Friday, September 10, 2010

Meet The Blogger: Daddy Can't Hear You

Meet The Blogger

Name: DCHY (short for Daddy Can't Hear You)

Age: 40's

Kids #, age & sex:  I have 2 girls who loves me and drives me NUTS.  ;)  Their ages are in single digits.

Maritial status: Married

1. How many years in your current relationship: 10 years 
of marriage...a breeze

2. Have you ever been divorced?: No

3. What do you do for work: I work for a college, in two different a tutor and as a gopher for a faculty member in charge of international student exchange program

4. Education:
Bachelor's in Communications

5. Blogs you contribute to: Real World Venus vs Mars

6. Religion: Who cares?  My beliefs are mine and your beliefs are yours

7. Political affiliation - (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian): Democrat

8. Basic philosophical leanings (liberal, conservative, confused): I am an open-minded person who has had unusual experiences in life and I wish every single person is open-minded like me.  Sadly, that is not the case as I have experienced over and over.

9. What is your motto in life?: Be kind, you never know what may come back to you

10. Who has had the most influence in your life?: Funny thing is, not a single deaf person has had the most influence on my life.  My mother is.  She fought for my rights and made sacrifices for me.

11. Why did you start Blogging?  (100 words or less):
I was encouraged by Shelle from BlokThoughts to write about my deafness.  I admit that I was scared to write about being deaf because I always encounter prejudice in real life when they find out I am deaf.  This has not been the case in the blogosphere.
*What is the most favorite post you have written on any blog you contribute to?:
12. Tell us in 100 words about your current relationship: My wife is fluent in sign language.  In fact, she is better at it...and she is hearing.  She never lets me live it down.  ;)

13. BONUS or OPTIONAL: Tell us something we need to know about you that we haven't covered above. 50 words or less: Hearing people CAN suck (discrimination, anyone?), but I know many who don't.  Thanks for being understanding with me as a deaf person.


Becky Andrews said...

You sound like an incredible person. I am a wife/mom, who is blind and just yesterday someone asked me would you rather be deaf or blind. I think we make the best of what we have to deal with.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

DCHY--I love you around here. You bring so much to Real World. I need you to write more, but what you have written has obviously struck chords with people!

Becky--was just checking out your blog. You need to write something for us over here at Real World. Maybe we can have you and DCHY give a male female perspective... email me at if you are interested!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I love that post!!!! I guess in my narrow mindedness I never thought about a deaf person being discriminated against. I am so sorry for that.
I'm an ER nurse and I see all sorts of ailments and handicapables.
As a side note. I LOVE watching people sign. It's probably the most beautiful thing ever. I even took a night class once for an entire semester leaving my 5 kids at home so I could take this class.
Loved it.
Off to check out his blog!

CityMom2 said...

I am so glad to meet you! I can hear noise with my right hear but only loud. My left one is functioning at @ about 60%...I try to explain that I can't hear consonants (shrug). After 25 years my husband still thinks that SHOUTING is the answer.
I will definitely be following you now. BTW - I work at a major University that is always trying to increase "diversity awarenss". During a meeting yesterday I asked them why "hearing impaired" was not included? Silence.
Thanks for guest posting!
Ellen (Citymom2)

Anonymous said...

I've read some of your comments here, but I had no idea you were deaf! I took an ASL class in high school, and the teacher was a hearing child of deaf parents, so she really taught us a lot about the culture of the deaf world...I had no idea such a thing existed. I am now "sort of" fluent in ASL, and enjoy the chances to use it...they don's come along very often. Nice to "meet" you!

Gucci Mama said...

You know I think you're fabulous, DCHY. And I'm so very thrilled your favorite post EVER is the one you wrote with me. Totally makes sense.

Rawr baby.


nitebyrd said...

DCHY, you're one of my favorite bloggers!

anubhav kapoor said...

I can relate with how your mother would have impacted your life...I know many hearing-impaired folks and life surely is not cake-walking for them...greatly appreciate the frankness in your writing.

wendy said...

I told you this before...but you won't remember....cause I am kinda insignificant (tee,hee) but I used to have a best friend who was deaf and she taught me sign language, and then I took some classes.

I rather liked that under the status of put who cares. I liked that because I think WE SHOULD ALL CARE about each other regarless of our spiritual they really are our own.

THANKS for the insight into YOU

heelsnstocking said...

Big waves xx

Nolens Volens said...
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DCHY said...

Glad to know that those of you who commented, liked what I had to say and/or enjoyed my blog. I am on a hiatus because my girls are in process of getting settled into the school rhythm. Look for me in the upcoming week. ;)