Friday, July 9, 2010

Can you write? Will you for us? Here are some Topics!

Shelle EDIT: So we don't get everybody wanting one topic, I will be taking down topics that are being chosen and leaving ones that we still need someone to write on.  Thanks!  Also, if you have an idea for your own topic we would love to hear from you that way.  Remember you can write it anonymously and you can just email something you want discussed for Group Therapy!

We loved our Guest Contributors SO much that we want to throw out topics again and we want you guys to volunteer to write on them!!!

So here's the deal.  You read through the topics and if you feel there is one that you would like to write on you leave it in comments or you email me at blokthoughts @ gmail dot com SUBJECT: Guest Contributor RW, and tell us which topic you are interested in.


Leave it in comments.

So PLEASE, if you are interested, PLEASE let us know and come write for us!

HERE are the TOPICS:

1. Are you afraid of the water? How does that filter down to your kids? If so, do you keep your kids away from water, or make sure they can swim? 

2. What's one thing you and your spouse look forward to in the summer? Do you have something that you guys just do to get time together that you can't do in the winter or other seasons?

5. My spouses/partners mistress is their job.  How do you make it work or NOT work?

7.  How has the economy affected your relationship? Good or Bad?

9. How do the kids being home all day in the summer change the family dynamics?

11. What is the one deal breaker in a relationship for you?

12. My spouse is NEVER wrong. Even when proven wrong they will continue to argue how they are right.

***The next ones I list are He said She said topics.  This means that you have a strong take on the topic, like, you see the RIGHT side of it and someone else sees the LEFT side of it.  Email us with which side you would like to write on. Now just because it says He said She said doesn't mean we have to have a he and a she, most importantly we have two opposite views.

HE said SHE said:

A) Privacy in the bathroom. Big deal or not big deal?

B) You found out your spouse is putting away money behind your back.  Okay? or Not Okay?

C)I believe that most "Mental Illnesses" can be overcome without the uses of drugs.  Agree or not Agree.

D) I believe Sex can be used as a tool to get what I want out of a relationship.

H) Are Daddy Bloggers different than Mommy Bloggers besides the fact that they stand up while peeing?

Okay guys!  Let us know in comments and/or emails!



Mae Rae said...

well this was quite interesting. I can say that i can be somewhat racy on some of these but my opinions are very off from most women.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Who said we were against racy?

Give it a try! I bet you do a great job!

Jack Steiner said...

H) Daddy Bloggers have far less drama than the mommy bloggers.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Jack- are you willing to take a stand on that!? :)

UP said...

Some of those are scary topics! I'm not a "daddy blogger" since my kids are 21 and 25, I'm an empty nest blogger! The "what your kids watch" is tempting...but i'd have to include what they read, see, hear, wear, ...oh hell, Just call me Judge Mental!


Sandra said...

I'm all over this experience. I'm off to email you right now! This is a terrific opportunity and a great chance to delve deeply into topics that are sometimes hard to face.

Just telling it like it is said...

Yes I am afraid of the water...the amoebas mess me up!

Ash said...

I would like to give F) The way Dads are portrayed in the Media. Get over it stance... or defend their honor?

a shot if you would let me. Defending their honor.

For a baseline though, how do you feel they are portrayed in media? I find them to be demeaned a lot of the time, but I might just be over sensitive.

e-mail at

heelsnstocking said...

so many to choose from and that I can relate to

I shall email you my dear x

Unknown said...

I am definitely afraid of the water!! I'd love to write on that one for you!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh man. I'd love to go for D under "He said She said" if someone hasn't snatched it up already.

tiarastantrums said...

have sent you off an email