Monday, November 8, 2010

Group Therapy: How important are blogger's in your life?

Just received this in an email... thought I'd pass it along:

"I have a question I need help with.  I know you talk about relationships usually concerning marriage or dating couples.  But my question is about relationships with other bloggers.  How much does a blogger's relationship with those they get to know online blogging affect their real life?  Should it?  How much relevance do most blogger's put on a relationship with people they formed through reading their blogs, emails, chats? 

I'm not really a blogger myself but I've become curious about this question as I continue to figure out what this blogging thing is all about. In fact, this will be my very first contribution to ANY blog."

Okay post in comments your advice or opinion on what this person has to say.  Twitter or Facebook this post if you know someone who can help this person out with their questions!

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Vodka Logic said...

My on line life period is very important to me... I have gotten to know and meet countless numbers of great people thru the internet. I have traveled to England and around the US meeting these great people in RL.

In fact a few have become my very best friends. I think it has to do with having things in common on forums and in blogging. Because you "hang out" in areas on the net you both enjoy you know you have things in common.

I could go on and on but plane and simple YES bloggers are important in my life.

Playfully Yours said...

Yes, they ae important. I have a few that I intend on meeting when things come together.
You become friends because you want to and because of common interests. I wouldn't change my blog friends.

citymom said...

I go back and forth. Sometimes it takes a lot of time I don't have. I'm amazed that so many young mothers blog successfully.

Probably there are 2 or 3 regular acquaintances I have from blogging but I've only been at it since July.

I'm actually a little unhappy with one blogger at the moment...for hurting my blogging feelings.

So yes and no. not much help.

DCHY said...

I found one of my best friends in blogosphere. She helped me understand who I am and I'm grateful for that. I am also very interested in meeting other certain bloggers.

Caveat to you tho - don't be so quick to share the real information on you...some bloggers are just NOT RIGHT IN THE HEAD. Ok?

Gucci Mama said...

I have made some brilliant friendships through blogging and they are just as real as the friendships I have in my offline life. In fact, some of the relationships I've forged online are more dear to me than the ones I have elsewhere and I've been fortunate enough to meet a couple of these and we clicked as much as I thought we would.

I'm with DCHY though, definitely be careful!

wendy said...

Well...good question. We shouldn't let blogger relationships replace the REAL LIFE relationships we should be spending our time and emotional energy on.

that being said, like many of you, I have met some amazing and wonderful people through my blog. The ones I have met have all been so fun and genuine. Some I talk to on the phone. I wish we were all closer and could be REAL LIFE friends.

I live in the closest girlfriend an hour away. The people I blog with basically are a big part of my "social life". I kinda need them.

But then I have to be careful to not let it get to me if they don't leave regular comments etc....and start feeling a little hurt by that...cause HEY, why should I let that hurt me when they don't really REALLY know me
ME ME ME....amazing in my own right, and loveable and full of fun (tee,hee)...even if I do say so myself

TisforTonya said...

ManOfTheHouse used to make fun of me when I would say "my friend said...." today - he'd inevitably call me on the fact that "my friend" was another blogger that I probably hadn't met.

But in all honesty - I have met some amazing people in my life through blogging. People whom I adore and count amongst my "friends"

I've also met a few who... well, I can do without.

Just like real life. Bloggers ARE real people - some nice, some annoying, some down right loony.

It's a good reminder to not let online life interrupt real life - I make an effort to keep my computer time restricted to when my kids are otherwise occupied with school.

Anonymous said...

Online relationships should never replace real life interactions (I wrote a paper on this, actually), but I have made some brilliant friendships on the blogosphere and on facebook. Being in my early twenties (til next month, at least), I'm part of the facebook generation, and I have at least 30 friends on FB that I've never met and will probably never meet....but they are near and dear to my heart all the same. I mourn their losses, and I celebrate their victories and successes. I confide in them, I ask their advice, and they do the same. And yes, they have changed me, for the least I believe so.

Becky Andrews said...

I love to blog and also to meet others and connect through this avenue. I have felt supported, laughed, cried, and been inspired by others blogs. Some I have enjoyed meeting in person and others I hope to someday. That being said, I make sure that I am putting more time into my RL relationships. Sometimes I must watch myself after a long day I think - I have checked in on my blogger friends and not processed the day with my husband! A journey and a balance.

~DokterKenny said...

Bloggers are crazy ass people and if you happen to meet one in the real world you would do well to back away slowly. Make yourself look as large as possible and don't show your teeth. Make a lot of noise and they will eventually lose interest in you.

Oh wait that is what you do for Mountain Lions.

For bloggers you are going to need a restraining order.

nitebyrd said...

As someone who isn't very social, the internet and blogging are perfect for me. I've made some very good friends through blogging and forums. Many of those have turned into "real-life" friendships.

Anonymous said...

My online life is a secret. Nobody knows who I am except one person.

She is an escort that I visited frequently. She started reading my blog and got very upset about what I was writing about her and another escort that I used to see.

This put a rift in our "relationship" and it has never been right since. For this reason I have opted to be extra careful to keep my blog life a secret.

I am 100% honest on my blog with my actions and is a sex blog...a dirty little secret blog. I have one blogger who I have never met and most likely never will however we shared phone numbers and sext each other daily.

There is another blogger who was going through the same thing as me, in a way, and decided to quit his secret life...kill his was upsetting...he did, however, invite me onto his REAL facebook is interesting to know him and his family...we have plans to meet up and talk when he is out this way next year. blogger friends are important to me...they know the real me..the good, the bad, and the ugly.