Friday, March 26, 2010

VENUS Perspective: Wardrobe Malpractice be warned

I don't even come close to topping Tysdaddy's post from yesterday… but here's my addition to Wardrobe Malpractice Wearing!

My husband is older than me. By 4 and some (almost 5) years, not a HUGE difference but enough that he grew up in the 80's and remembers it... and well...I don't.

The problem is fashion.

Don't get me wrong, my guy's a snazzy dresser, he's just 100% better since he married me, just sayin.

See when we got married he still owned clothes from High School-no you didn't read that wrong, he still had shirts and pants he had bought and wore in High School only they were a tad looser on him back then, then they were when we got married.

I should have known or been forewarned when he showed up to our first date wearing this shirt:

This isn't our first date, obviously.... day we got engaged.

Minus the bleach blonde hair.

Luckily he has a dang fine face because I almost wrote him off when I saw that, I thought maybe he was just testing me to see how vain I was, so I decided to pass THAT test (said sarcastically) with flying colors and just not say anything about the should-never-have-been-allowed-to-be-made shirt that I nicknamed, "The picnic shirt".

See to me it looked like something I would pack in a wicker basket along with other picnic supplies and drag it to the local park to spread as a tablecloth on top of a weather worn table and bench set. I honestly thought he was joking when he showed up with that shirt on.

After our first date he was hit and miss in the clothing department.

Some days he would show up in a t-shirt, pants, and flip flops and I would melt.

Then the next time I'd see him he'd be dressed up as someone that had just walked off a what-not-to-wear photo shoot… but he was so hot I'd just scrunch my nose and move on (I was less vain then I thought or less vocal about it).

That picnic shirt was there the day he proposed to me (see picture above), I had already told him how much I never wanted to see that shirt again, that I loathed it, but he thought he would get me on that proposal day by going to the same restaurant as our first date and wearing the same thing… (it worked) but only because he was still hot not because of the picnic shirt.

As much as he knew I hated that shirt he kept it for that very reason. Pulling it out often to smirk as he proudly wore it to work knowing it grated on my nerves. I would have trashed it early on in our marriage but I was afraid he'd seek revenge and I wasn't strong enough to take that chance, I mean, what if he threw away one of my coveted pair of strap heels because he's not to fond of them??? So I never did. However, I had headaches on those days he wore that picnic shirt… it was quite the coincidence.

As a wife it was my duty to slowly get rid of the old high school and fashion faux pas clothes and secretly add new and improved and CURRENT clothes.

I've done an incredible job and can proudly say that picnic shirt finally tore and we had to throw it away AND all of his high school clothes have somehow disappeared replaced with hot jeans and shirts that make me drool (and apparently girls at college also).

The only thing I have failed terribly at is his choice of foot wear. I'm afraid I lost that battle before it ever began. Luckily the 80's is making a terrible comeback and my husbands footwear is now completely "in" and vintage to boot!

I know a lot of people may think I'm completely loony by even caring what he wears, but I do. I think clothes tell a lot about a person and they give off your first impression as you meet other people. How you dress yourself can also tell someone of your confidence and how you carry yourself.

No in the grand scheme of things clothes are not the most important (hello I married the guy), but they do play a big role in our lives since we wear them everyday, and I am just vain enough that I care if he wears things on a daily basis where I am reminded how much I want him.

So what does your spouse have in their closet that you secretly wish you could burn… but like a ouiji board it never goes away only to be pulled out of the closet to be the bane of your life? Are clothes even that important as a first impression to you? What do you have to say? I'm interested!!! :)




MommyLovesStilettos said...

I agree. I make it a point to look good for him (and for myself) and I want him to do the same. My man dresses very well and always has. There is only one thing I would burn and that is this one collared shirt that is just too "loud" for me. It's a little too wild. Other than that, the man can dress. And I think it's hot!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Totally me too! If a man can dress well it goes a long way, and just like we are eye candy for them... I want someone on my arm who is eye candy also! ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree clothes tell a lot about a person. The first thing t tells is weather or not you wife or mom dresses you!

Whew y'all got every guy that sees him thinking he's a fruit loop!

I can't imagine even wondering what I was going to wear much less actually thinking about it.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

And that is why Sage your only REAL game will be online... so I'd stick to that ;)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

AND does it really matter what a GUY thinks to a GUY?

I'd think not.

Anonymous said...

Oh for sure it does. They giggle inside and think " that dood let his wife pick out that sissified looking shit next he'll be wearing dockers!"

Get his man card.

He has been neutered!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

ummmm let's not forget your wife picks out your "nice clothes" when you go to daddy daughter dates which says something... AND any guy that "giggles" to himself needs to balls up anyway.

I'd show proof of his man card but you might feel bad.

Anonymous said...

Nah go ahead and post it. Won't hurt my feelings any!

No you have it wrong. The DAUGHTER picked out the shirt for the F/D dance.

The bride used to lay out a shirt I NEVER wore it out of principle. Even if it was the one I would have worn.

