Friday, March 19, 2010

Meet the Blogger: Daddy Geek Boy


Name: Daddy Geek Boy

Age: A spry 37

Kids #, age & sex: The Bean, 4, boy; Sprout 18 mos., girl

Maritial status: Married. Yes, married.

1. How many years in your current relationship: 8 1/2

2. Have you ever been divorced?: Nope.

***If so how many times?:

3. What do you do for work: Sorry, that's classified.

4. Education: Do Saturday morning cartoons count as education? No? Okay, I graduated from college.

5. Blogs you contribute to: Daddy Geek Boy;
Hot Dads; Venus Vs. Mars; Reeling (on

main blog: DGB

6. Religion: Jewish

7. Political affiliation- (republican, democrat, libertarian): Democrat

8. Basic philosophical leanings (liberal, conservative, confused): I'm usually confused, but lean liberal.

9. What is your motto in life?: I'm going to borrow from Google and say, "Don't be evil."

10. Who has had the most influence in your life?: Growing up, my dad. Now a days, my wife.

11. Why did you start Blogging? (100 words or less): To scratch that creative itch while creating a record of my kids' lives.

*What is the most favorite post you have written on any blog you contribute to?: I really love my four part post about my vasectomy (posted on Hot Dads). Not the procedure, mind you, but the posts.

12. Tell us in 100 words about your current relationship:

A geek and a non-geek, harmoniously living together. WonderWife™ and I have a lot of different interests, but we view the world in a similar way. That’s what makes us click. We love each other deeply. We trust each other implicitly.

Shelle's Edit: Daddy Geek Boy or DGB as I call him :) has been with Real World from the beginning (Even though I LOVE the movie Transformers and he, well DOESN'T, he's still around...imagine that!). The thing that I love about his writing is that I feel like I'm sitting on a chair across from him. His writing makes me feel like I'm right there in the moment of what he's talking about. If you don't know what I mean then you should read his blog, especially when he talks about his kids, wife, movies, or his extremely weird obsession with bacon-but he is his own self proclaimed critique of food (in fact, his top 5 categories are parenting, The Bean a.k.a. his kid, movies, food and his Wife!). He's definitely one of the best kind of people to work with and I'm so very very happy and lucky that he writes here at Real World as one of the Mars Team.


Jana said...

Wow its amazing how you are able to describe yourself perfectly in so few words...

This is one area where I am totally at a loss...i find it virtually impossible to describe myself.

Anonymous said...

Well done!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I've obviously read this before...

Ya'll should read that 4 part series about surgery on his privates because it's kind of hilarious!

Daddy Geek Boy said...



Shelle...The kind words, I'm blushing!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Oh and Shelle...about the Transformers know that I don't begrudge anyone's personal opinions, but in this case you're wrong! :)

WannabeVirginia W. said...

That is very nice. Short and Sweet.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I've been a DGB fan for quite awhile. I love that he shares his views here on RWVM! They are always fresh and interesting.

And yes, his obsession with bacon is a bit strange...

SciFi Dad said...

There is nothing wrong with bacon, unless there isn't enough of it.

Also, the Transformers movies would be unwatchable without Megan Fox in them, but with her...

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

LOL- No way!!! I think you already had a deep seeded bias against it. That is my theory and I'm sticking to it!

SciFi Dad *Shelle shakes head* she is good for the movie I agree, but for me...Shia Labeouf makes that movie. Not his looks but his wit and character personality! True story.

The Pipster said...

DGB, you are a fine man!

WonderWife said...

Good to finally get to know you.

ZenMom said...

You rawk. ;)

Your escalator operator said...


Daddy Geek Boy said...

Sci Fi...If I want to see Megan Fox looking hot, there are plenty of photos of her in magazines and on the internet. I don't need to waste 2 hours surrounding her with a horrible movie.

Shelle...Agreed that Shia is the best thing in the movies. He actually shows up committed to trying to make a bad movie work.

And what's this about a weird obsession with bacon? There's nothing weird about bacon.

Just Jules said...

Your wife made me giggle. I mean your stuff was good too ;)

Anjeny said...

I second your wife's comment. And I like you motto even if you borrowed it from google.

Anonymous said...

Just found DGB... love dudes admiting they're geeks like myself.

I personally love Transformers. It's not what you call a real "thinker" of a movie. Just a "popcorn" movie. Freakin' Megan Fox is RE-DONK-ULOUS in the movie... come to think of it... I wrote a movie review on it!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Handstowar...Well, now you've done it. You've invited me to go over to your blog, read your review and respond with all the reasons why I hate the T-FORMERS movies. Not even the funny version, the serious soap-box version.


(But not really.)

Shelle...I know pop culture is not your thing here, but if you ever want to do a he-said/she-said about the Transformers movies, I'm all over it.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HA! Well if we need a filler than it's on...only you get technical about movies and I just give the... WOW that was a fun movie to watch side of the whole argument! :)