Monday, September 21, 2009

What's New With RWVM-CHECK IT OUT!

Okay. Some things are a changing around here.

Just how we post and a little of what we posted about!

Here is yours truly explaining it on video!!!

So basically, if you can't view this video, this is what I said!

There will be two topics a week. A male's perspective will be written and posted for one day and then a female perspective will be written on the same topic and be posted on the next day... or vice a versa!

Then to make up day 5 out of the week we will answer questions or concerns emailed in by YOU GUYS! And it will be out there for everyone to discuss about and debate upon or give advice for! So that should be good times! :) So start emailing those in and you can do any of this anonymously of course!

This blog was not only set up to discuss and talk about relationships... peeking in on those people brave enough to talk about theirs! But also to be a blog where you could guest post something you wanted or needed to get off your chest but couldn't do it at your respective "personal" blog because to many people you know reads it and would judge or whatever!

We have built such a fun community of bloggers. Let's continue to talk and discuss and comment back and forth to each other!

Thanks for those of you that have continued to come back and comment!



P.S. I am looking for a few more female contributors and more male contributors. Let me know if you are interested by emailing me. Email is on the right side bar! :)


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay okay! I realize I made a mistake and put posted instead of post!

I can't fix it right now... I'm sorry! :)

clan of the cave hair said...

I think I might like this blog better with the new format, it fits the name (and probably the original intention) better. I have to be honest and say I've stayed away because I don't want to read the "ugly" about other people's relationships, I don't want to read "venting". To me, that's what the delete button is for, not the publish button. So, I'll look forward to seeing the male/female perspective on new topics and participating in this new forum.

Just Jules said...

oh, ok, twist my arm- I will contribute. Geez you are insistent. How about tomorrow? Work for you? No then Wednesday. ;)

I am excited for this change. It is a great site that will only be better now.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

COTCH-- Well admittedly there will still be some ugly probably... but mostly just discussion! :) I'm so glad you will give it another go!

Jules--want to be added to the contributor's list? Or is this a one time contributor thing ;)lol!

Cherie said...

How fun Shelle!
First - How totally cute are you?? You are beautiful!
Second - How did I miss that you have this blog?? It looks like something I will love.

Have a Super Day!!


Missty said...

I love the new idea. Can't wait to give it a try.

I am all for change as it is needed. And this sounds great!

ZenMom said...

Can I vote that we continue to have the occasional video blog from Shelle, too? Because you are just too cute. :)

Chief said...

i like it...alot. Im with Zen, occasional Shelle videos pleeze!

I'm messing with the idea of contributing. I'm raising Duke, right? I should have a few thoughts to jot down that would help some poor young bride?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Chief YES YES YES!!! we need you here! I mean, if you want! :)

Cherie--you would fit in perfect! Glad you came over.

Missty--let me know of a topic that you want to write on! :)

ZenMom and Cherie and Chief: You guys LIFT ME UP (insert Josh Groban tune here) lol! Ummm... awww thanks. I will produce stunning video for you in the future... hehehehe!

The changes should be fun!