Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet The Blogger: Chief

Name: Chief (unless i absolutely have to use my real name)

Age: 37

Kids #, age & sex: 2 boys ages 9 & 13

Maritial status: Married

1. How many years in your current relationship: almost 17

2. Have you ever been divorced?: nope (unless you count the time I divorced him on Facebook for a day

***If so how many times?:

3. What do you do for work: Administrative assistant at a k-9 school full time and a cosmetologist part time at home when I feel like it

4. Education: not much.... HS and 1 yr of college... school wasn't mah thing... Cosmo school was two years and miserable

5. Blogs you contribute to:

main blog:
(Hiding From the Kids)
Skinny Chics in Sumo Suits
Apples and Aprons
Venus Vs. Mars

My newest adventure is: We Believe Blogs

6. Religion: LDS

7. Political affiliation- (republican, democrat, libertarian): Republican most of the time

8. Basic philosophical leanings (liberal, conservative, confused): pissed off conservative

9. What is your motto in life?: I refuse to do things for other people. Did that for too many years. I live life for me and my family and no one else. This is me, take it or leave it.

10. Who has had the most influence in your life?: My Jr. High Choir Director - Jennifer Strassburg. She was a cancer survivor and one of the spunkiest people I have ever met. She took me under her wing and lead me through some very trying times.

11. Why did you start Blogging? (100 words or less): I was pressured by friends and family to document the idiocy of my daily life.
*What is the most favorite post you have written on any blog you contribute to?:
Peeing with a hairy man

12. Tell us in 100 words about your current relationship: Duke and I are best friends. He bugs the hell out of me and I drive him nuts. We tell each other everything and love each other for who we are. I wouldn't change for the world.

13. BONUS or OPTIONAL: Tell us something we need to know about you that we haven't covered above. 50 words or less: I love making people laugh. I hate to find out I have offended anyone with my lack of filter. I have a tough outer exterior and a mushy center (literally).... how many words is that?

Shelle's Note: Chief's blog truly makes you laugh. She always has something to say. Mostly done in sarcastic humor but it will make your day and we have this running joke that she owes me a few key boards because of all the water I have spit out while laughing at one of her posts. You will not be sorry if you take the time to hop over to her main blog and read her posts. Then follow her. Trust me. We love Chief over here because not only is she brutally honest but her humor trickles over here and livens up the place... yet her advice is sound and very profound.

Thanks Chief... for being a part of Real World Venus vs. Mars. We definitely wouldn't be the same without you!


Anonymous said...

Just to show you all how much I pay attention:

I always thought Chief was part of Team Mars!

Oops . . .

Can you wax my eyebrows? They need it, bad!

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

she's like a caramello bar...

I eat them for BREAKFAST.


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Chief's blog rocks and will totally make you smile or pee your pants :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Bwahahahaha @ tysdaddy!!! That was funny!

I think next time my husband pisses me off I am going to divorce him via facebook...less complicated! :) lol


chief is def one of my favs and it was great to learn more about her

Chief said...

Tys - I will wax your brows. I do have a disclaimer though. No bawlin', whining, or screaming. and I only wax from the chin up. The rest is your bidness.

Supah - mmmmmm

Hairbows - another disclaimer: Im not responsible for damage to couch cushions.

Shelle - The great thing is Duke doesnt do facebook so he never even knows

Ah Crib... you knows I love you!

Anonymous said...

For some context regarding my massive Unibrow, check this out:

I didn't sweat a drop . . .

Chief said...

awesome! I make Duke go through his at least monthly. IT felt good huh?

and regarding the Chief being male comment.

I have bigger nards than most men

Anonymous said...

I'll try and make it clickable . . .

Anonymous said...

Shit . . .

Anonymous said...

For the Unibrow post, click here . . .

Anonymous said...

Finally! I am an HTML GOD!!!!

Cajoh said...

Read the Peeing with Harry Man post and had to chuckle. Reminds me of the days when I lived in an all male dorm and whenever a girl was visiting and had to use the bathroom we had to stand guard to make sure that nobody else came in.

Glad to get to know you better,

Anjeny said...

LOL tysdaddy...

Chief, that fav post of yours was totally hilarious. It is a real treat getting to know you. You've gained yourself a fan in me. I will be following your blog from now on like a creepy stalker...LOL.

jam said...

lmao at your favorite post. good to meet ya. i'll come by again.

DGB said...

"I was pressured by friends and family to document the idiocy of my daily life."


Betty Manousos said...

I just loved this.
Just passing by to say hi and wish you a lovely weekend!

Joanna Cake said...

Great Fun! I shall try to get round again this week :)

Krista said...

I loved your "peeing with hairy man" story. I almost had to go take a shower myself. Ew! Boy germs!

Just Jules said...

I love me Chief!!! and not just cuz she scares me a bit ;)

Just kidding - I don't scare easily.

Anonymous said...

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Vodka Logic said...

What a great little interview. I like that she doesn't do anything for anyone.. I know it sounds selfish but we have to live for ourselves above all else.