Sunday, October 11, 2009



Hey everyone. Now that you kinda see what we have been doing new over here at Real World. I'm reaching out to YOU guys to help me with topics.

What do you want to read about???

Do you have questions for Group Therapy?

Do you have topics you'd like to see two perspectives on?

Leave them here in comments or email them to me at blokthoughts @ gmail dot com.

Thank you for all of you that have emailed me so far with topics and questions. It has been so great.

ALSO... If you have a HALLOWEEN story funny, sad, scary, embarrassing, or cute and romantic we want to HEAR about it. The week of Halloween is going to be all about the STORIES!!! :) So email me! :)


P.S. If you are a male, and know how to spin some words into a post... we need more contributors for team Mars, I'm kinda feelin bad for them ;)


Chief said...

hey...what if we talked about things that make us different. Like how men handle friendships vs. women, or how each of us deal with our jobs (outside the home) or how each of us feel about how we clean or how we organize and stay organized, or how we handle grief...

I don't know, this is a relationship site but if we talk about things that make us tick on a daily basis then maybe it will give us insight into how we deal with the relationships too.

just a thought.

Cherie said...

I like Chiefs comment. Good ideas.

How about household roles of men and women and how it is changing with working at home, and the concept in our modern world of being equals.

Or letting men do laundry?

Or do you like sharing a bathroom with your spouse - why or why not.

How to eat healthy when your spouse doesn't??

Anonymous said...

How bout the the research being done on male birth control (pill form).
I am so excited.

It's about time that they start participating in contraceptive efforts.

our society has placed the burden primarily on women.

who are expected to live with the side effects of the pill (wt. gain. decreed libido, blood clots ect.)

so I am pumped that they are looking in to a male version.

I would love to here both sides feeling on the issue.

Chief said...

I love Cherie's how do you eat healthy when the other doesn't!

I would love to balance the site with equal views from working moms and sahm's too!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Chief and Cherie those are great ideas!!! I will put them on the list. It is true, that is good, those are things I want also, to compare our differences.

Anonymous: Really? They are coming out with a male form of birth control besides condoms??? HMMMM interesting. Maybe I'll throw that up for a Group Therapy question... I'd like that to be an open discussion.

I'm all for it :)

Keep the ideas coming guys :)

Anonymous said...

Well sounds like Chief is on the same page as me with the meet the blogger!

Just Jules said...

how about how women react when their man looks at another lady (real or t.v./movie/online) and what men think about their wondering eye. Or vise versa to be fair, women do look too. My opinion has changed on this lately...


how men feel about their spouse looking good. Not weight here, but taking care of themselves - not letting themselves go. And what do women think about this?

For therapy question... how can a couple take advantage of their spouses strong points and not push their weak points - for example... I suck at math and numbers and financial stuff yet I am forced to take care of our checkbook.

Just Jules said...

oh also - I have a funny story about a haunted house or actually a couple. I do not pay to get scared anymore is the moral of the story. Is that what you are looking for?

clan of the cave hair said...

I'd love to see male vs female "perfect" date.

It might also be interesting to see male/female perspectives on how to show love for their partner.

Anonymous said...

Read about the male pill.

weird the undesirable side effects sound familiar.

funny how not to many men are not chomping at the bit for this but are all for their Lady's taking the pill


CaJoh said...

To go along with the domestic chores. How about Cooking. Who does the cooking in the family. Do you ever make a meal together. Are you the one who does the dishes. Etc. Etc.

I hope that is helpful. I can probably come up with a better pose for the question if it is too confusing.