Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You want me to what? Where?

It wasn't all that long ago that a close friend of mine told me the ultimate "secret" that I never would have believed. She waxes. No, I'm not talking just the manly facial hair waxing or the underarm waxing. I am talking the full monty. I am talking Brazillian.

Here is my question- who, in their right mind, came up with the idea to put hot wax in "that area?"

Granted, I am not a fan of shaving, as razor burn and such occurs, but I am afraid of the wax.

Keeping this in mind, I am intrigued. I posed the question to Hubby, wanting to know if this is something he would like me to do. His response was, "No, I don't want to feel like I am getting busy with a little girl."

Okay, that's all I needed to know.

So, now I am in my "prime." Oh yes, we are talking sexual peak galore! So, I decided to offer it to Hubby one more time, just to make sure (but also because I was giving some serious thought to going through with it). He said, "Ummm, YES!"

WHAT? Why didn't he tell me that in the first place?

Now that I am actually in the planning stages I have been researching. There is so much to know before you go in, did you know this? There are different styles, even.

So, now as I sit pondering, I am left with the question- do most women do this nowadays? Do all/most/hardly any men prefer this?


Missy said...

Hell no. The only people who need to be that intimate with my southern areas are my husband and the man who delivered my children. End of the line!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

If someone offered me the amount of our National Debt then I MIGHT consider it... Other than that I'm to much of a wuss!

Anonymous said...

I think the huge majority of chicks go nearly bare. Thats surely just a guess though. I dunno how they get there wax or otherwise though. I think if I were a girl female woman I'd try it. How would I know if I'd like it, or he'd like it if I never tried it!?

T said...

Eek! No wax for me. That scares me to death.

But I have done laser hair removal. And that is AWESOME.

Love it.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Southern Sage--

I think you should try the waxing thing then and let us know how it works out... if it's worth it ;)

ZenMom said...

Ow ow ow ow ow.

I have no problem with going-bare-down-there. It's great. But waxing scares me.

I just want to go on the record as saying I'm against unnecessary pain. In general.

So, yeah, I agree with Shelle: Sage can try it first and let us know whether the pain is worth it. ;)

Missty said...

I say SHAVE!

Youngblood4ever said...

Shaving hurts, totally leaves razor burn. Been there, done that, still do when necessary.

I think we are going to need to take a vote. I also and up for Sage trying first. Anyone else?

Missty said...

Been down the waxing road. Never again! Shave - do it last while in the shower, lots of warm water, lots of shaving cream, and a nice sharp razor, no dull blades! No bumps, no burn, baby butt smooth... just sayin'

And as far as the men,I have no idea what they think. But know my man loves it.

Anonymous said...

I will stay a la natural. no shaving or anything.

Anonymous said...

I shave, everything. And I keep it smooth - shave every few days, its easier that way. no bumps an like others said - sharp razor, and lots of shaving cream. don't use soap - shaving cream. Makes a huge difference.

And no disposable cheap razor. One with 3 or 4 blades.

ZenMom said...

This stuff is great:

I'm just sayin'.

Anjeny said...

Ouch!! I am totally with Zenmom...why inflict unnecessary pain? And I go with all of you too, Sage should wax first and let us know if it's worth it.

Another Suburban Mom said...

I have a full Brazillian. It hurts but only for a few minutes. I take some tylenol about 10 min before I go and the waxer gives me some cream for afterwards.

The only thing that Hubman dosen't love about it is that my lady area is off limits for about 24 hours.

ZenMom said...

I love the concept, ASM. But I'm still just too much of a wuss to brave it. :)

But, it does make me curious. I wonder how "full Brazilian" got it's name ... must go a'Googling later ... :)

Youngblood4ever said...

ZM- thanks for the link. Gonna have to try that.

ASM- Good to know. I might have to return and tell you all about my first experience. Might be like Missty and decide it isn't for me. Oh, and 24 hours? Really? I am not sure that will work for me. I do think FiM might appreciate a little break from all of the sexual demands I have been putting on him lately.

Thanks for the input.

Still thinking Sage goes first.

Hopie said...

Maybe I live to close to Las Vegas to have a fair opinion, but I think more people go Brazilian than will admit it!!! Do the guys like it? Who gives a crap? If I'm happy, he's happy!!! But me? You would have to sedate me to agree to that one!!

Hubman said...

Well I'm a bit late to the party, since my wife (ASM) has already commented....

But I love it and am happy she goes completely bare.

It's no secret that she and I are swingers. In the past year, we've had umm intimate contact with about a dozen women, every last one of whom except one goes completely bare down there. Don't know if they all wax, and it's obviously a skewed sample, just oversharing a bit ;-)

H.K. said...

The women that I have talked to about shaving said either their husbands have either asked them to wax or are curious to see their wives waxed.

I wouldn't mind getting waxed, except in my area it costs anywhere between $50 to $100. I much rather spend it on shoes!

Bloggin Betty said...

I would totally love to be hair-free, but I'm not waxin nuthin. If I could afford/justify getting it lasered, then maybe.

T said...

I spilled candle wax on my finger once and had a blister for a week...

we're not going THERE!

pan x 8 said...

ha ha ha!! Before my wedding, (I don't know what I was thinking...) but I went there... to get waxed. Not completely bare but all the way down... It hurt so bad!! Then 1/2way into it, I was wussing out and my girl was like, okay.. let me just pluck! I agreed. What!!!!! It hurt worst then the wax! It wasn't really the wax that hurt as much as the little tiny hairs coming out.

I now stick to shaving and my GUY loves it. Thanks for those tips on shaving though... I've tried all kinds of stuff!

Kim said...

brazilian,eyebrows,mani,pedi... 22 euro. im not a hairy person so its no big deal and is far less painful than tweezing and razor burn. i only have to go every 3 months. Go for it...

Anonymous said...

Okay I am going to vent. I am not going to talk about if this is a good idea or bad but what I will talk about is the topic in general.
It is of my opinion that this subject is totally inappropriate to discuss online.
I mean my husband would be upset if i talked about my private areas with people I didn't even know and to talk about what he said is completely rude. Do we not have close friends to talk to about this subject and are we starving for that much attention?
There are people on this blog that don't think the same way but I know some of you are of the same belief that some things are just sacred.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Anonymous--first of all state your name if you are going to vent! I hate that.

Second of all, I state on the side bar that this blog is for adults, not an ADULT blog no, but definitely a blog for adults and adult issues.

I don't think its inappropriate if she feels comfortable talking about whether online or with her friends. And to come to think of it why is it more appropriate to discuss it with her friends???

I wanted this blog to be an outlet for people to discuss issues and things within a relationship. For her this was something she wanted advice on...that's it or what it seems to me.

If you don't like the blog then please don't come back. We are restructuring it a bit so come next week it will be a little different...but everyone is different and comfortable talking about different things.

If you don't like it, like I also stated in the side bar, then don't read or respond that day.

There is no reason to play judge and jury or mightier than thou.

Sorry but I'm afraid there will be other posts that you aren't going to agree with... That's because there is no way to please everyone.