Thursday, May 6, 2010

Expensive Hobby

When this topic was brought up, I noticed that it didn't take any time at all for someone from the Mars distributors to snatch it up for post their perspective on it. I think it was floating around for a while before I finally decided to take it. Hmmmm, I wonder why that is. Is it because most likely women are the ones who spend the most money, maybe?

So the questions posed were does your spouse have an expensive hobby and how does it affect your relationship?

Well, I have a ton of hobbies, I'm actually participating in one of those hobbies right now. And being a stay-at-home mom, I can find the time to enjoy said hobbies. But adding up the cost of all the hobbies I have money wise, I have come to conclusion that I didn't spend anywhere close to what my hub spend on his hobby.

See, one of the major factor of us living in Hawaii is because my hubby loves the ocean. He loves everything about it so his hobby does revolve around the ocean. He does almost everything a person does with the ocean...he swims, surfs, boogie boards, fish and kayak. He's purchased whatever equipment needed to do those things mentioned and it is pretty costly.

When he took up fishing and I don't mean line fishing where he throws his fishing line in the water and then sits on the shore to wait for the bait to catch something. No, this is underwater spear fishing. Yes, he had to dive underwater with spear in his hand to spear those suckers. That hobby doesn't bother me as much since he practically learned to do that for my benefit. What bothers me was all the different kinds of spears, masks, fins, snorkels...seriously people, those fish do not care what kind of spear a person is using when those sharp metals are piercing through their bodies or eyes. And lets talk about boogie boards...does it really matter what color or how wide or narrow, long or short a boogie board is? They all look the same to me and pretty much serve the same purpose.

In our bedroom right now, we are literally bunking with a couple of surf boards. People, the man hardly surf except for when our friend is taking our boys out for a bit of surfing lessons. And can anyone tell me what is so fun about having to sit on a surf board waiting to catch nice wave for a couple minutes of wave riding or surfing? Those surf boards, they are really not cheap. For a frugal man like my hub, I am actually surprised to see him actually spend money on those things. His latest and most expensive purchase was on a kayak. I think it may have been a huge issue for us that he spends so much money on his hobby if the kids and I don't benefit or enjoy some of this stuff. I guess if he chose another hobby like golfing, I'd seriously go nuts. Or if he were spending every dime he makes on his hobby and neglecting our bills, and if his family doesn't actually enjoy some of those water activities otherwise he seriously would have one nagging wife on his hands. Smiley In fact I'm thinking, maybe, just maybe I'll encourage him to move on to something bigger, like a jet ski? Smiley

So, what about you guys? Does your spouse/SO have an expensive hobby? How does that affect your relationship?


Laura said...

I would say my husband and I both have expensive hobbies, but mine are "worse".

My husband does like to fish, a lot, and he has a kayak. And there is updating equipment etc. but at least the equipment lasts for many years.

my hobby on the other hand is concerts.. have to keep buying tickets. no permanant equipment so to speak.

I also like to travel... same applies. But I work and spend my own money. The bills get paid.. so we support each other.

Missty said...

Oh yeah, My husband has expensive "hobbies" A gazillion tools in the garage, or all his photo equipment - you would seriously think he was a professional photographer, we have lights, and those umbrella thingys, etc.

How does it affect us? Nah, it doesn't. The bills get paid.

I like shoes and purses... so he doesn't ask me how much those cost, and I don't ask him about his new welder in the garage. LOL

I think as long as a spouse isn't nitpicking about what you spend, then you can't about what he spends.

Shayna @ Texas Monkey said...

We both have hobbies. Hubby's hobby is golf, it's expensive, from needing a new driver, to practice mat and net for the back yard to buckets and buckets of ball and that doesn't even get him on the green for a round. Not to mention it's at least 4 hours each time he goes out. But like I need me time and hobbies I encourage him to have this and that time, it's a stress releaser for him and he enjoys it and I support that. My hobby is actually my boutique buisness and store so at least mine brings in money to support my other hobby which is shoes! :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

We are boring...we don't have hobbies ;)

Actually he loves to ride down mountains, whether that's SnowBoarding or Mountain Biking...and believe me... that stuff ISN'T cheap.

But I have stuff I do... I just can't think of it right now!

I guess buying shoes could be a hobby. Or GOING TO THE MOVIES... love that.

Shayna and Missty, I'm with you on the shoes thing! lol

Awesome post Anjeny!

Homer and Queen said...

I am a quilter so I only buy the "good" fabric. My hubby has no idea how much a yard of fabric cost or he would die. Or I would die. Trust me, someone would die.

heelsnstocking said...

my husband has a very expenseive hibby he has 2 manchester united season tickets i pay for. They cost £1200 each per season plus european matches which is about another £600 plus travel each! It rediculous!!!! and he complains about my shoe habbit and it doesnt touch half of the football/aka soccer ticket prices

Anonymous said...

It is not the fact that the hobby is expensive as it is time consuming. He will spend hours and hours looking for stupid Nascar cars to collect just so he can find one for $20. Not to mention the out of town events and trips, hotel rooms, driving, and eating out.

If you haven't guessed I am not a Nascar fan. I have attended a couple things (I am so out of place) I do not know anything about these people, the cars, the sponsors and so on.

My thing lately is buying movies (on sale) and I have maybe picked up 12 this year due to store closings.

Anjeny said...

Thank you ladies for the comments. Sorry it took me this long to comment back.

Shayna, like you, I have a sort of business hobby...I sell rubber stamps with their accessories and I use the commissions on that to pay for my other hobbies.

Shayna, Missty and Shelle...I looooove love shoes. I literally go crazy when I'm in a shoe store so I kinda avoid it if I can unless I really really need a pair..LOL.

Shelle, being a photographer can be a hobby..great benefit to it is that you can and are making money off of it so you can actually use the money from that to pay for anything you want to.

Missty, my hub has other hobbies besides the ocean hobby..we actually have a shack full of tools, electrical and manual...he's into derby cars so he also have all those gadgets that come with making them. I don't mind really because the more he spends on his hobbies and justify doing it, I can do the same thing with mine.

Shayna..I'm sure your hub appreciate you encouraging him in his "me" time.

Oh Queen, I think quilts should be made from the best materials. Do you sell your quilts? Or do you have an online shop? I'd love to check some of your samples out. I love home-made stuff.'s funny how your hub can't see his spending on his hobby but yet he notices yours. I'd match up dollar for dollar for every penny he spend on his hobby if I were you and pointed that out to him. Thanks for the comment, girl.

Anon..I don't get Nascar either. Actually it makes me nervous just thinking about those cars speeding down the speedway or whatever you call them. Then again, I'm just a wuss when it comes to daring stuff like that(LOL)

Anonymous said...

YAY nascar fan!

My bride just buys sh*t. Buying is her hobby!

Anjeny said...

LOL Sage...I'm sure your wife doesn't see those things as sh*t, interesting choice of word.

DVonW said...

My husband has too many animals in our small 8 ac property. He spends a zillion on feed and caretaker every month. You wouldn't believe how much pig feed costs. We have three freezers full of meat and I don't even like to eat meat.