Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Would You Rather Episode 8

What Would You Rather: The idea is to choose ONE answer. This is just a game so yes the questions are a bit out there and unrealistic.  The hard part is in the choosing.  So play along and tell us... what would YOU rather and then explain maybe WHY you chose that answer?

1) Would you rather be called a racist or a traitor to your country?

2) Find true love or 1 million dollars?

3) Be forgotten or hatefully remembered?

4) Would you rather be seen naked by a total stranger (for a very crazy amount of time-long time), or a deep dark secret be exposed to your spouse/significant other?


UP said...

2-million bucks
3-hatefully remembered
4-i'll go w/ naked please!


Gucci Mama said...

Well, people call me racist just about every time I write about politics, because there is NO WAY to disagree with a man who is half black unless you HATE him for his skin color. So there's really little sting left in that word for me. I choose racist.

True love. Always wondered what that's like if it does in fact exist.

Hatefully remembered for my mean racist politics. ;)

Maybe this is wrong, but how about the secret my spouse finds out is that I've been seen naked by a total stranger? That would be a fun shit storm to be a part of. Hehe.

nitebyrd said...

I’d rather be called a racist. Probably because no matter how hard I try not to be people tend to keep doing things that disappoint me. By continually falling into stereotypical roles and saying ignorant things. My country, while the powers that be also continue to disappoint me, it is where I was born. It is a country that lets me say, “Yeah, I’m racist” without fear of punishment by authorities and the means to fight if I’m punished by civilians.

A million dollars. I can go buy me some true love. Or a yacht to sail around a look for it.

Be forgotten. Although, I’ll probably be remembered hatefully for saying I’m racist.

Naked by a total stranger. Trust me, after seeing me naked, they won’t hang around for a crazy long time.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I would rather be called racist also. To hurt the country is unimaginable to me.

True love because I'm a hopeless romantic. But the kind of true love that is lustful and never fades with time. Just sayin.

Rather die not being remembered. Wouldn't matter to me, ya know, cause I would be dead.

I liked GM's answer on this-that would be the ultimate. But I can't do naked right now, so unveil a secret--it would be good for me, if I HAD a secret :)

TisforTonya said...

1 - racist - not that I am... but I'd rather be accused of racism over traitorism.

2 - "find"? implies that I want the million bucks - I've got the love, thanks very much. If I had to give up my man to get the mill - I'll keep my man.

3 - go ahead - forget me... I'm cool with that.

4 - I'm keeping my secrets to myself, go ahead, bring on the total stranger and let him peep through my window where I regularly parade around in the buff. As I frequently tell ManOfTheHouse, if THAT is their idea of a thrill - shouldn't we feel badly for them? (okay, it's a second story window almost obstructed entirely... I'm not an exhibitionist)

scorpiorising said...

1.racist - we're all racist to some degree whether we want to admit it or not. well, maybe racist isn't the right word for it - prejudiced would be better - against old people, fat people, basically anyone who's not like us!

2.definately true love - although it was a hard choice since i'm not sure there is such a thing!

3.forget me. i won't care either way since i'll be dead, but i imagine it would be hard on my family if i was hatefully remembered. can you imagine if hitler had kids?!

4.naked. couldn't care less. if you want to look at my fat old ass more power to you. if i have a deep dark secret i have it for a reason so i want it to stay that way.

B'Man said...

Traitor: If my entire country were racists and all that it implies(i.e.: WWII Germany), I would prefer to be a citizen of humanity.

True love: post-million dollar love is always suspect in it's sincerity.

Hatefully remembered: If it means I keep my honor. Otherwise honorably forgotten.

Eternally naked: that's how we came, that's how we'll leave.

tiarastantrums said...

1 - racist
2 - $$$$
3 - hatefully remembered FOR SURE!!
4 - I think naked - but I guess it depends on who is looking??

heelsnstocking said...

that will make me the naked rich racist that everone hates :)

Momma Sunshine said...

1) Traitor.

2) Love.

3) Forgotten.

4) Since I don't have any deep dark secrets from my partner, I guess the nudity wins by default.

The Bare Essentials Today said...

I would rather be called a racist then a traitor to my country.

Being painfully single, I'd rather find true love. Or can money really buy you love? Ponder than one for a while! Nah, I doubt it, then it wouldn't be true love!

I would rather be forgotten then hatefully remembered. I know I wouldn't be around, but hey, you never know. I can't stand the thought of someone hating me.

I would rather parade around buck nekkid in front of a stranger then reveal some of my deepest, darkest secrets.

Mrs.Duran said...

1. Racist, because I kind of am already, horrible to say but I have seen certain things with being a cops wife that makes you see people in a different light.

2. True love! I cant share my life with money.

3. Forgotten, like someone said I am dead! so I really dont care.

4. Be seen naked, I know I am big girl but hey they may like it (: and plus it a stranger so it not like I would them again. Well with my luck I would end up running into them and that would be just another secret I have from my hubby! LOL!! ( i really dont have any secrets from him)

Anonymous said...

1) racist- I live far enough North, I am sure people thing I/we are.
2) Million dollars- true love is a decision, not a find
4)Naked- for sure.


Elaina said...

Racist, because they can't send you to Gitmo for that

$1 million dollars, because while I love my husband deeply, I don't believe in "true love" or "The One". I believe that there are many potential mates out there for anyone, but the potential for me finding $1M is pretty slim. Plus, I'm already married

I'd rather be forgotten. I mean, look at Hitler...

I'd rather have to reveal a secret to my spouse, because not only do I not really have any dark secrets, but two babies have NOT been kind to my body, and no one needs to see that.

p.s. First time commenter. Hi everyone!

wendy said...

I thought Shelle you were EXPLICIT about having us just choose one...and here you go breaking the rules yourself.

I have been married 3 times....maybe I should opt for the million dollars for a change- ha ha ha

Are you a racist if you hate racists??
And if I were naked, you''d totally want to Forget me.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I just wanted to publicly welcome Elaina!!! So glad you stopped over here!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Wendy!!! I DID follow the rules!!! lol!

Mae Rae said...

1. racist...seriously who could go the other way?

2. One million dollars. I have already had true love and will never find it again like that so 1 million please.

3. Forgotten. I can't be hated. I know that sounds out there, but i am not a mean enough person to do something that I could be hated for.

4. since i have no secrets with my husband, except where I hide my poker money, it would have to be naked. I guess then the stranger would not be a stranger anymore right?