Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Would you Rather Episode: 14

First day of February... and first of the Real World coming back to life!!!

Or so I hope.

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Let's play a game of What Would You Rather to start this awesome month of February off--

1.  Would you rather your able to talk and communicate or connect through rare bonding moments?

2. Would you rather your significant other tell you they love you with words or never saying it but showing it with their actions?

3.  Would you rather be surprised or do you hate surprises? and why?

Okay answer one or the other and if you can explain why you chose that answer!!!  Follow comments so you can comment on other peoples comments!  We are all about discussion around here!




~DokterKenny said...

I would rather have rare bonding moments. They are rare, and well to be honest most of them are going to involve sex, before, during, or after. Talking rarely involves sex, well unless of course you are talking dirty which either leads to sex or enhances sex…wait what was I talking about? Oh yeah…Rare bonding moments.

Hmmmmm Words…who doesn't like to hear the sounds of the words " I Love You" plus gestures are nice, but the words leave no confusion. Besides it is hard for most people to say it if they don't really mean it. I mean there are a few sociopaths that are capable, but that is the exception not the rule.

Surprised…Surprise me….Unless the surprise involves pregnancy ( which I am not capable of any way) but that kind of surprise at this point in my life would surely give me a stroke!

Unknown said...

1. I would rather connect through rare bonding moments.

2. I would rather my husband tell me they love me with his words. (I NEED to hear the words in order to believe them).

3. I hate surprises. I always get a feeling that they're coming and then my mind always, always, always goes towards the negative scenario.

3GKnight said...

1. I think a relationship can survive without rare bonding moments if there is good talk and communication. But like DK said, bonding moments are important to. Well, he kinda said that. Sex what?

2. Words, all the way. My ex said it to me maybe a handful of times in 8 years and it made a difference. She contended that she tried to show me that she loved me with actions, but unless those actions mean something to the person on the receiving end, they're almost worthless.

3. I guess I would rather not be surprised, but it depends on what it is. Surprise morning sex? Yes. Surprise pregnancy or car accident? No.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I want to be told and shown how much my husband loves me.
I LOVE surprises best of all, they rarely happen, but I love them.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Somehow I knew that first question would turn to sex...leave it to Dokter Kenny.

I'd rather be able to talk I think... I want to be able to know what's on his mind or in his head and relate to me how he feels. Kinda thing. Fantasy? yes, but it's mine so leave me alone! :)

I'd rather have him show me how he feels. I've had way to much experience with words being empty, so them doing little things to show their affection rather than just saying it... works wonders for me.

SURPRISED!!!! I love love love love love love surprises!

DCHY said...

I'd rather talk and communicate...the bonding moments are NOT rare for me. LOL

I can go with either way but my wife always need to hear me say I love you.

I love being surprised because I am so bleep hard to surprise. I have been rendered speechless maybe 3 times in my life. ;)

Tracie said...

1. Talk and communicate. RARE is just that rare and not enough. Plus me and no talking would lead to an internal explosion.

2. I want them to say it dammit. Loudly, often, and in front of people. I want them to say it when I first wake up and have that morning "glow", I want them to say it when I am all pukey with the flu, or when I have dyed my hair a strange color.

3. I would love to be surprised!!! Sadly I am too um, smart (NOT nosey) for it to usually happen.

Jaime said...

1. talk and communicate. the bonding moments will flow from that.

2. the words mean nothing if the actions don't back them up.

3. ugh. i hate surprises. HATE them.