Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I love to tease my man

Yesterday was all about flirting.... which I am. But I am also a tease! What is a tease, its a step above flirting, a little more provocative or risque you know to Tantalize. But only with my husband.

Why not its fun. I LOVE to tease my husband. I like to send him a little sex texting every now and then. Or maybe a provocative picture... you know the ones.

Sometimes I can be a bit risqué, but he LOVES it. What guy doesn’t want to hear that his girl is waiting for him when he gets home, or what she is going to do with him when he walks in the door? ;0) Or what she is wearing under that cute skirt?

I love to text Matt something wild.... while he is in a meeting. I always get a quick text back "are you trying to kill me." lol

Sometimes it can be hard to turn the “mommy” off and turn the sexy wife on. But it can be done. And teasing and flirting a bit during the day with a simple phone call, text or email can get things started. Nothing wrong with teasing your man a bit, he will be wild thinking about you all day. And you will be excited thinking about him, and what you just texted or emailed him.

I can tell you, your man will be home in a split second from work if he thinks you are waiting patiently for him. And are ready to do what you texted him earlier in the day. And why not give him a little “appetizer” while dinner is cooking? It’s the perfect time to sit the kids down in front of the TV with their favorite DVD. (That’s what they were invented for)

So, tell me, Do you tease? Is it something you did before you were married and now you don’t?

And don't forget, us Ladies love to have a man tease with us!

If you’re a guy - Do you dig it as much as my man does? Do you wish your wife would tease you?

So, give us some ideas of what teasing you do to get in the mood?

And guys we want some info here. Now's your chance to tell us ladies what really turns you on, and what you wish we would do? Do you dig the sexy texts, etc?

**And if you don't tease, do it RIGHT now. Seriously right now. And tell us what your spouses response was. Enquiring minds want to know.

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Cindy said...

Oh yeah, I love that stuff. I will send naughty pics for him to see.

He really loves it.

Anonymous said...

I dont think it is necessary. If we are in the mood then he will get some. But I think it is silly. Call me a prude.

Jared said...'s all the same. :D My wife teases me all the time without trying...or maybe she is just that good it at that it looks natural. :D Drive's me crazy!

I try to tease sometimes, but I think I am too forward with my tactics. I will try to tune it down a click or two and see what happens.

Looking forward to seeing what other guys do to tease their spouses/girl-freinds. I'll be taking notes. :D

Sara said...

I kinda tease, but I would think my husband would like it if I did it more and was a bit more crazy with it. I like this subject. Good reminder that I need to do it more. Maybe Friday for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

you say Or maybe a provocative picture... you know the ones.

I'm not sure I am clear on the ones you are talking about. Y'all feel free to send examples 1southern.sage @ g...

I mean I would really lie to take part in this conversation but I feel like an outsider since I'm unsure what you are talking about.

Send em on!

ZenMom said...

I dunno, "tease" kind of implies that there is no, um, happy ending.

And, while I do love to flirt with my husband, he knows that there's almost always going to be a very satisfying ending afterward. ;)

For us, it's mostly about the banter, the double entendre, the shared in-jokes, the laughing, teasing, playful short-hand of long-term lovers.

I also love to flirt and tease when we're out somewhere - like at a restaurant or something - Knowing that we'll make good on it all when we get back home makes it all the better.

Great post. :)

KiraAJ said...

I to am a HUGE fan of teasing, flirting, torturing :P we did it b4 we got married why should we stop now? It keeps our sex life hot and heavy! If uve never done it nows ur chance! :) Nothing beats seeing ur man walk in the door with the "goofy" look on his face like alright woman uve been torturing me all day with lil sneek peaks of whats to come now im draggin u to the bedroom and having my way with u!

Missty said...

Cindy - Exactly! My man loves it too.

Anon - Maybe you should try it, you might just like it... or maybe your man just might. Its not for everyone, but it can be fun.

Jared - I like my man to tease me as well. Doesn't hurt to have it reversed... he can email me what he wants from me when he gets home, or what he is thinking at the moment.

Sara - We all need reminders, thats what so great about this blog! We get them, or we get new ideas.

Sage - LOL. You are such a funny guy. I will let the other ladies fullfill your requests... mine just go to one man. Hopefully someone will be able to help this poor guy out.

