Monday, June 14, 2010

Make Up Sex... DeJa Vu!

Shelle Edit: I posted this in the early days of this blog. Since a lot of you are new, I thought I'd post it again and see what you guys thought. My stance hasn't changed ;)

I think Make Up Sex is a HOAX!

I don't believe in it... not one bit!

And I don't count regular sex after you've made up from an argument.

Because I have been led to believe that Make-Up sex is hot, sticky, and unbridled!

An OUTER BODY experience... some friends have even went so far as to tell me that it is some of the best SEX they have ever had!!!


See... we fight, disagree, argue... make-up, hug, kiss... smile.

Then eventually comes the inevitable sex... but nothing out of the ordinary. Not to say that it isn't good or fantastic or great... because I mean it usually is all of that.

But I was expecting that after we made up he would get hot and jump my bones and we would fall to the ground in a tangle of sloppy kisses and discarded clothing... ya know?

So tell me... all lies? Or are we just not making up right??? Any pointers if that is the case?




heelsnstocking said...

never had make-up sex with hubby but lets face it I dont have sex with hubby FULLSTOP! but I have had fantastic sex with an ex partner after a major disagreement and it was so intense but that was due to the emotional state of mind, realising that i hadnt lost him forever, it maks you more grateful.

maybe the sex gets better the bigger or more serious the row??

Mrs.Duran said...

My hubby and I we have awesome make-up sex but it not like other peoples say... see we have an amazing sex life and it the rough, hot, leaves you breathless kind of sex ( the make-up kind) but when we have make up sex, it get slowed down, we take our time. It all emotional not that we dont have emotion in the other way it just a different kind of emotion. So I dont think you are " making up wrong" you may just be doing it different. Just think do you slow down, do you kiss longer, do you do thing you usually dont do? If so then I would say that would be your make-up sex. But ah, what do I know? LOL!!!

Tit for Tat said...

Maybe the key to great makeup sex is to start while youre still a little pissed at your partner. Passion seems to increase the desire. :)

DCHY said...

I hate make up sex - it's like...a "reward" if you will...for fighting in the first place. LOL

Adan said...

I've had make-up sex once. it was amazing. I found out that my wife likes some kinky shit. Then 10 months later we got divorced. So what does that tell ya?

If the sex is good and the arguments short, I say that's a make up in and of itself

Gucci Mama said...

I'm with you babe. A total myth. Though, in my life, any kind of sex is pretty much a myth, so...maybe I'm not the best person to be weighing in on this. ;)

Tit for Tat said...

Though, in my life, any kind of sex is pretty much a myth, so...(Gucci Mama)

Could it have anything to do with those nails? ;)

Gucci Mama said...

Tat, you fiend!

I wish that's all it was, my dear. Because I would rip them right off.

UP said...

Nothing could be more true!
It's a hoax.
Sex is sex! For guys, there's no such thing as bad sex!

Sorry's just that way!