Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Co-worker from hell….do you work with one of these?

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She used to try to consider herself a friend. That was until I had to go out of town and asked her to mail something for me while I was out. She complained to the GM and then gave me the cold shoulder when I returned.

All for what? Because I asked her to take 2 seconds out of her day to mail something I had completely put together? Rock star I tell ya.

The team she was on when she came on board despised her. She was a mole. A rat. Constantly watching what everyone else was doing instead of focusing on her own position.

She moved from that team when she couldn’t take their complaining any more and joined another team in our company. Things just got worse.

This department basically took care of everything, whether or not it was feasible for them to do so. Wanted any supplies? She kept them locked up like the supply natzi she was. If you needed anything from her all you ever got was a snotty response.

During her transition from team to team, I had switched positions as well. Oh no. Not because I couldn’t hack what I was doing. Not because I was getting complaints. Because it was the right career move for me at the time. Oh and the manager of my new department approached me about taking the position.

I was in my new position for about a year. They brought on a new director for my co- worker from hell
and guess what? She was pissed she didn’t get the director position. Never mind that she wasn’t
qualified for it. Time for another move.

To my department.

I warned my boss. Told my boss she wouldn’t be able to cut this position. She would fail miserably. But my boss felt for some odd reason that with the right direction, she would transform.

Not so much.

On a daily basis, I have to listen to her cackling. Her constantly talking about how healthy she eats, when pretty much every day she has no less than 3 cans of Coke (regular Coke) on her desk and eats at such fine establishments as McDonalds, Moe’s, Chick Fil A (I can’t knock that one…it’s one my guilty pleasures if I’m feeling naughty. God, I need to get a life….Chick Fil A, naughty?)

If you’re going to eat that like, at least own up to it. She’s no lightweight. We’re not stupid, I can see your clothes don’t fit. But no, she watches what everyone else eats and then tries to say how we’re being bad. She must be delusional.

She is constantly rude to other employees on the phone. In fact, just last Friday night I heard her saying to another employee that her word is gospel and that if it comes from her mouth, everyone should listen.

Really, when did you become God?

She abuses our admin too. She treats her like she’s less than part of the team because she’s in an administrative role. The way I look at, the admin probably does far more work then any of us do! She gives our admin all the mundane stuff that she doesn’t want to do on her own, complaining how busy she is that’s why she passes it off.

Busy? Really? I hear you on the phone. Calling your day care at least 2-3 times per day. Setting up birthday parties. Talking to your mother. Talking to your sister. I am not deaf. Sitting there talking to another teammate about how your baby farted and it was the cutest thing. EVAH…I could puke, really.

One day she started the whole territory comparison thing. Oh how many people do you have now? I gave my number and she goes, oh, well all of mine are for real, unlike yours. You have so many part time people so they don’t count. Ha! What a joke, my part time employees take up most of my time. And the truth is, you couldn’t handle it if there were any more added to your territory. Hence the fact that you have been doing this for two years and you still have the smallest territory. Do you not see that?

Then she got in trouble for processing something that she shouldn’t have. Instead of saying whoops, my mistake, she says, oh my teammates told me I could do that. Not one of us did she ask, because well know the answer, she shouldn’t have processed that.

She didn’t want to participate in this function I had put together. So instead of her being the one who was vocal about it, she told me boss that two other teammates didn’t want to participate either, but they were too afraid to tell me.

She has no idea what she’s doing. Asks the dumbest questions and never, I mean never, volunteers to help out on any additional projects that might come up.

She is definitely not sunshine and rainbows. Negative Nelly is what I should call her.

It’s getting harder and harder each day to not get angry. It’s so frustrating working with someone who complains constantly over the smallest things. She makes people feel bad and honestly, this may seem mean, but karma is a bitch. It’ll all pay forward one day. I just hope I’m around to see it.

Can anyone relate?  Have any advice for me? Let me know in comments.

Bare Essentials Today


The Random Blogette said...

