Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween, Couples, Costumes... any ideas?

Well since Halloween is coming up I thought I'd post some great ideas for Couples Halloween Costumes... ones that are out of the NORM, in my world anyway, some of you may see these sorts of things on a daily basis.  I don't judge though.

Image taken from HERE.  The old Ball and Chain with a twist?  Some of you may have this kind of stuff in your "special room".

Image taken from HERE. Adam and Eve with Toga hats and a fake snake and apple.  Your bound to be the laugh of the party at the very least.

Image taken from HERE. I think this gets the lease awkward in a crowded room award!  I mean there has to be all kind of safety hazards broken here.  Although, it kind of pulls at my arcade kid heart... I loved playing pacman.

Image taken from HERE. There is just something... WRONG about this one.  And hopefully if you DO choose this one, there isn't any close dancing to be done, the chaperons at the party are sure to bust you on being inside the "safety" zone.

Image taken from HERE. If all else fails. Just go as a hip reality T.V. couple.  Skanky always works.  Oh wait, this isn't a costume, this is actually a couple from the Jersey Shore!!!  Still... not a bad idea...

My SIL and BIL pulled it off nicely!

Let me know in comments some ideas for couples costumes! We have a party to go to and I'm sure others of you do also! Creativity is key!



Kevin McKeever said...

As a guy, I am not ashamed to admit, your BIL has some abs going for him.

As for costumes, I am also not ashamed to admit, I got nothing for you.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

He does have some killer abs. He has worked for them though.

It's okay with no ideas. I'm exactly that way, but Google Images does wonders for inspiration!

~DokterKenny said...

Fred and Wilma
Hot Dog and Bun
Human Centipede << Ok I kid
Sheep and Horny Farmer
Frog and Princess
Pimp and Ho
Peas and carrots
Alien and MIB
Mad hatter and Alice
Bride and Elvis..Just cuz
Male Prison guard and female prisoner

Unknown said...

My favourite one that I have seen isn't at anymore. So I cant show you a picture. But it was awesome!

Woman: Cherry Pie (short skanky dress, light tan, outter edges red to show the cherry filling).
Man: Cherry Pie Eater (a baseball style shirt with a 1st place ribbon on it that said "1st Place Cherry Pie Eating Contest).


BNM said...

ur bro kinda looks like situation for real!!
I am having trouble trying to figure out what were going to do .. i was thinking mario and princess hahaha!

DCHY said...

My wife had an idea few years ago and we promptly won the award for best couple costumes.

She wore the labels from Morton's Salt and I wore Duracell labels.

She was "A Salt" and I was "Battery". Assault and battery. ;)

Sandra said...

Your SIL and BIL did a fine job with their interpretation of Snookie and The Situation!(sorry for using the dorky nickname he has assigned himself, but I honestly don't know what the guy's real name is!) But boy, your BIL has got some abs!
As for the ball and chain pic, I laughed when you said some of us might have some of the equipment for the costume husband only wishes!

TisforTonya said...

I'm pretty sure I'd get disowned if I showed up at the family party wearing a few of those (is it bad to admit that the plug and socket made me laugh?)

We had friends go as Marge and Homer a few years ago - the whole family got into it actually. It actually was pretty cool... but your man's got way too much hair for it!

The Bipolar Diva said...

Those are priceless! I love the plug ones!

Jodi said...

Hilarious!! I like the plug in one as well.. too funny!!

I have an Earring Giveaway for anyone who loves turquoise earrings:


Cheers for now, j

UP said...

TLW and I went as the Blue Nun and a bottle of wine one year...I was the Blue Nun...

Frank said...

We went to a party as a witch and wizard, with me all in white with a staff and white beard, a sort of Gandorf, and she in all black, with a witche's hat. She looked sensational all in black with really heavy makeup.

nitebyrd said...

Your SIL & BIL have got that look down!

A Zombie and Zombie hunter! My costume choice would always include a Zombie.

Anonymous said...

The Situation has some freakin' sweet abs, but I think you all are missing the nice RACK on Snooki!!!

KennQ said...

great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)

Papa K said...

Alright. You must have forgotten. I thought you were going to be a tiny dog with red glowing eyes?

If you've forgotten... let me refresh your memory:

Frances said...

I'd love to go for that Pacman couples costumes for 2012 just to get out of the norm!