Monday, October 18, 2010

What Would You Rather Episode 12

What Would You Rather--The idea is to choose ONE answer. This is just a game so yes the questions are a bit out there and unrealistic. The hard part is in the choosing. So play along and tell us... what would YOU rather and then explain maybe WHY you chose that answer?

1. Would you rather have multiple short-term relationships with a bit of variety or one really long relationship being in love and the risk of getting hurt at the end?

2. Would you rather have a great beginning in a relationship or a great ending?
Here is a question I'd like you to actually answer in comments with more than one answer:

3. Having all the knowledge you have now would you rather start a relationship with a virgin or someone experienced and why?

Okay, have fun in comments!!!  Feel free to comment to others commenting!




Anonymous said...

1. One long-term relationship
2. Is there any such thing as a "great ending" to a relationship?

3. I was a virgin when I met my husband, and he was...not. And it was great when we started knocking boots, because he knew how to please me. I get the feeling that it could be kind of fun to learn those things together, but at the same time, it was nice to be with someone who knew that my first time was going to hurt me and that he needed to go slow. He'd already done all these things, so he was more concerned about making me happy. From what I've heard from friends who were with virgins, it's kind of a "bam bam thank you ma'am" kind of thing until both partners "get the hang of it".
So, bearing that in mind, I think I'd take the more experienced lover, hands down. Still, somebody has to break in the virgins :)

TisforTonya said...

I like my one long relationship...

and seriously - "ending" doesn't sound great at all... but I'll pick the great ending if it can mean what I hope for.

knowing what I know now? if that means having experienced all I've experienced now (meaning the non-virgin me) that's an interesting concept... I'd have to go with an experienced partner... just because I'm not as interested in the learning curve a second time around.

Anonymous said...

1. Long Term

2. Great beginning, If it's great i wouldn't expect it to end, and if it does end i wouldn't want it to really be great b/c i would be sad and regret that it ended anyway.

(hmmmmmmm i may be looking at this a little ackward but oh well . just my thoughts.

nitebyrd said...

Definitely multiple short term relationships with variety. I’ve had the long-term, one note relationship. Love fades, boredom seems to last f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

A great ending. A happy good-bye is a good and final one! (Hopefully.)

No virgins. No.No.No. Three “no’s” because that’s how many virgins I “deflowered”. My nickname in high school was, “The Virgin Slayer”. I married the last virgin I had only because I assumed he wasn’t. I didn’t find out until MUCH later that he was. An enthusiastic virgin with the promise of advancing their education might be okay. However, that has not been my experience. This is where the boredom of a long term relationship comes in.

Tracie said...

1) I've really only had 2 relationships so I think I may have to go with the multiple short-term relationships.

2) I think a great ending cause I think it would be better to start off okay and then just keep getting better as opposed to having this awesome beginning to have it suck at the end.

3) LOL - I was a virgin when I married my husband cause my mom taught me that good girls don't do that. Bitch. LOL.
Soooooooooo I would definitely pick the experience person hands down. And lots of them!!!

~DokterKenny said...

1) You know it seems easier to say multiple short term relationships with lots of variety. I am single and I guess I should be playing the field, In reality though I would love just a solid long term relationship. I think they are infinitely more rewarding, and when you are in them you don't think about the risk of getting hurt, but in reality isn't that the risk of any relationship long or short?

2) honestly, I guess I would have to answer great ending. I mean if it's not off to a great beginning I am not sure why you would be in the relationship? That being said I think great endings are a lie. I don't care how wonderful you tell yourself and friends the ending was there was still the sting of something there. Otherwise why would end it?

3) Hmm I have only slept with one virgin I know of and that was my first Girlfriend. She was 16 I was 15 and although we fooled around for a long time before doing "the deed" it wasn't anything particularly exciting. I would rather have a woman who knows what do in the sack. More importantly a woman who is comfortable enough with her body to know what she likes and be able to tell me. Someone who is responsive and likes to try new things.

However the question begs to be asked if decent guys who know what they are doing don't help virgins who will? Too often it is assholes with one agenda who then make women feel uncomfortable about sex physically and emotionally for years to come. I think picking up the pieces from a woman who was ruined by her first experience is almost as uncomfortable as the awkwardness of the first time. IMHO

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Ummmm... I think the short term relationships would get old. Too many unknowns maybe?

I would say Long Term for me. Find ways to keep that fun and interesting and find variety!

2. A great ending... since I know what I want the ending to be!

3. I would say, someone who knew what they were doing if I was the virgin. I'd would love to know what it felt like with someone that first time who knew what they were doing so that it didn't hurt.. or as much or whatever?

But then again, we were both virgins when I got married and it was fun discovering... it really keeps things interesting because we are always finding new things... not yet bored with anything... does that makes sense?

But knowing what I know now, and if I was the virgin, experienced please :)

citymom said...

What is this? A virgins convention? I had no idea there were any virgins, male or female, left on earth!

I'll wuss out and go longterm. Short sounds good, lotsa variety, but there is a comfort to really knowing your mate.

A great ending is best. If the beginning is too perfect then I would always be waiting for the shoe to drop...ya know?

Experience, PuhLEASE!!! Someone a little kinky, some stamina and maybe a few toys. A nice set of male twins.

Great topic.

Anonymous said...

You know - I have to say I'm a virgin or the apostolic order of "Thou Shalt Nots....will come get me and throw me into internal damnation after a million years of purgatory or however long that sin is - I have to look it up again"

But since I can't procreate - so what the heck! (keeping it clean and classy here)oh shoot I see them coming for me now! I better type this fast as I might not ever be seen again!

So to stick to #3 which is what you really want to know - um and I know this is letting the cat out of the bag - I seem to be saying a lot in my current long term relationship "oh, I've never done that before" so it is like being a virgin all over again which I kinda find ... ok hot... I never knew there was so much more I could do. So I recommend highly that everyone find something else to do to keep that virgin feeling going - just not with my spouse - though for a small fee I might be able to arrange that - OH DARN! it's that order of Thou Shalt Nots again - I have to go Shelle! Bye!!!! xoxo Virgin Revisited

Jack Steiner said...

Long term with that someone who just gets you and makes you happy never gets old.

Anonymous said...

1. I know that you have this either or thing going on..but I choose both. I would love an open relationship with some short term sexual partners. That is kind of what I have now, except I am a cheater so I have to lie. The problem is I love my wife and never want to leave her, so I am stuck with this system...

2. Great ending. I am all for a slow start, I don't need fireworks and hot steamy sex......Well, I don't need fireworks anyway. I can get to know someone. I do like to part friends, no drama. However, unless there is some kind of drama...why would you ever part?

3. I know that the porn story vision is for a hot little virgin....but I would rather have a slut. I like slutty girls who slut around, always have. I like you to be comfortable playing..I want you to surprise me... Unless I can have the mythical slutty virgin...then I will just take a slut.

The Bare Essentials Today said...

I have been so bad/late with commenting!

1. I would rather have multiple relationships, hell I do! They have made me who I am and I learn something new about myself in every one.
2. I would rather have a great ending, it's never good when things end badly. Plus, I have this thing about closure...
Bonus Question - I'd rather start a relationship with a virgin. Then I can teach him exactly how I like everything! Yes, it's all about me ;)