Thursday, February 10, 2011

Papa K Almost Blows it-most embarrassing moment with a significant other

Shelle Edit with Papa K also talking about himself! : I somehow found Papa K or he found me, either way, he's hilarious and one of my favorite reads.  Here's what he has to say about himself.  (Definitely check him and his blog out!) Papa K is a freelance blogger and the self-proclaimed “Writer Of All That Is Good And Hilarious”. Papa K enjoys writing more than showering and insists that you visit him at his site:, where he talks just about anything including fatherhood, his beautiful wife, general silliness, baseball, and boobs among other things.

When I met my wife for the first time I felt as though I didn’t stand a chance. She was WAY hotter than any girl I’d probably ever breathed the same cubic foot of air space with.

I was a pasty college graduate who hadn’t quite figured out what I wanted to do with myself and consequently was working at the mall in a clothing store called “The Equivalent of Hemorrhoids”… I mean, “The Buckle”. It didn’t take a genius to derive from my situation that I probably wasn’t the best fish in the pond at the time.

My future wife on the other hand was a sexy college student who was about to graduate with a degree in “Dangerous Curves(I know I know… “Gag me with a spoon Papa K”). Seriously… she needed to come with a warning label. She was the hottest woman I’d ever talked to. It didn’t take a genius to derive from her situation that she WAS THE BEST catch in the pond.

After an evening of getting to know each other (and me taking mental snapshots down the low-slung collar of her shirt) we finally exchanged numbers.

Who got the better end of the deal? Hmmmm… I know!! ME!!
I finally got the nerve to call her several days later with the hope that she hadn’t realized how large a douchebag I actually was.

Thankfully… she hadn’t.

I arranged for us to go to dinner and then go to the local comedy club for a few laughs and hopefully, if the stars aligned perfectly, I’d get to see her boobs… but I wasn’t counting on it.

I met her at her restaurant of choice, a place called “Bahama Breeze”. It wasn’t a fine-dining establishment but it wasn’t a Waffle House either. I had worn the best ensemble of clothing I had in my closet at the time: a blue plaid, short sleeve shirt (that I still have) with khakis and Reeboks. She was wearing a tight, blue tank-top with hip-hugger jeans and flip-flops.

We sat in a booth amongst the masses and began with the tedious task of “getting to know each other” with small talk. I’m never one to talk too much so I blanket this fear by asking an excess of questions.

If you could have your dream house… what would it look like?

Tell me about your family.

What’s the square root of Pi?

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Things ran smoothly. I had made her laugh a few times. She was answering all my questions. My plan for the date was working out great.

Amongst all these questions, we ordered our food and drinks and before too long our salads came out.

I casually adorned my salad with ranch dressing and croutons while asking her more questions about her life and how hard it must be to be so damn hot. With my eyes locked on hers, I diligently kept asking these questions while I began stabbing at my salad.

I don’t remember what the question was I was asking her about. It apparently required a long intro because as I the seconds ticked I continually stabbed at my salad until what constituted THE WHOLE SALAD was run through with my fork.

I was unaware of this development because my eyes were locked on her. I didn’t want to seem uninterested.

It wasn’t until I was done saying whatever it was I was saying and she began to speak that I happened upon this “entire-salad-on-a-fork” situation. The only problem was that I didn’t happen upon it until it was halfway into my mouth. I had remained locked on her the whole time I had stabbed at my salad so what I had assumed was a bite size portion of lettuce, croutons and ranch dressing turned out to be THE ENTIRE SALAD!

Now that the entire salad was beginning to make its way into my mouth and I had noticed my date was looking at me in a particularly confused state, there were only two options that ran through my head:

1. Remove the bite from my mouth and start over… but risk grossing out the babe across the table from me!

2. Continue shoving the head of lettuce into my mouth and hope against hope she wouldn’t be repulsed by my apparent lack of manners!

Either way, the outcome looked bleak.

Ultimately, in those few seconds, I decided that perhaps it would be better if I just continued along with shoving it down my gullet as if, “I eat like this all the time” rather than removing food from my mouth.

So, in much the same way a snake swallows a dead rat, I dislocated my jaw and opened my mouth to its extreme limit and jammed that whole forkful of salad into my mouth. It was so much salad I could barely chew it. I had to reopen my mouth just to make some progress on it.

Eventually, after a few silent moments as she watched me, I was able to reduce the bite to a manageable amount of bolus and swallow it without choking myself. What remained of the bite were a few drips of ranch dressing slowly making their way down my chin and onto my shirt. I wiped what I could from my face and shirt as fast as I could.

I feared the damage had already been done though.

Well… I have effectively screwed any chance at a second date.” I thought to myself.

