Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet MEEKO! Do you have questions for him?

NOTE: Real World was down this week because of some minor technical difficulties. But luckily blogger makes it easy for those of us who are kinda drama to get things back up and running. Sorry, hope you all had a good weekend!

Shelle Note: First of all, Meeko is so awesome.  I found out about him through a kind of online game show we both did earlier this year.  He was one tough competitor and basically I rode his coattails, then like the competitive person I am, I snaked him at the end.  Obviously he is a forgiving guy.  I'm so happy to have him here and have him introduce himself in only a way that he can.  

Greetings!  :)

I am a 28 year old gay male.  In September, my boyfriend, fiance, partner, husband (not legally), best friend (although I won't tell
him that), love of my life (are you getting the picture here? LoL) will have been together for five years!  It hasn't been an easy five years.  There have been tears, their have been smiles, their have been good times and bad, losses and new beginnings, but we've stuck together through thick and thin.  I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world.

We're like any regular couple you may know, with one exception: We're both men.  We have plans, hopes, goals, and dreams for our future.  We want to have a family.  We want to grow old together.  We want to love each other.  We want to be happy.  But enough about that for now . . .

I don't like when my friends introduce me as, "This is
Meeko . . . He's gay."  I mean, I don't go around saying, "This is [insert name here] . . . He/She is straight."  Where am I going with this?  You see, being gay is only one part of who I am as a person.  There is so much more to me than my sexual preference.  I'm a son, brother, uncle, friend.  I love to cook, read, write, blog, work on my crafts, spend time with my pets.

I guess my main goal/purpose as a contributor here is to be a liaison, of sorts.  I know sometimes people have impressions or ideas of a group of people as a whole . . . And I would like to help dispel the ideas/prejudices/stereotypes that come with being gay.

Is there anything you have ever wanted to ask a gay person?

Have you ever had a question you wanted an answer to, but were too shy to ask?

Here's your chance.  :)


Tracie said...

Welcome Meeko (seriously cool name) -

No question really - have lots of several gay friends / couples so I can bug them with any totally senseless questions I may have.

When the couple next door to us first looked at house, he came and rang our doorbell to get a feel for weather or not they would be welcomed. Isn't that a sad commentary?

Anyway - he is a sweetheart (and hot) and we told him they were more than welcome (some of the neighbors have not been so nice).

Then I met his partner and we started talking. Ended up that we once dated the same guy!!! LOL

Here is your first question: How come all the hot men are gay??

Tracie said...

apologies for all the grammar errors!

Elaina said...

My sister is gay, and just this weekend we went to get matching rainbow lambda tattoos, me to show my support. I don't really have any questions, since I can always bug her if I need to. Congratulations on your anniversary!

nitebyrd said...

Nice to meet you, Meeko. I don't have any questions right now. I do always think it's weird when people do say, "This is so&so, they're gay." No one ever says, "This is so&so, they're into kink, or they're hetrosexual."

Oh! Wait! What kind of crafts?

nitebyrd said...
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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the anniversary & welcome. It is always great to hear diverse perspectives on various issues.

What's up with friends who would introduce you that way? Over the years, I have had a number of friends, who also happened to be gay, but as you say, their sexual orientation was only a small part of who they were. That wasn't why I valued their friendship, and hence wasn't what I would choose to say about them when I introduced them to others.

I grew up in a traditional (and quite conservative) family, but my mom's sister was a lesbian. She was never introduced that way, and her sexuality was never a topic of discussion. However, her partner (and her partner's mother) have always been part of our large and frequent family gatherings from when I was a kid and continuing this day. I have always appreciated the fact that they were just accepted, loved and included despite the fact that most of the extended family was so conservative. They are now starting to grow old together. They have never had children of their own, but have raised a lot of pets and have TONS of honorary children in the form of nieces and nephews (and grand-nieces/nephews).

All the best to you in your relationship.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I seriously love everyone that comments over here... I'm not kidding.

