Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Many Faces of Facebook

This week has been devoted to facebook and I hope to not be redundant with this post.  As it is with all things in this world, everything can be used for good or evil.  I am going to break down my thoughts into a few catagories.  However, as a woman of my age,(59) WE are not as involved with facebook as you younger set are.  We use it, but I don't think in the same volume as you do.

My sensitive area of facebook has been my reuniting with my current husband. I don't want to go into those details as I posted about that on Real World already, and if you REALLY want to know, go back and read the post from August 26.  There have been past comments about infidelity on facebook.  It is an issue for sure, but as one person said on a comment, facebook is merely another conduit for such a thing.  A really happy, secure marriage needs to be protected and not be "toyed" with.  You don't need to even invite past boyfriends, girlfriends back into your life, not really.

However, there are some relationships that have been restored through facebook.  Sometimes the cost can be high.  Be prepared for that.  Not all re-connections are a bad thing.  Good Morning America did a piece on that saying that in some past relationships, an imprinting of a sort happened, that when that person was reunited it is pretty powerful. Be careful how you judge those.  Most I think, is frivolous flirting that can also lead to danger.

Ok........Next.  Have any of you been embarassed through facebook. Have people made a comment about you or "tagged" you in a photo you wish had not been put out there.  They didn't ask you....they just put it on their facebook.  Should you ask first?

I saw on a facebook page a young lady who was apologizing all over the place for a comment she made about her  in-laws that was NOT received well.  They were, well Pissed Off at her.

 Back in the day....we used to write letters to our family and friends.  Letters take a few days or even a week before being received and then more time before you get an answer back.  Facebook and this media we have now certainly cures that, we get instant information. I really need to know you have diarrhea.  I guess facebook is good for that, because if you put it in a letter what would be the'd be over it by then.

Can facebook be a source for bullying.  People can be pretty hurtful.  I have a friend who is a coach and he and his staff are berated over and over through comments on facebook.  When we get angry, we can instantly facebook about it. Not always a good thing to have that access in the "heat of the moment" when maybe a little time to digest the situation is in order.

So there  you have it.  Has facebook helped you more then hurt you?  Is it taking to much of your time and respond to someones diarrhea.

Facebook is here to stay.  It is a fire we can't put thought is to be careful with how we fuel it.

We can use it for GOOD or EVIL.


P.S.--Purple Cow mentioned a GREAT topic. Anybody UP for it for the HE said SHE said... Your Kids on Facebook-- FOR or AGAINST.

Let me know. Email me or leave a comment here on this post below!


wendy said...

this kinda sucks...I am the first comment on my own post. (tee,hee)

I just saw today on the tv show THE VIEW where they were talking about the dangers of teachers and students on facebook.

CityMom2 said...

Sorry I didn't get here before you! I got distracted by Will's site and Kenny's comment, etc.

Kids on facebook - I've had my kids reel it in quite a bit. And as they mature they have seen friends get in trouble for really stupid social mishaps.

I would love a He said, She said but need to find a He! I like your story. I'm going back to 8/26 and see how that happened.

GoodWill said...

GREAT post! - despite my post defending FB, I have a lot of reservations and dislikes about it - and you nailed some of them. It is VERY easy for people, especially younger, less worldly, less mature people to get themselves into trouble. They don't realize how easily other people can access that info and use it against you - whether it's a reason not to hire you, not to date you, not to accept your application to school, whatever. My wife is an attorney and her office routinely checks FB/Myspace/etc for anything that could help in their defense. People don't realize that.

UP said...

I still love Facebook!

The comments on my page this week (along with the comments on my posts on Redneck Latte Ravings) helped to get me through this week!

Anything can be used for evil...look at the constitution!


Your Real World said...

In every positive there's a negative so there's a positive to facebook and there's a negative to facebook. Follow My Blog

wendy said...

thanks those of you who stopped by.

all in has been is up to all of us to make sure the things we involve ouselves in are healthy, happy, and motivating...things tha ENRICH our lives and make us happy
be kind