I can totally relate. There was a guy that was hired when I was hired. We were to work together: he the purchasing coordinator and me the sales support specialist. He would always be rude to me, as well as everyone else with his snotty tone and nasty comments. He thought that everyone hated him because he was gay. Umm..they knew he was gay when he was hired. It's that obvious. He just never understood the fact that it was his attitude that no one liked, not the fact that he was gay. He was nasty to the suppliers that we worked with and clients and it was not good for business. Finally he pissed off the wrong people and his position just happened to "not be needed" anymore. When in all reality they just gave his job to me so now I do both. But let me tell you the atmosphere here is so much more fun! I would much rather work in a less stress environment with twice as much work than a stressful environment with less work.

raino mot said...

ohhhh wow! do you hear you loud and clear!!!!

do i have a story for you. i would comment on her here, but probably best if you just read about it here:

and here:

and as far as support goes, i am happy to say that she got her ass FIRED. it took literally years, but the right director came along, nabbed her and didn't stop pushing until she was gone.

so good luck.

PorkStar said...

I've seen the types and the likes of those. I've had to deal with a good share of people with attitudes and the thing is that now, I don't put up with anyone's crap. If I get an attitude from someone, I give a much worst attitude. Someone here I used to work with use to partake on that nonsense and in the end, part of the reason she quit was because of me. I had no qualms about telling her I was glad she was leaving and that I was influential enough for her to make her decision.

Better work atmosphere around here now.

Nolens Volens said...

You're getting worked up over nothing. Get it? The co-worker from hell is "nothing". Mind over don't mind because she doesn't matter. ;)

April said...

I'm sure we've all had to deal with someone like that. I had one a few jobs ago. She was know in our office as, The Yenta.

She was almost 70 years old and had no business working. Not because of her age, but because financially they were set. I swear she just worked so she could make our lives miserable.

She was ALWAYS worried about what everyone else was doing. If you were on a personal call, your email account, a website, or doing anything that wasn't work, she would tell the supervisor. Never mind that we were clocked out on our lunch break and allowed to be doing those things.

One week my IBS was acting up and I was in the bathroom more than usual. She actually COUNTED how many times I went to the bathroom and told my supervisor that I was using the bathroom excessively and that I should be written up.

Yeah, those kind of people need to work in the same building together, away from the rest of us.

The Bare Essentials Today said...

@NV - you're right but it's just so damn hard to not get worked up! Everything little thing just drives me crazier each day. The new thing is she picks up accents from the people she talks to on the phone..I could strangle her!

@Pork Star - I've tried to give it back, she's just too dumb to get it. Seriously. She makes everyone miserable here.

@April- have got to be kidding me! She counted the bathroom breaks? I would have peed on her!

@Raino - I'm headed over right now to read your stuff!

@Random - glad your situation resolved itself!

Snooty Primadona said...

Negative Jealous Nellie, I'd say. I think what amazes me the most is how many people never see that in some people... Are they personality impaired?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

it sucks when one person makes the whole work environment like that.

I always wonder WHAT in their lives or life makes them that way? Ya know?

nitebyrd said...

It seems there are co-workers like this in every office and for some reason they are kept much longer than they should be. In all my years of working, I still haven't figured it out.

NV's advice is good. You need to make a concerted effort to not let her get to you because in a way, this is her goal. She craves attention - good or bad. Ignoring her, remaining calm, will be best for you. It also could end up pushing her to the company's limits and they will finally fire her.

You have my sympathy. I definitely feel you pain, I'm working with two of them right now.

UP said...

I work with all of them!
Honestly...I really look forward to "Slap a Co-worker Day".


wendy said...

and it is when I read things like this that I AM GLAD I am no longer in the work force.
I do miss the GOOD people I worked with, but those annoying ones .....ackkkkkkkkkk

I don't have any suggestions. I never knew how to deal with them when I did work, other then try and avoid them as much as possible.
There were a few times I call bull shit on them.

If she thinks her babies farts are so cute, put a fart cushion on her seat. (tee,hee)

nitebyrd said...

@UP - Do you think if we circulate a petition, we could get that passed right away?