Monday, August 3, 2009

My Mom Once Told Me...

There are a lot of us I'm sure who can say that our parents have told us things, things often called advice, in regards to our lives. Don't run with scissors! Take your vitamins! Wear fresh underwear everyday! Those three examples are ones I try to follow. Well two out of three isn't bad since I'm not really into vitamins.

But the advice I get from my mom these days is about my marriage. Mostly I nod politely and file it into the Ain't Gonna Happen category like most of us do. There is one piece of advice I'd like to hear your opinions on though.

My mom once told me to great my husband at the door in nice clothes (dress or skirt), with make-up on, hair brushed, kids clean and orderly and to have dinner ready.

I usually make maybe one or two of those by 6 o'clock. And it's usually not the dress or orderly kids either. I settle for having brushed my hair at some point during the day and showering instead.

What I want to know is how many of you have heard and followed advice like the one my mom gave me? Do you greet your spouse at the door like Mrs/Mr June Cleaver? What stock do you put in your parents relationship advice?


Missty said...

First off, I DON'T agree with ANYTHING my parents have to offer. LOL

But I do agree with your mom. If your a stay at home mom, I really can't see why in 10 hours ladies can't pull themselves together a bit? And have dinner on the table within a half hour of the husband coming home. I know that sounds old fashion or June Cleaver-ish. But you asked for my opinion. lol.

I think "would I want to come home each and every day to my husband looking unshaven, in sweats, and sitting on the comnputer after I have been gone and workig all day?"
The answer would be no. So I can give him the same respect as I would like to get.

Mornings are more productive to me. If I don't figure out what dinner will be by noon- we will probably be going out! lol So I try to figure it out early in the day.

Another thing is - would I want to come home not only to a wife that looks like she just got up, but kids crying, whining and crap all over the floor? I Seriously think this is why a lot of guys tend to "work late" etc. I mean who wants to come to that? And then hearing a wife immediatly start telling them about there horrible day.

All above is null and void if you are a two income working family!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay... I actually agree that that situation would be IDEAL. When I stayed at home... I usually had dinner ready and the house somewhat orderly, but I usually ended up forgetting about taking care of myself.

But I agree with Missty... nobody likes to come home to a messy house and kids running around and them starving... but staying at home IS hard work, some can do it all, some just can't.

I throw myself in the middle... somedays I accomplished a June Cleaver persona... most days I didn't, and I was okay with that... as long as my GUY got fed, he was cool with it... I think :) Were still married anyway!

I work right now, and things SUCK to get all I'm still trying to find my middle ground.

But if the tables WERE turned and MY GUY stayed at home, I would Definitely want dinner ready and the house somewhat orderly... your home is your safe house away from the REAL WORLD... or should be :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I don't listen to anything my parents told me...

ZenMom said...

for better or worse, I'm my mom's mini-me when it comes to parenting. So, from her, all parenting advice is gold. On some other things - not so much. :)

Anonymous said...

I think thats crazy!

valerie said...

What's crazy is...that was my mom too and I don't remember her ever saying that! I don't really remember her ever really saying anything about being married but maybe she did and I just followed your nod your head and smile thing and did my own thing anyway. lol

I do try and get the house in a somewhat war zone free state by the time hubby gets home and hopefully a plan for dinner is in the works. Most of the time it works, but sometimes it doesn't. I am always dressed because I do not like to hang out in jammies, which also is a lot easier to do now that my kids are older too.

Anonymous said...

My mom told me that same thing about 5 years after i got married and she realized that I my husband comes home and sometimes has to do the cooking!

I didnt listen to any of her advice! To me it was all craziness!

One other thing she constantly said growing up, "It's not a bad thing to marry a guy with money!" I didnt listen to her on that one either!


Missty said...

Oh Iwa. I kept hearing my MIL tell my single SIL to marry a rich guy, etc. Finally one day I was sick of hearing it, and said "If we all married rich guys your two sons would still be single!" LOL Didn't hear that one again. hehe

Shirley said...

I don't think we need to turn into June Cleaver (she seemed quite dumb and unable to figure out anything on her own) but I agree with looking good, house being clean, chaos under control, and dinner close to being ready.

Favorite funny story. We had a couple at church years ago. Wife worked, husband was retired and stayed home but he was always dressed in a suit. His wife was reading that book from the 70s that talked about wives meeting their husband at the door wrapped in saran wrap. Wife shared with her husband. Next night she came home to find her husband wrapped in saran wrap - over his suit - and he said, "I just don't get it." He was terribly hurt when she burst into laughter and then shared the story with everyone she knew. : )

Missty said...

Dang I missed the Saran wrap book!! LOL But way funny story!!