Meeko--I love your introduction... I love getting to know you more. I think you are going to be great around here!

TisforTonya said...

I have seriously never been introduced to anyone that way... and before someone jumps down my throat and says that I'm sheltered here in Utah... I have to say that I've lived in Denver/Seattle/Wichita and the surrounding areas too...

It does seem odd (and yes, rude) to include that in an introduction though... that would provide one heck of an awkward pause in most circles - at best an uncomfortable chuckle...

Gay, Shmay... really doesn't matter to me... all I heard was crafts and blog.

Erika said...

Hey Meeko--

Welcome! I love how easy-going you come across in your intro. And happy anniversary! As a fellow gay person, my question is: you mentioned that you're not legally married...that you mentioned it makes it stand out as something that's significant to do you and your partner deal with the current political climate regarding marriage equality?

And, also, as a fellow reader, what's your all-time favorite book?

robin said...

Hi and welcome!
I live in NYC and work in a creative industry... and to use the tired old phrase, some of my closest friends are.. (fill in the blank with your choice of group).
Here's my question: How do you manage the typical roles we all must carry within your relationship? Do you find that one of you is more the provider/nurturer/caretaker/etc or do you both take on those roles at different times?

Anjeny said...

Hi Meeko, welcome to the blog. I can't wait to hear more of your post.

Ok so my ears(virtual ones that is) perked up when I read you love to read and crafts...I'd love to read more on those two.

Anjeny said...

Oh Shelle, I've noticed on the follower list, there are some pretty graphic pics there...I know this is a relationship blog but when did it turn into a porn type? I seriously don't want to see anyone's tit or clit or vagina hanging out for all to see...every female on this blog has those, why do we need to see those flashing all over here?

CityMom2 said...

Hi Meeko, that is a cool name.
so what kinds of crafts?
What kind of pets?
What do you like to read?
I do many crafts/hobbies (scraps, mixed media, knit, sew, write, blog, wood-working, etc.)
I have a dog, Barkley, a black mixture of something.
I love romance novels. Started with the Navy SEALs but have progressed to raunchy cowboys. Suzanne Brockmann, Susan E. Phillips and Diane Gabaldon are only three of my favs.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Thanks for introducing yourself. I have a SIL who is a lesbian and she's never been happier.
Her husband was horrid. It is great to have her happy.

What do you like to do for crafts?
What's your specialty with cooking? I'm always looking for tips.

Anonymous said...

Hey Meeko! :)
I'm just curious, what do you do when people introduce you as "my gay friend"? I have some mental health issues and although they are a big part of my life, I'd be mortified if a friend introduced me as "This is Rain, she's my borderline psychotic friend"....

UP said...

I have always been amazed that someone fell in love with me, and I never question love as I understand it very little. Love is love, commitment is commitment, and relationships are relationships; they are all different, dynamic, and mercurial..I say "Party on Wayne" er Meeko!

UP of Redneck Latte fame, don't let the name fool ya!

Meeko Fabulous said...

Thank you all for so graciously welcoming to this great blog! I promise I will get to all your questions tomorrow! :)

stupid smart girl said...

I think it's ironic that Meeko says he doesn't like it when people introduce him as gay, but he did that very thing in this post. Right from the get-go, he has made his sexual orientation the focus of his identity. He claims he doesn't like to do that, but that's exactly what he's done for the purposes of this blog. What the what?

As for my prejudices/stereotypes about gay men, the list of interests Meeko posts seems decidedly... feminine. Which seems to support one of my observations of gay men -- that they are generally effeminate and girly. I can't help but wonder what the masculine males on this site think - but we'll probably never hear their opinions, because that would be socially unacceptable to do anything but fawn over the new gay guy. I mean, we wouldn't want to take any chance of being judged as a hater. And that's what any disagreement will be seen as - gay-bashing.

