Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The one relationship she can't forget.

Shelle Edit: Aleah did things a bit different.  I posted the topics post and she instantly sent me an email with this incredible post.  I was so excited and emailed her back to let her know I thought it was perfect for this site.  How many of us have this kind or have had this kind of relationship in our lives?  I love how she describes WHY it is a relationship for her that will never be forgotten.  Enjoy her first post here at REAL WORLD! :)

Whose that one person in your life that you will never forget? Why was that relationship so memorable?

When I entered my junior year in high school I met the person who would eventually become the person that would change me in a way I never imagined. He would teach me that everything terrible that happened in my life as a child wasn't about me. He would teach me to love and be loved. He would change me forever in a way that I couldn't understand. In-fact, I wouldn't realize his importance until he wasn't in my life anymore. He was this funny, crazy, goofy, smart, amazing person. We became friends through a few classes that we had together, by senior year we were spending a ton of time together, we had about half of our classes together and we would hang out after school and on the weekends. He had a girl-friend for most of the year and I was interested in another guy, but we were still best-friends. He would come over and swim at my house and then stay until it was almost morning... oddly, as two hormone driven teenagers it was always very innocent. The thought never crossed my mind that he could be a sexual object of any kind.

The end of our senior year came and we had all the traditional rights of passages; parties, prom, graduation, after-grad, yearbook signings, everything that high school seniors dream of. Over that next summer he and I spent more and more time together and became closer than ever. When it came time to go away to college we were three hours apart, but we talked on the phone all the time and I would drive to see him about one a week with my roommate (our high school friend). Every time I would go see him I would spend the entire three hour trip home crying because I missed him. Eventually in college we drifted apart and we both got married and had kids. We have both had tragedy and joy in our lives and have since become intertwined again.

Every time I see him my heart smiles. He was the first boy that I loved, I wasn't IN love with him, but I loved him. He was the first person outside of family that I ever said "I Love You" to. He was the first person outside of family that ever said "I Love You" to me. He holds a place in my heart that will forever belong to him. I still get teary eyed when I think about him sometimes, and I miss him a lot of times. I miss the safeness that I had with him, I miss the unconditional love that we had between us and the way that he made me laugh until I cried. I love that just the thought of him can make me smile, even after 10 years of not having him in my life. I love that when I need a pick-me-up I can read my senior year book and the half page that he wrote to me, the part about being his best-friend and the part where he says that my smile can make even his worst day better.

I never realized what he was doing to me and for me until about three years after we lost contact. I miss my friend dearly, and I will forever remember him as the person that taught me that I was lovable and worth it.

***Do you think it is possible to love someone so completely without actually being "in" love with them? or "Who has been your greatest love?" 

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Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I had a friend like this. I still see him once and awhile and it's like nothing has changed, except it has, which makes it sad.

We get caught up and have to take a step back and remember we are somewhat different people now.

He is the first person that showed me how special I was to someone other than my family.

It's a feeling you just can't forget, ever.

Thank you for sending me this post!

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful post. Thank you Aleah for sharing with us!

In answer to the question; Do you think it is possible to love someone so completely without actually being "in" love with them.

Yes. I do. I have three best friends. Two of them are men. I love them just as much as I love my husband but in a completely different way. I've been friends with one of them for 12yrs. I've never thought of him in an sexual way. He's a big brother to me. He did the same for me as Aleah's friend did for her. So I understand completely.

As for the other question; Who has been your greatest love?

There was someone. Someone who I was absolutely in love with. He and I shared an incredably strong bond with. He made me feel a way no man has ever made me feel before. I had never felt more special, more happy and more secure in who I was than when I was with him. Unfortunately, it wasn't part of God's plan for either of us to be together, to be in a relationship. It was hard to deal with that. It's been a while now since things ended and I feel the same now as I did then. It won't ever change.

Mrs.Duran said...

Oh I did! I still talk to him from time to time but we are both married and have kids. He was a big brother to me and he always looked out for me. If I was hurting or scared he was the one I searched for. I would feel better just standing next to him because I knew he would never let anything happen to me. I loved him so much but I never wanted anything more then his friendship.
My greatest love is husband. He has taken me for who I am and has accepted my past with out any worries. He was my first in everything well except kissing LOL. But he is truly my strenght when I am weak...

TisforTonya said...

I had one of these friends - he dated about every girl I knew, and I dated about every guy friend he had... but we were never together because... well, we were friends. He came to visit me in college and we just hung out for hours - both happy...

and yeah - I miss him terribly... he has a great wife and kids and I have a super family - but there are just moments that I'd love to have back sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I dunno about all that love stuff but I am glad you had a friend like that that showed you you were lovable and worth it.

Everyone should know that they are that for sure.

Amethystmoon said...

Very beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

wendy said...

That was a beautiful post. I totally believe people come into our lives and FILL US SO COMPLETELY, and not in any sexual way, and we don't even end up marrying them.

They are precious relationships. Sacred in some way.