But what happened instead surprised me: my date was smiling at me.

You have no idea,” she said, “How often I do that!” And then she started laughing.

I laughed along with her even though I was still worried this might be a ploy to get herself out of this disaster date… but she never did.

In fact, a few moments after I shoved that entire head of lettuce into my mouth, she dripped a healthy amount of spaghetti sauce onto her shirt. Even though the drip hadn’t resulted from shoving an entire bowl of pasta into her mouth I still felt as though somehow… we were even.

If anything, the incident left me more relaxed and more confident that anything short of shitting my pants wouldn’t be enough to scare this girl away. Hell… she even acted like she liked me!

Incredibly, eight years later we’re married with a two-year-old and still talk about our first date frequently. In our entire eight years of being together… I don’t think I’ve been more embarrassed than that first date where we hardly knew each other.

Who’d have thought a dislocated jaw and a forkful of salad could have brought us together

I think if more guys knew how endearing it is to accidentally make themselves look like a complete idiot in front of their dream date… they might actually hit it off.

Hey… it worked for me (and I got to see her boobs too… eventually).

Papa K


DCHY said...

Can't empathize with you there...never had an embarrassing moment with my wife on our first date. ;)

3GKnight said...

That's hilarious. As in, 'coworkers are giving me funny looks' hilarious. I'm still a hopeless dork, but maybe there's hope for me after all.

And to reiterate what you already know...she is smokin' hot. Good catch.

Papa K said...

Thanks for letting me post today Shelle!!

PorkStar said...

LOL way to go, mate. Great post!

TisforTonya said...

a match made in heaven... a heaven which specializes in those little handi-wipes apparently :)

and yeah - you were getting the better end of the deal in the beginning but you've aged well... (and seriously, I mean that in a good way... I'm trying to find a way to say "you're a decent lookin' fellow as well" without sounding like a come on or... well, like a lame backwards compliment)

I'm shutting up now...

KittyCat said...

What a great story and photos. You two look like you belong together.

: )

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

PapaK- you're welcome! But you know I did it because I think you're brilliant!

You did marry someone very stunning, but you both were blessed with looks and you make a killer couple!

I loved this story made me really laugh out loud!!!

BloggerFather said...

And the thing is that if you had picked the first option, you would have been probably still going out on first dates with your flip-flops.

Vodka Logic said...

Aww you are both cute.. can't say as I have done similar but in 30 years of marriage I am sure I am wrong.

Snooty Primadona said...

You are both adorable, then & now! I'm pretty sure my hubby never said much since he still doesn't, lol! However, I think we're all lucky to have found each other if we're still happily married, right?

April said...

What a sexy couple you guys make!

I have an embarrassing first date story with my fiance.

*Warning: Some may find this story gross. Read at your own risk.*

He lived an hour and a half away from where I lived. I was going to drive to his neck of the woods because my neck of the woods was literally: woods. Prior to our date, he asked me if I was going to stay the night at his house. I told him I hadn't planned on it, as not to sound easy.

The date started out great. We went to a Japanese Steak House, where he almost had his eyebrows singed off. Then we went to play pool. Halfway through pool, I determined that I had had too much to drink to drive home. He said, "I knew you'd be staying the night."

The next morning I woke up and had to go #2. The bathroom connected to his bedroom and I feared that he would hear me. I tried pooping as quietly as possible. I managed to finish without making any obnoxious butt noises. I go to flush and nothing.

Now I'm freaking out! I certainly cannot leave my turds in this guys toilet after our first date! I jiggle the handle, nothing. I removed the lid and played with the toilet insides, nothing. I turned the water valve, nothing. I stood there, looking at my logs, thinking, "I'm not waking him up and telling him about the toilet problem. What would MacGyver do?"

I promptly grabbed the toilet brush cleaner thingy and started pushing the turds deep into the hole. They kept popping back up. I played the pushing and popping game with them until FINALLY, they cooperated and stayed in the hole, out of human sight.

When he got up, the first thing he did was go to the bathroom. I prayed that my poop wasn't playing tricks on my and just waited until I left to rear their ugly heads back up from the hole. He came out of the bathroom and didn't look at me in disgust, so I guess they were good turds and stayed. Miraculously the toilet flushed for him on the first try.

UP said...

OK, I "heart" Papa K's blog too, and read it dailyish...he cracks me UP.

@ Papa K, seriously, her vision must be totally don't deserve her!! But, nonetheless, in my quest for world peace, I'm happy for you...and think your love story would have made a good one for my love story themed posts this month over at(shameless self-promotion) Redneck Latte Ravings. And quite frankly, I'll take the Waffle House over Bahama Breeze any day dude!

Loved usual.


ps. I read TRW VvM every day too.