Oh, and I'm with Ajeny. Let's show a little class and keep the porn avatars off the followers list. They're called "private parts" for a very good reason.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Tracie - I love your question! Because the truth of the matter is, not all gay men are hot. At least not some of the ones that have hit on me! LoL :) Thanks for your comment!

Elaina - Your sister is SO lucky to have you! My siblings are very supportive of me too, but it's very rare to have a good support system. Thanks for your comment! :)

Nitebyrd - I'm into scrapbooking mostly. I make teddy bears out of old shirts. I've tried to pick up crocheting, but it's just too hard for me. Thanks for your comment! :)

JT - Thank you for welcoming me! I am so glad that your family was so accepting of your aunt. I think that's awesome! Thanks for your comment! :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts - Thanks for this awesome opportunity! :)

T - Yes, it does make for awkward pauses indeed, usually I skirt around it and keep on with the introduction. Thanks for your comment! :)

Erika - We just take it as it comes. When we first heard California had yet again gave marriage the go ahead, we didn't get too excited. We wanted to wait to see what would happen. All we know is, in our hearts, we are married. No one can take that away from us. I have so many favorite books! I'm currently hung up on The Last Christian. Very interesting book set in the future. Thanks for your comment! :)

Robin - I can't speak for all homosexual relationships, but I can speak for mine. In our relationship, I'm more the homemaker. Although we're both the bread winners for our family, he's more the provider and handles the finances, etc. Thanks for your comment! :)

Anjeny - I'm with you on this one . . . We know they exist . . . We just don't need to see them, right? Thanks for your comment! :)

CityMom2 - I like to scrapbook and make teddy bears out of old t-shirts. I tried crocheting, but it just wasn't going to happen. I have two dogs (a Boxer and a Chihuahua) and two bearded dragons. I hope to get to know you better! Thanks for your comment! :)

Garden of Egan - I do scrapbooking and I make teddy bears out of old t-shirts. I cook all sorts of things. My favorite is my baked zitti! It's to die for! Thanks for your comment! :)

Rain - Usually when I'm introduced that way I just work around it. Occasionally I'll try to make a joke out of it, like, "I'm also human." LoL :) Thanks for your comment! :)

UP - I love your philosophy! Love is love, commitment is commitment... Party on UP! ;) Thanks for your comment! :)

Stupid Smart Girl - I knew all the comments on here were going to be all sugar and lollipops. Actually, I was surprised that I didn't get more negative comments. As far as me making my sexual orientation the focus of my identity, the reason I did that is because I'll be adding more than a heterosexual point of view to this blog. Furthermore, I don't need my friends outing me, I can do that all by myself. That's what I was trying to get at. What if they introduced me that way to someone I wasn't comfortable around? I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate your friends sharing personal information about you when they introduce you to a total stranger. Additionally, your observation re: gay men being effeminate and girly, I'm pretty sure you think all lesbians don't wear make up and wear work boots, right? I know a lot of gay men and women that you probably wouldn't have the slightest clue were gay. My intention is not to have anyone "fawn" over me. I am merely here to help dispel stereotypes and misconceptions (like the ones you seem to have) about the gay community. Thanks for your comment! :)

Meeko Fabulous said...

CORRECTION to my response to Stupid Smart Girl - I knew all the comments on here were NOT going to be all sugar and lollipops.

Tracie said...

Meeko - you Scrapbook???
Me too! Actually I own a scrapbooking company. Which is why I am online a lot cause I work from home.

My company produces an album that is made with strictly velcro (no posts, screws, straps or spacers). I actually have my very own patent (5 years and lots of $$$). So I get to brag about it! LOL

We also do custom cardstock - so you can get any name, date, place, etc.... printed all over the cardstock in one of 10 designs.

Okay - done - I'm sure advertisements are not generally allowed! Come check us out if you want at


Meeko Fabulous said...

Tracie - Sounds cool! I'll check it out. Have a good rest of your day! :)