Monday, April 27, 2009

Funny story to pull out when we fight

I have to give a story before I tell you what happened the other night so you will be able to truly appreciate what I go through.

(Imagine the Wayne's World "travel back in time" or "dream sequence" screen waves.)

Shortly after we were married, Hubby and I went to a college volleyball game with my sis and a group of friends. The game was great and we all had a blast, but it was long and by the time we left I was so ready to hop in bed.

Our group had all driven in 2 cars, so as we were walking to the parking lot Hubby asks everyone if they want to come over to our place for a late night movie.

Now, normally I am a total late-night person. At this particular time in my life I worked graveyard at the college and actually the friends that we were with were my co-workers.

Back to my story. I looked at Hubby weird and then just shrugged. I could always fall asleep on the couch if I was too tired.

Everyone was in on the idea so about 6 people jaunted over to our little apartment for movie night and snacks. I can't even remember what we watched and you will understand why in just a little bit.

MAYBE 20 minutes into the movie Hubby went into the bedroom. I thought he was just going to change into some comfy clothes. It didn't take too long for me to notice that he hadn't returned to join the group. Slyly- so as not to be noticed I snuck into the bedroom to see if I was going to be getting a little hanky panky.


He was ASLEEP!


He was the one that invited people to our house. I was the one that was tired, but he was the one in blissful slumber. I think not!

Being the kind hostess I was I stayed AWAKE while Hubby rested. Once the movie was over I grabbed a blanket and started in on an even LONGER night of sleep on the couch.

The next morning Hubby woke up and had no idea what he had done wrong. Umm, HE invited people over, HE didn't tell me he was tired and going to bed, and HE got to sleep!

Now, I am sure that you are wondering why I didn't wake him up. That's a pretty easy question to answer- I TRIED! Truly I did. But, he comes up swinging if you are too rough trying to wake him up and he was already in a very deep sleep when I found him.

This has actually been a source of contention on and off throughout our marriage. Hubby will make decisions that will totally effect me without thinking about me. I am sure I NEVER do that to him. Right? Are you hearing me people? I am the PERFECT wife. Really I am! Okay, maybe not really, but I have never invited people over then left him to entertain whilst I catch up on sleep.

(Back to the present day.)

Sunday night we went on a walk as a family. It was a beautiful evening and spending time together on Easter was perfect! When we rounded the corner, the last stretch before home we noticed a car in our driveway. As we approached we noticed it was our friend, Ken. His wife is in Texas at the moment, so he was stopping by just to drop a few things off. Hubby invited him in for a visit. (I am sure you are seeing where this is going.) Well, we get inside, Ken sits down on one couch, Hubby sits on the other and I sit down too, ready for a nice visit- the 3 of us!

Oh, heavens no! Hubby grabbed his computer and started tinkering on it. Umm, Hubby, hello- our friend is here! Let's visit... It was a little awkward. Yes, totally love Ken, he is great. But it is weird, don't you think?

Sidenote- told hubby about this post and he wasn't too happy. He said that he had totally forgotten about it and was upset that I was bringing it up to make fun of him. Am I making fun of him? Nope- just thinking that the differences between men and women are pretty funny!


Susan said...

That is so funny! First of all to your husband, we ALL have little quirks that differ between men and women... so I'm sure he could have fun commenting on here in defense to liven things up!

And seriously, this reminds me of our girls when they have friends over - they suddenly decide to leave their friend upstairs, come down alone, get a snack and crash on the couch in front of the tv!!

Me: "Um, honey...where is your friend?"

Kid: "Upstairs, I guess."

The last time this happened I found myself playing school with someone else's kid for 45 minutes while my own daughter crashed on the couch! WHAT???

Cajoh said...

I sometimes get really sleepy especially after a long day of cleaning and getting ready for company to come over. I start to drift and sometimes fall asleep right there. Then I get an earfull after company leaves because I fell asleep in front of them (It doesn't matter that the company fell asleep too). I now try to corral everybody out when it seems that we all will be falling asleep.

TisforTonya said...

not making fun... just pointing out the fun times in life you've had together...

and I've fallen asleep at some inopportune moments myself, so I wasn't laughing AT him, but WITH him...

Barbaloot said...

Ooh-I hope that doesn't ever happen to me. I am not a good hostess late at night---I need my sleep!

Rachel Sue said...

My husband will turn on the TV when friends are over and it drives me nuts!!

MakingChanges said...

Susan- That is hilarious. Did you at least learn something at "school"?

CaJoh- Honestly, I think falling asleep while attempting to entertain is better than getting up and LEAVING. If he knew he was tired why did he invite people over. I know he was thinking I wanted them over, but I would say so if I did. Thanks for the input.

T- I think we have all fallen asleep at times we didn't want to, so maybe I should be laughing WITH both of you.

Barbaloot- Important info here- make sure you are more open. After sharing this with Hubby, although he wasn't too happy with me he understood how I was feeling.

Rachel- That would be annoying. Can't we converse for a bit???

Unknown said...

This is why we never have people over. We just go out, harder to fall asleep that way ;)

MakingChanges said...

Andrea- Brilliant idea!

The Blonde Duck said...

I wouldn't have been as nice as you. I'm meaner than a one-eyed snake when I'm tired!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

First of all... my husband is a HOMEBODY... he NEVER invites people over, so we don't have that problem.

But I would have squirted cold water over his face! with a squirt gun if he would have done that to me... A power squirter since he is a fighter when he wakes up! :)

Anjeny said...

LOL Shelle, you rascal you..eheheh.

Julie..I can totally relate to this. At the beginning of our marriage, my hubby didn't invite people over, he volunteered my lived close to his dad and brother and both had little babies at the time so he volunteered for us to watch his baby brother so his dad could go out with his wife without consulting me first and then he had to nerve to tell me he needed to sleep since he had to work the next morning...OH NO!! I did not let him get away with it.

I actually let him stay up with the baby while I went to bed. (oh yeah, he volunteered to have the baby sleep over, the nerve.) A couple of times he volunteered me to watch our nieces, I came up with a really defiant excuse not to watch them...he got the message after that and never did that again.

As for inviting people over, I kept our house too messy for him to want to invite anyone over...eheheh. I know I know, not nice...but he needs to let me know in advance.

Anjeny said...

Oh yeah forgot, I don't think you are making fun of your is not nice to invite people over if you can't keep their company, know what I mean?

val of the south said...

My husband doesn't like to have people over - we are total opposites me-extrovert (surprising, huh?) and him-verging on anti-social - so we've never had that problem. (We have a great time together, but I socialize separately!)

But I totally would have been mad.

tiki_lady said...

just some info. if hubs is continuing to do this. You are not making it clear that it is NOT ok to do this to you. Don't get mad over things from the past just learn from them.

The next time an impromptu that may involve you to later then be the main source of entertainment. LEAVE! go for a walk go to the store, make up any excuse to leave. Like especially when ken came over.

The invite for movie. despite trying. I would have tried harder, like a long baseball bat. LOL,

i like having peeps over but it stresses me out that the house has to be immaculate.