ZenMom - All my teasing is just for a moment. Like while he is at work - and then when he gets home is the happy ending. ALWAYS a happy ending. My teasing is just some fun when we are apart... till we can fall into each others arms. ;o) lol

KiraAJ - BINGO!! My teasing twin!!

~~Seriously - try it today, right now, I promise your spouse/lover will love it! Tell us what happen!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I'm going to be honest... if I TRY I'm horrible at it. My guys always good to tell me that I tease him just by smiling at him and flashing my dimples.

But I need to do more of what you are saying... take a picture or write that I am waiting for him at home...

I'd like to have KiraAJ's experience "Nothing beats seeing ur man walk in the door with the "goofy" look on his face like alright woman uve been torturing me all day with lil sneek peaks of whats to come now im draggin u to the bedroom and having my way with u!" That sounds downright delicious! :)

Anonymous said...

I am not the first anonymous. If I was to do this, what would I say, or text? Seriously. Give me some examples. I want to try. This could help us.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...


valerie said...

Ooh I love to torment my man. It's fun. Especially if I know he is in a clients office. I am mean. Hee Hee. :) It keeps things spicy.

pan x 8 said...

I think this keeps the "intimate" part of our marriage alive and keeps it in our alive stage! Like you said, it may be hard to turn the Mommy role off for a second but when "we" ~ my husband and I tease each other, it helps relieve some of the everyday stresses and helps us remember us before all of the stresses...

Missty said...

Ok Anon@ and Shelle - ugh. lol

How about something easy to start off with....

Just want you to know, I am thinking about you and want you when you get home.

Hi Baby, Thought I would let you know I am not wearing any panties under my cute skirt... do you want to see?

I think I need you in my bed as soon as you get home.

Then you can get a bit or a lot more risque as you feel more comfortable. And you will get that "goofy" look from your man.

So give it a try and come back and let us know.

Missty said...

Valerie - I love doing that to, while they are with a client!! lol

pan x 8 - Exactly!!

Anjeny said...

Missty, this is a great post, I love it. My hub is such an amorous guy that even a big smile from me turns him on and now that he works so close to home, I'm going to text him today and see what he does with that. I mean he comes home everyday for lunch so hmmmmm, ok, I'm sooo getting off right now to go send him a text.

I've never done this stuff before so I would really like to be a fly on his wall to see his reaction, I'm sure he would surely fall off his chair...ahahahahah.

Steph said...

Love this and the Flirt topic!!

I love to tease and flirt with my hubby. As I've stated before, he travels alot, so when he's in town I will send him texts about tonight, and when he's gone I will send him pictures to remind him of what he's missing.

Sometimes he will send texts back, or sometimes he acts as if he didn't understand and wants me to spell it out for him.

Tammy said...

Oh this is so good! I need to do this more. So you really send sexy photos? hmmm.

My husband would die if I did that. He just wouldn't expect it.

Missty said...

Anjeny - So did you do it? What was his response?

Steph - Yeah those men who want to hear the details... they are visual guys, and are playing it out in thier minds. lol

Tammy - Yes I have and do send sexy photos. And you should try it - its good he won't expect it. Thats what makes it fun... the unexpected.

Ann said...

Nope don't do it and wont do it. Can someone tell me why you need to Turn on your man or getting him looking "goofy" when he comes home? We have been married for 20 plus years, no need for these games.

Trooper Thorn said...

I like it when she flirts. As long as it is with me.

Missty said...

Ann - Fair enough, don't really know what to say. Many of us like our spouse to turn us on. How about Why you don't like to turn on your man? And I have been married over 20 years as well, 26! And its still as fun as the very first year. I hope yours is as well.

Trooper - Yep my man is the same, loves it.

And of course since I talked about this today, I figured I better do the walk and I sex-texted him a little while ago, since he is with clients and has to go to a boring dinner tonight. I said something about it being hump day... you know Wednesday. ;o) lol

KiraAJ said...

tee hee hee i did the exact same thing :P i put a lil make up on and got out the sexy underwear and took a couple pics and sent them on their way MWAHAHAHA oh boy i was spammed with txt msgs back from him tellin me what he was gunna do to me for teasing him so much :P

valerie said...

Tammy- That's the fun part about it. I don't do it often so it's totally unexpected. lol

Steph said...

Tammy- I try to do it when he's least expecting it. Like when he's out of town and with his co-workers, or when he's at a job site that is kicking his butt...

JustRandi said...

I've always wanted to do this, and never known what to write!
Thanks for the ideas!!