a singer with no sense of humor, seriously, none what so ever...the poster child for the humor impaired.

I have really awesome friends and my dream someone too!

I stay in touch with my exes, there are so few...and we grew UP together...and TLW has known them as long as I have! She'd rather not see her exes!


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Welcome GOODWILL and AMANDA. Come around some more. Don't Be Strangers!

Ken, Sage, Wendy, and UP--Total trouble makers!!!

UP--Did you make a decision on any of them? hehehe

Whose first for the punch in the arm.

Now, just because you choose one, doesn't mean you can't explain WHY you picked the one over the other!


Gah I love you guys... heh.

sassytrash said...

Hey girl---just tell me where to send it, and I'll make you one. I usually get 20.00 for them at the show, and I have set up my blog for paypal, but don't know how to use it!! How's that for hopeless? Thank you so much for your kind comments! my email :

UP said...

Jeez! this is as bad a doing Wordless Wednesday...yeah, like that's gonna' happen.

Sing-it makes me happy
Dream-it fits my ego
Hers-mine were a bit "edgy"


Anonymous said...

1) someone who is funny

2) really awesome friends

3) mine

heelsnstocking said...

someone funny please!

an awesome someone as they will be my best friend

and definately my ex please!