The britches and footwear is never up for debate anyway, so it is just which shirt hat/cap I am going to wear.

A man with more than 3 pair of shoes never had a man card anyway.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Your a redneck... what do you know anyway? Especially about a man card. :)

Anonymous said...

You must quit complimenting me!!! you make me blush. Everyone knows after American the second best thing a person can be called is Redneck/Cracka/Hick. Sheeeesh 100% man cardage right there, they are issued at birth we quit having to earn them even!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

"Everyone knows after American the second best thing a person can be called is Redneck/Cracka/Hick." bwahahahahahahha you are so funny. You are such a "special" spirit.

Anonymous said...

And if you saw my "man card" you'd know exactly how special indeed!

It ain't just my spirit or ego!

Just Jules said...

trying to stop laughing so I can type!

I buy clothes for my husband because he asks me to. But, then he doesn't wear them - so what is the point? No, truly I can't think of anything my hubby wears that I don't much care for simply because I have personally bought everything he owns.

The only thing that truly bothers me, and he knows it - is wearing camouflage on a date. It is so bad that when he is in camouflage (and it isn't hunting season) I starting wondering where we are going. It is THE joke around here (which isn't all that funny) cammo in the woods, and for doing work even - but not to dinner and a movie thanks.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately; my husband cannot dress in my opinion. His clothes are horrible and "old". But then, he IS 10yrs older than I am (he's 35 and Im 25). The clothes that I find very attractive do not fit my husband. In order for him to wear those clothes, he would have to lose roughly 100 lbs.

Now, fortunately, when he dresses up (suit, tie, etc) he looks very handsome.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and for the record, the clothes that I TRULY can't stand? I threw out right away when I moved in. So gross lol

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Jules--Camo? Are you for serious??? uh yea, that wouldn't be happenin unless our date was in the woods and everyone else was dressed like that, including me!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Alex--Yea suit and tie... yummy!

10 years is a big gap so totally understandable... but the hot clothes do seem to be for smaller guys huh?

That's a money maker idea though!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...
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Jessica Stier said...

I have to chime in and say that my husband picks out his own clothes. He actually has pretty good taste. I've weighed in on a few issues over the years (and "accidently" tossed a few t-shirts that I would not be seen in public with him in) but he has taken my opinions to heart and it shows. I haven't bought him clothes in years.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

love the "accidentally" tossed a few shirts.

My hubs is a good dresser always... but much better now ;)

Just Jules said...

have to wonder about his elvis hair do going on there in the second shot though...... just sayin'

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

That's called the fo-hawk and it's super hot!

Anjeny said...

Love the first picture, Shelle. Maybe I do have a weird sense of taste then, uh. LOL

Fortunately for me, my hub cares abotu the way he looks so he does know how to dress. Something he learned from his dad. Saves me the trouble of having to shop and pick things out for him.

Ok so there was a t-shirt that my hub wore on our first date, at the school dance. It was a tie dye shirt..eww, talk about a yucky fashion statement..LOL. Of course, I was like you, I overlooked that but I did tell him I couldn't stand the t-shirt so he got rid of it.

Your man would look good in anything, just saying.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Tie Dye!!! please tell me it was one he made hiimself.... bwahahahahaha!

He does look good in anything to my detriment... that's why he can pull those ugly clothes off and no one give him crap about it!!! lol

H.K. said...

Okay, my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw the picnic shirt! I thought he was trying to be funny when he wore it, so it is pretty funny that he actually was serious when he wore it, lol!

My husband wore these zebra striped MC Hammer type pants, he loved them! I finally got sick of them and threw it away...his reaction?

He pulled out another pair that he had hidden away - He buys everything in twos! And he has a hot pink shirt with huge white polka dots. It's embarasing, other than that, he's really a good dresser.

mother goose said...

he will not take off this silver chain necklace! It's like his dog collar! He takes it off for very few things and then it goes right back on. RARELY will it come off, unless he is man wrestling one of his brothers.

Cherie said...

OK that picnic shirt is a total crack-up and just let me say I was around in the 80's and seriously never saw a shirt like that - ha ha.
I'm lucky in this dept. because my hubby is pretty conservative. Jeans and a t-shirt or a polo - Works for me. There is this one Polo he got at some work conference that is a really ugly light bluish/turquoise - it is just an off color and it is horrible. I haven't thrown it away but I won't have sex with him if he wears it - LOL!

T said...

my husband had a similar shirt when we were dating - only he only wore it when his dad would give him haircuts or as a Halloween costume! I take back every time I've said that our men are similar because he was quite the dapper dresser... "was" - okay, still is... but some days we have our disagreements... I'll have to blog about my new shoes that he H A T E S...

Elle said...

I have no say in what he wears, just like he has no say in what I wear. I wouldn't dream of dressing him :)

That said, I do like his style. The only thing I really hate is his kilt. No joke. A kilt. I guess I've always felt skirts don't go on a man. Other girls have told me THEY find kilts sexy. Just puzzles me. But even though I hate it, I let him wear it. Just like I wear the things he doesn't like.