Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mother's day?

Sooo...Mother's Day is coming up. What have you hinted for this year? Do you even have to hint or is your guy great for coming up with a gift, perfect or not.

My guy is in the dog house on the gift giving. I can give hints left and right, but he doesn't get them. I could make him an actual, detailed list and he's still just not jiving with the whole thing. This last year for Christmas ( I think he did this the year before too) he hung 20 dollar bills all over the tree.

Now mind you, I'm never a girl to turn down some Jackson's and green is a perfect Christmas color, but really, he should know better. Or maybe I should know better.

It's been almost 13 years and he hasn't been doing too well on the gifting thing. Most times I just pick myself out something cute and say "look what you bought me for (fill in the blank).

Although, to give him some credit, he has on occasion, and for no reason brought me home a flower or a candle or these really huge yummy chocolate covered cherries from this fantastic little chocolate shop in Montana.

I guess I'm just wishing that he'd put a little effort into getting me something a little special on that special occasion. I love buying or making a gift for someone that I know will be perfect for them (or if it's not, just smile and nod. :)

Oh well, he is pretty cute so I guess I'll keep him. :)


Missy said...

I believe most men are just not wired to be good gift givers. I used to buy his moms mother's day gifts. He was just no good at it.

He lucked out with me though. I hate jewelry. I'm not a big fan of flowers either. I really would rather have that money be spent on something we can use daily. He is usually pretty thoughtful when it comes to gifts though. If he buys something for the kitchen, it's red, because I love my red kitchen. Things like that count to me.

TisforTonya said...

I'd be okay with 20s on the tree actually...

I actually did make a long list once... with all sorts of big and little things on it... I hung it in the closet and changed it from time to time - even added a few notes about good deals to be had...

he used it for 2 birthdays, a mother's day and a Christmas... good deal!

springrose said...

That is why I actually use the wedding or baby registry at Target. I choose what I would like, in a variety of things, so he ultamately has the choice, and he knows color size all that jazz. It works out really well. He just goes and prints it off and I am surprised because I don't know what I will get off the list, but I know I will like what ever it is because I picked it out. And he is less stressed and happy instead of grumpy because it takes the pressure off of him. He always gets me a great card and puts sweet comments of his own in them as well. If I leave all the gift choosing to him I will end up with 3 of the exact same necklaces!! True story! I guess he really liked the necklace!!

Susan said...

Oh, I can't complain about this subject... and to be honest, the two of us always agree to not do "big" for birthdays and holidays and instead put chunks of cash towards a weekend away, or a wonderful dinner out.

On Mother's Day my favorite thing is that my husband insures both my girls and his boys make me a home-made card and buy me something little - like a Yankees baseball cap or something else they obviously had help in choosing. And the little things he does (buy's me my favortie candy in the whole world - sweettarts - and glues it to the envelope) are most priceless.

He'll always put a personal note in my cards...I've created picture boxes with my most favorite so that I can see them every day.

Best personal gift of all he does? My favorite flowers - Gerbera Daisises or a massage at one of the local spas. That is priceless to me!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love T's idea! My hubs is sweet he always wants to get me something thoughtful. I generally tell him NO GIFTS but he does it anyway. If I give him a list he gets insulted. But sometimes (just like Rachel from Friends) please: Stick To The List!

AW Cake! said...

Okay, no more complaining from me because the hubs goes shopping on Christmas Eve.

valerie said...

Wow you ladies are lucky! I like Springrose's idea! Might have to try that next christmas. lol It's not that he has to get me some big gift, but when everyone else is opening gifts on Christmas, it would be nice to have a little one tucked away for me that I didn't pick out.

MakingChanges said...

Hubby usually is pretty good about Mother's Day. He did give me a trash can for my birthday one year- no punch line there- he really did give me a trash can. Since then he knows better than to give a gift that is crap- literally!

However- WalMart is our friend, the night before big events like birthdays and mother's day. He is always on top of it for Christmas, though.

I am LoW said...

I don't want my husband to get me anything, I just like it when he makes sure my kids do special things. I love poems and pictures and dinner made and pampering, the silly kind. Like "Mom, do you need a dink??"

TisforTonya said...

I'm just now remembering the first Valentine's Day that I was dating my hub... We'd been dating about 5 months...

Bread Pans...

no joke - I still have them, 16 years later :)

The registry is a good idea... SO fun for me too!

Missty said...

Great subject. My husband rocks in this department! He really is awesome at picking stuff out for me. Long, Long ago, he decided to go shopping like the night before, or maybe even that morning. I wasn't happy. I mentioned that my birthday is the same day each and every year, he could plan a bit better.... and it has never been a problem since.

Oh and one more, now that I am thinking. This is hysterical. It was mothers day many years ago when we only had our two oldest boys - so like over 20 years ago. The three go shopping. Mothers Day I open up my card and read it is a "From across the miles" card! LOL He said the boys picked it out. Yeah, maybe. But he didn't even read it. Or steer then into the right area of the card display! Men!! So funny!

Anonymous said...

Yea... my husband SUCKS at gift giving.

He has done a good job a FEW times.. but most of the time I'm lucky if he remembers that gifts are AWESOME... no gift are NOT AWESOME!!!

Springrose... you are a MARRIAGE saver... that would TOTALLY work for me!!!


Love that!


BrnEyedGal said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I see many new blogs from SITS too, it such a cool site! :)
This post was just screaming at me! My husband has really never been good at the gift giving either...(hey, I think that might have to do with the fact that he shops the day before...even on xmas! Whaaaa? LOL)
But the past two or three Mother's Days he has been better, not sure why? hahaha
I got a spa gift card worth $140 for a pedicure and manicure and then last year he bought me my ipod with an itunes gift card. Yay!

Kritta22 said...

My hubby is a good gift giver....of lame stuff!!

Seriously he will put a lot of thought into it and get really excited but the stuff is lame.

I made the choice one time to take something back, I have yet to hear the end of it!