Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So I am asking via Vlog...

I need help. So I'm going to ask.

Phone/No Phone Interviewer

Someones to help come up with topics.

He/Said She Said coordinator

Someone business savvy who can help me with offers coming in and to find a way to market the blog to help with giveaways...

Together we can be a team and take this to the next level!

Or I can shut it down... whichever :)

Thanks and let me know by email or comment


Margaret said...

I can help. I am pretty much okay with anything. I could help come up with topics and I could also do interviews over the computer. Let me know what if anything you would like me to do! My email is

Sandra said...

Sorry Shell, if I was good at any of the things you had marked down, I'd probably try them on my own blog. I kinda suck at any aspect of business.
However, let me just say, I did have a hard time concentrating on what you were actually saying 'cause I kept thinking, "Man, she's pretty! I LOVE her hair colour! And yes, she does indeed have something in her teeth, but her fricken teeth are so perfect..."
So you see, my ADD is not conducive to helping anyone in the world.
Sorry, I just think you're fantastic, but I can understand why bloggers want to take their blogs to the next level. Good luck! I hope you find what you need!

TisforTonya said...

I've been a sucky friend... I promise, I'll help any way I can... really. you just had to ask nicely and maybe kick me in the butt.

3GKnight said...

I would love to help, but I just can't promise that it would be good help. My own blogging has fallen off dramatically and who knows when I'll have my mental feet under me again.

Sorry. Prolly not the answer you were hoping for. It's ok to take a break. You don't have to shut it off entirely. If you said that you'll be back in 6 months, even just to say hi and be off for another 6 months, I wouldn't take it off my reader list.

Nolens Volens said...

Don't you know what's en vogue now? Exposed bra straps. Teens and adults show off their straps everywhere. So what if you wear a bra? The shock value is gone. :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

THanks guys for the support and comments from those that want to help. I will see what help comes in and I'll let you know.

Cecily R said...

First of all, you look AWESOME. There is no way I'd vlog. I'm too lame.

Secondly, I doubt I can really be a great help to you (you know, because I'm lame), but if you come up with something I could do, bring it on. :)

Anonymous said...

So hubby's made you shut down your flirty video. Pity. I was going to ask you to do it again, but topless.

Would you dare to bare?

Sage99 (Inverness)