Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Parent Projects... Who's the parent here?

I have always hated homework.

I hated it when it was mine and I totally hate it now that it is my kids problem.

Not to mention that "parent projects" make me crazy... you know, the ones the kids forget to tell you about until the night before.

"Um... mom... I forgot,  I gotta re-invent the wheel by morning."

On top of all this is the fact that I have no support from the "Duke" on this subject.  I doubt he ever did a lick of homework that didn't have to do with beer or training bras.

He never remembers to remind the kids about it.  If I'm gone for the night I can be so sure that when I return homework won't even be on the radar.  I think it is too much work for him to want to put up the fight.  He would rather pretend it doesn't exist.

Until of course the report card comes in and then the boys better represent.  How does that work?  Don't we have to guide them and show them what is expected?

So every night its the same thing.

Chief:  "Who has homework"


Chief:  "Hello?  It's time for homework"


Chief:  "If I don't see two kids at the table right now... buried in math books I am going to start busting someone's balls!  And Im starting with you, Duke."

and then there is a quick shuffle of papers and scratching of pencils and Duke puts on his athletic supporter for one more night of high octane parenting.

small print:  this is not really Duke... how I know this is Duke is bald.

Disclaimer: I love My husband for all he does that does not make me crazy.  Which is a lot.

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singedwingangel said...

OH see my hubby is never home at homework time which is RIGHT afger school. I learned forever ago that if I give them time inbetween coming in the door and doing homework it get forgotten...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's the same around here: If we don't do homework when they get home, after maybe a ten minute wind-down, then it isn't going to happen. Lately, there are just so many things going on in the evening that it has to be this way.

And that picture? I can't unsee that, which is unfortunate.

If my wife isn't home when the kids get home from school, say she stays late volunteering or is out doing some shopping, then I try to keep the habit going by at least mentioning homework. I still get crickets, but not as often anymore, especially as they get older. There is ALWAYS something to work on . . .

Chief said...

Ah yes... right after they get home...

see, I just got home from work too! (I work at their school) and I am beat and not ready for a fight. I still encourage it to be done right away though..

Im in and out all day peeps... crazy day! I will make it a point to stop by as I can!

Have a great day!~

Anonymous said...

And those last-minute projects? My daughter is the worst at this. Once, she had to recreate a Civil War era journal, and decided she wanted to coffee-stain some paper to make it look old. We had to bust out the hairdryer to get the paper dry in time for printing. Ugh!

And science fair?!?! Don't even get me started . . .

Glamazon said...

Yep, pretty sure Ivan has no idea that my 5-year-old even DOES homework, let alone keep track of what she needs every day...(ex: Tuesday=library, Wed=gym, etc, etc, etc.) Yeah, I want it done, so I do it myself. (I'm gonna start calling myself the little red hen.)

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Ugh I hate homework. It's my least favorite time of the day. Right now I only have one with homework. I am not looking forward to my son starting school and having to harrass two kids about homework!

Jaymi said...

Deep down inside I dislike homework, (mostly cuz then my "house" work gets neglected....oh wait it get neglected no matter what) But I tell my 5 and 7 year old I love love love it, because then they hear "I love love love homework" Kinda like their dad Loves the 49ers....so guess what team my little boy loves? YUP!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I LOVE homework!!!

I kid I was just breaking up the I HATE homework responses! Hehehehe.

Okay. I'm lucky because my 7 year old almost 8 year old gets home and does his homework, he just does it. I'm really lucky. He'll come to me if he needs help, but most of the time he gets it, comes home and dors it so he can play.

But then he tried to test me when I first laid down the rule of homework first then play...and he didn't get to play anything with friends, computer, video games...none of it for a couple of days. We haven't had a problem since.

Well mostly...he's still a kid :)

Anyway! Great post Chief! Lub ur guts!

Anonymous said...

lol your post made me giggle and smile. Thanks :)

No other comment other than that lol. Sorry.


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Chief said...

TYs Daddy, we had our kid get TWO science projects this year 1. 2!

I was gonna lose it at one point!

Glamazon, I love that you used the little red hen reference. It is a daily occurence at my house, Im not even sure the kids know who the hell LRH is!

Stilletos, When both of them have it, it actually gets easier because they feed off each other in my opinion

Shelle, WTH? you and your perfect life... snort. Im gonna come spank yer kid for the fun of it

Alex, as long as I made someone smile today... that is all

ATV, mind yer own bidness!

HalfAsstic.com said...

Are you sure that's not Duke... maybe many years ago, before the hair fell out? Look again. ;-)

Anjeny said...

LOL Chief...I so love the ball-busting-threat..I seem to be doing kind of the same thing with my kids, I have to practically threaten them their lives in order for them to do their homeworks, my boys at least.

And I have to have them do their homeworks right after school, our house is a mad house in the evening. Maybe that's why I love my morning so much, so much more peaceful.

CaJoh said...

Love the busting of balls threat— especially when Duke puts on his athletic supporter.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

That's the only difference? Duke is bald? Good to know that he has such exotic taste in underwear and eyewear.

Another Suburban Mom said...

We are lucky that DB is self motivated. If he does not finish at his afterschool program he knows that he has to do it after dinner, and he goes and does it.

We have also taught him not to procrastinate and so far it seems to be working.


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