Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When you just CAN'T... and sex.

Okay – so it’s all about sex. Everything. If that makes you uncomfortable this just may not be the post for you… of course, given some OTHER discussions that have happened on this very blog I’d be downright SHOCKED if my sweet little post were the one to turn you off.

So… my husband and I enjoy a very healthy and active sex life. We’re not at it every night or anything, but a few times a week is average and that has worked for both of us. You know that song from Oklahoma – “I’m Just A Girl Who Can’t Say No”… yep, that’s me… usually.

Now, there are obviously times when this doesn’t work… and now that my childbearing years are a thing of the past I’m considering doing something about “that time” just because of its inconvenience in the bedroom. Hormones, Shmormones – that’s what I always say. (okay, not really… the hormones keep it HOT in the bedroom… we’ll keep them and cope with the inconveniences I guess)

Unfortunately – sometimes health issues creep up… I freaked out a tiny bit when my husband was experiencing some chest pain (which turned out to be nothing) and that made me a little wary in bed… until the Mr. informs me that his doctor actually recommended as much hot and steamy sex as possible. Now… knowing the Mr. like I do (in the biblical sense) and knowing that his cardiologist is a female… I highly doubt they had that discussion – but we went along with it.

When one of us has a nasty cold or the flu… well, there’s something decidedly unappealing about runny noses and rolling around in the sheets… sorry. Allergies? Well, that’s what they make Sudafed FOR people!

Exhaustion? Yeah, doesn’t usually happen around our house – with a pile of kids who stay up WAY late and another pile who wake up too early – we’re always too tired, we make it work for us.

Headaches? Did you know that sex is actually REALLY good for headaches? Works like a charm… and when it doesn’t work wonderfully well it was still worth a try !

And now to the heart of the matter – I recently had a little “dizzy spell” – it lasted 2 months. Seriously – you know that feeling you have when you get off the teacups ride – yeah, that. For TWO months. The doctors have all these fancy terms for it – but basically my ears are screwed up and I’m likely to experience this again throughout my life. Can I tell you how much fun it is to roll over in your sleep and wake up because you feel like you’re falling… 5 times a night? Sucks, but on a list of rotten diseases it’s pretty near the bottom – so I’m not crying over it or anything.

I knew a spell was coming – little balance checks and earaches are a sure sign… but I didn’t think much of it… the spells usually aren’t bad. The latest spell was brought on by a Zumba class – I’m under Doctor’s orders to never do Zumba again. Really.

But… well, let’s just say that after last night I totally know what it’s like to fool around while riding a roller coaster. May be a little fun once… but frankly – I’m not looking forward to it again anytime soon. Do you think the Doctor would make me avoid sex if I discussed this with him? Not happening J I’m pretty sure The Mr. doesn’t enjoy me digging my fingers into his tender flesh quite that strongly again. (you gotta hold on to something when it feels like you’re falling)

Unless of course it’s a REAL roller coaster… hmmmmm….

For the record: yep, it’s making me dizzy every time… I’ve decided I can learn to like it. 

Any ideas for her?  Has anybody else experienced the "dizzy spells"?



Mrs.Duran said...

I have the same issue sometimes, and it started happening after my son was born. Me and my hubby are just like you and yours, I pretty much never say no!
I learned that sex can set off my dizzy spells and I figured out if I just slow things down and have my hubby hold me close and place his hands on the back of my head. Me and my hubby were never really "slow and soft" people but like you said when you think you are falling the last thing you want it to be doing is bouncing and rocking. So I just close my eyes and slow things down.
I hope that helps.

Leah said...

I once had something called Labyrinthitis. I think it was inflammation of my inner ear. That made me sooooooo dizzy. My mum has Meneier's Disease which she sometime4s wakes up with and describes it as feeling drunk!

Jessica Stier said...

I had this for about a month a few years back. My doctor recommended that I take sinus medicine, like Sudefed for a while and that seemed to do the trick. It was awful when it was happening. I remember walking down a hall and literally falling into the wall because I was struck with a dizzy spell. So not fun! I hope you find some relief and get this thing figured out!!!

Your post reminded me of something my husband does. When ever he is sick or has some kind of malady, he always tells me that sex is the best cure for it. He says that he looked it up on the Internet and that is the cure he found. It always cracks me up!

TisforTonya said...

who would have known there were so many of us out here with dizziness issues? maybe it's caused by blogging. and I will personally come and kick the first guy who tells me it's just a byproduct of being female! (or maybe I'll take my cue from Shelle and come punch you in the throat... whichever)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay, admittedly I have never had that problem...but I hate the feeling a rollercoaster gives me after, so I bet I am all about what you're saying.

I just wanted to add that I am also one of those that usually never says, "no"-or it's extremely rare. ;)

Great post T.

heelsnstocking said...

i just dont get not matter how much I ask, beg and plead. But hey because I bought a book doesnt mean i cant go to the library does it?

Nolens Volens said...

I once read about a baseball player's battle to return to the fields and I thought it was an odd way to treat it. Then few years later, I experienced the same thing that ended that ballplayer's career - vertigo. I remembered my skeptical reaction and I tried it.

It worked. Every time I thought the ground had suddenly tilted or everything seemed off-balance, I closed my eyes and trusted my other senses to tell me the floor wasn't leaning.

Surprised me. Try it. If you can't keep your eyes closed long enough, spending time in a dark room helps too.

Anonymous said...

I used to get dizzy spells after bending over to pick shit up off the floor. Turns out it was the medication I was taking for my heart. The dose was too much. So they scaled it back, and I am still alive.


CB said...

OK I too have dizzy spells. I had my first round of them about 2 years ago. I have only had 2 other episodes one that lasted just hours about 7 months ago and then ironically enough I have been experiencing a round for the past couple days. It is BPPV (google it) for me - basically little "ear crystals" that shake lose in my head. There are exercises (Epley) you can do that are very helpful. It takes a couple of days instead of a couple of months for the dizziness to go away.
But I have experienced that wonderful feeling of being in the heat of the moment, rolling and BAM the room is spinning - Oh how fun is that??? NOT!!
Hope the info. helps. It does go away.

TisforTonya said...

okay, since I was outed - I have to say - the dizziness seems to be a WILD case of BPPV... but even the Epley exercises are only minimally helpful. My doctor is stumped - my therapist gives up - my husband is annoyed...

Closing my eyes is a tad helpful as well... only that doesn't work so well if I happen to be driving the car at the time.

And please PLEASE please - let's not let it be Meniere's disease... at least BPPV is infrequent (as long as I can stop triggering attacks with crazy things like Zumba and sex)

~DokterKenny said...

What is this thing you call sex?

UP said...

I would go with the cardiologist, I trust mine completely...if he says make nik-nik, I make nik-nik!


oh, yeah, isn't sex SUPPOSED to make you dizzy?

UP said...

and one more thing...Kenny...seriously, you expect us to believe that?


tiarastantrums said...

I have vertigo - it started about 6 years ago from taking a damn cruise - I just have to do everything in slow motion - FOR real. No fast movements or silliness. It sucks for my kids b/c I can't jump on the trampoline with them, no carnival rides, no ring around the rosie - as for hubbie - he can wait until I feel better!

Las Vegas Mama said...

Yup, I have dizzy spells too because of an inner ear problem that sort of comes and goes, but they suck!!! Its like I rode the tea cups for an hour straight! Fortunately I havent had one in a while now, but yuck!!