Monday, March 14, 2011

Relationships, infidelity, and The Secret Box

The Secret Box was such a success and I hope it helped some of you out there!

I had an experience this weekend that made me remember how fragile feelings are... how fickle relationships can be and how easily we can change our thoughts about people or how easily we can go from one thing to another by words exchanged.  It's crazy.

I wrote something about infidelity and one of my good friends wrote his opinion about what was said in the Secret Box... I have linked up to them if you are interested.  Happy Monday Everyone!

Saturday Scavenger Shots - Emotion and an opinion....
I wandered over to Mars vs Venus and read the anonymous comments in the Secret Box.

I tell ya, the comments about infidelity, swinging, and marriage regret really hit me. I'm not an expert, but this is what I think:

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know everything, but personal experience with infidelity has taught me a lot. Being the spouse that was cheated on gives me a different perspective than all but one of the commenters, it seems.

I'm seriously considering it...

You guys, I am so sorry... but I found something out about myself this weekend.

You may never read me again.

But I got an email and was approached about having a love affair... and the email was so eloquent and so convincing that I'm seriously considering it.

Please don't tell my husband if you know him or his email.



~DokterKenny said...

Pffft...anyone who knows you...KNOWS you are not even considering it...and it is probably from your husband, and it some sort of twisted kinky role playing freak show you two have going on...all Kissy kissy and pretending you are strangers. God I hate happy married people :-)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Dr dr it is true! Click over and read the whole post!

DCHY said...

It's quickly our perpectives of thers can change...I've seen that happen and experienced that as well.

Chapter Two said...

I totally know who wants to marry the goat too btw. Hope I am invited to the ceremony *ahem