Friday, October 15, 2010

Meet The Blogger, Nolens Volens


Name: Nolens Volens - you can call me...NV
Age: Very well
Kids #, age & sex: 2, 8 & 3, boys will be shot for going near them
Marital status: Legally bound in vow, drats!

1. How many years in your current relationship: 12 years

2. Have you ever been divorced?: Who wants to divorce me?!?
***If so how many times?:
3. What do you do for work: I show people how to understand their stuff better and make them feel better about their stuff. Clear?

4. Education: Yes, I learned very well

5. Blogs you contribute to: I actually contribute to Real World, but I am listed as author and/or admin for 6 other blogs (not all are shown in my profile for reasons)
Not Safe For Work

6. Religion: Atheist

7. Political affiliation- (republican, democrat, libertarian): I am NOT running for a position! Well, I am a Democrat.

8. Basic philosophical leanings (liberal, conservative, confused): Liberal - live like you are not going to see tomorrow

9. What is your motto in life?: Life is REALLY short! Carpe noctum!

10. Who has had the most influence in your life?: My mother

11. Why did you start Blogging? (100 words or less):I had been blogging on MySpace every week for two years and didn't like how I was "restricted". I wanted to explore the sexual self of me. A friend turned me onto Blogger.
*What is the most favorite post you have written on any blog you contribute to?:
Oh, hmm. I am ashamed to say that would be my own blog. I've enjoyed my journey in there.
12. Tell us in 100 words about your current relationship: My wife and I love how we tell each other everything. Even about other people and what we think of them, sexually.

13. BONUS or OPTIONAL: Tell us something we need to know about you that we haven't covered above. 50 words or less: I love hearing from bloggers who have a cybercrush on me. You never know...I may have one on you too. :)

Say hello to NV!

(Just a friendly reminder. NV is a more OPEN-or non-vanilla-definitely NOT a Mommy Daddy blog... blogger, so his website is NSFW or Not Safe For Work)


Gucci Mama said...

Well, hello, NV! Is there a blogger who doesn't have a cyber crush on you??

wendy said...

nice to get to know ya

I loved some of those comments, pretty funny
Like ...WHO would want to divorce ME?

so you must be cyber-crushable.
guess I'll have to jump over to your blog and check for myself

Anjeny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anjeny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anjeny said...

Sorry..those two deleted comments were mine. I did such a botched up job on them, I have to redo 'em again.

So here goes...HI NV, nice meeting, reading and getting to know you. I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask just to satisfy my curiousity.

I read you view on the OPEN marriage so I know you are FOR it. I am curious to know if you and your wife swing or even 3-some. And if you do, which one of them would you say that you, your wife or both of you like best and why?

Again, these questions are brought up out of mere curiousity so should therefore not be confused with interest...I am opposed to all three Open marriage, swing or
3-some, but I don't care what anyone else does with their own relationship.

UP said...

Well now!


Nolens Volens said...

Gucci Mama - easy to tell who doesn't have a cyber crush...they never visit or leave a comment after I've left comments. ;)

Wendy - I am funny by nature. It's terribly true. Hope you enjoyed the trip down to the dark side. LOL

Anjeny - we have participated in the swinger lifestyle. If you visit my blog, you'll see what kind of sexual adventures we have had. As for threesomes, we enjoyed giving the attention to the woman. My wife is bisexual, but she loves to share me with other women. I'm a lucky man. ;)

CityMom2 said...

NV - I really like your site. Carpe Noctum

nitebyrd said...

NV, you know I've had a cyber crush on you forever! Even though you do want to see that idiotic movie. ;)

H.K. said...

It was fun reading your questionaire even though I haven't heard about you. Great answers!

Nolens Volens said...

CityMom2 - thanks. You know where to find me when you want to carpe noctum next time. ;)

Nitebyrd - yes, but I know how to tempt you into going with me... Hehe

H.K. - thanks. That's the whole point of Meet the Blogger. We all want to know what makes each one of us tick.