Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We look forward to the summer as a couple.

Shelle Edit: I have known MaeRae for just a short while, but what I love about her writing is you can tell that her family works.  I mean her relationship with her husband and her boys, it all just works.  I love reading about her time with them, for me it is intriguing.  I feel like I'm sitting on a couch listening to her tell me a story when I read her blog and I like that. Here is part of her profile, which backs up what I am saying, "I am a spoiled, but not rotten, mother of three boys and wife to the greatest guy ever."  She has posts to back that sentence up! :)  Go check out her blog after you read what she has to say here. Thank MaeRae... I love how open you are with the topic!

What's one thing you and your spouse look forward to in the summer? Do you have something that you guys just do to get time together that you can't do in the winter or other seasons?

I am not the usual woman that you read about or know.  I was raised in a large family of boys and am not afraid of those things that most woman are.  In fact, I do things that most women would NEVER.  One of those things is spend the summer in the woods with no hot water, internet or cable.  I have husband and three boys and am not afraid to kill spiders or take a fish off the hook.  The other thing that I am not afraid of telling people is that I like sex and don’t get enough of it.  Have you ever heard a woman complain about this?

Backing up a few years, my husband had been diagnosed with possible testicular cancer.  They only way to determine if it is definitely cancer is to remove the testicle and biopsy the mass. Thank the Lord above that it was not and he is healthy.  However, it was a mass of testosterone producing cells producing more testosterone cells.  My husband had a libido that was even with mine.  We would have sex at least twice a week.

Since the removal of the testicle three years ago, his drive has become very limited.  I am lucky to be able to get him twice a month now.  I have been told it is not so much drive but fatigue.  I guess this one of the side effects but it still affects the everyday aspects of life when you cannot stay up past 7 pm.

Back to now, summer has a different effect on my husband.  Maybe it is the fresh air, maybe it is extra adrenaline or maybe it is NATURE in general.  My husband has more energy.  My husband is up later at night and wanting to do some much more than any other time of the year.

During the summer months we steal away time.  With three boys in a 450 square foot cabin it is hard to find alone time, but in the summer we make it a point to.  It may be a trip out on the pond in the canoe and a quick trip to the shore where there is no foot traffic.  It may be stealing a swim late at night with no clothes on. It may be an early morning rise because the birds are right outside the window waking and telling us it is time.

During the summer, my husband and I are in much closer quarters and this is something that we enjoy ever year.  Me, I am much more relaxed, I think it is the increase in sex.  He, it is a feeling alive and back to the way he was before.  Whatever the reason, we look forward to the summer.  We look forward to the together time again.

Is there a season that you and your spouse feel you connect closer in?  Being open, is sex a contributing factor to that feeling of closeness?


Anonymous said...

The only thing I have to say is MOVE TO THE TROPICS!

Elaina said...

I'm so glad that your husband is healthy, and that you guys are enjoying the summer!

For us, I think, it's the fall. Fall has always been almost a magical time for me, and I think that because I'm so happy, then we're both happy, which of course leads to us coming closer together, emotionally and sexually. I even insisted that we get married in the fall, so when the weather first starts to change, I always start to get excited because it's always such a happy time for us. The only downside to that is that our daughter was born on our anniversary, so now it's kind of hard to really celebrate.

wendy said...

You go girl. I am 59 and I LOVE sex. It's a great time of life for me as no kids around, you just feel so much more in tune to your body and needs.
It is wonderful that you and your husband could get away this summer and share that "alone time"

I don't have a favorite time of year or season ......but summer definetly makes one feel more frisky I think. I love all that good country air (where I live) We have a private pond that we like to visit.

Sex does not define a marriage....but when it is working for the both of you, I think it is very fulfilling

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I think sex is way important in a marriage. It shouldn't be everything, but it is definitely up there as important.

I'd agree with Elaina and go fall. For some reason I like myself better in the Fall and Winter... and if I feel good about myself then he gets MORE of everything.

If you know what I mean.

You know...

Like happy attitude! :)

Anyway. I love the brisk coolness in the air, but where I live it isn't too cold.

I don't know... I guess like MaeRae's husband, I have more energy or something.

Plus as much as the rush is for the holidays and all of that... i love the feeling and spirit that comes with it... so that's exciting.

And yea... ELAINA... you didn't plan that very well girl ;)

TisforTonya said...

I'll have to go with Fall also - we celebrate our anniversary in the fall by having a little getaway - yes, with the five kids... but even in a crowded cabin you can go for a little walk in the woods. Bring a blanket... and be prepared to pull leaves from your hair on the walk back. Umm, yeah... and be sure the boy scouts aren't nearby :)

Elaina said...

I was supposed to be induced the next day, when my husband finally got in from A-stan, but my water broke a day early. Not only did I spend my 2nd anniversary in labor, but he missed everything! Obviously, my daughter has always been a brat :)

Elaina said...

Also, Shelle, I've been working on something about in-laws. Are you interested?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

um YES Elaina... you better believe it! I'm way interested!

My daugther is/was the same. She was 4 days late and so when I finally made an appointment to get her un eager self out of me... she decided to come that morning.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

T--I always forget to pull the leaves out of my hair... :)

Elaina said...

I have a test tomorrow and then the movers are coming on Monday, so I'll try to get it to you by the end of the weekend, before my house is chaos.

And yes, children start being brats in utero, I firmly believe this.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Lately we've been more into the spontaneous sex. :) I think our favorite season is winter though. We can snuggle up on the couch with a blanket. Summers in California are just unbearable.

Mae Rae said...

@ Sage...I am in for that move.

@ Wendy...I hope it never goes away

@ Elaina...plans have nothing to do with it, huh?

@ T...i can always be found with something sticking out of the back of my head.

@ you more and more each day.

Anonymous said...

We too try to get away a few times during the summer somewhere cooler, and at least once, somewhere remote with no electronic access. But nature can present some challenges when you have a few kids with you in a tent. (We rough it) Glad you can make it work.

Otherwise re: summertime sex - I often think of Mel Torme's Big Band hit "Too darn hot". To make sure that external temperature doesn't interfere, I make sure that the air gets turned up on high, especially when we go to bed. That can be expensive in the desert, but all in all an expense worth paying.

We seem to connect better in all seasons that are not summer. Our kids were conceived in fall & winter, but there's nothing like spring fever either. I'd probably add summertime to that if we lived in a place where the climate was a bit more temperate.


Anonymous said...

(Correction - I guess "Too Darn Hot" is technically from Kiss me Kate...


Anonymous said...

(Correction - I guess "Too Darn Hot" is technically from Kiss me Kate...


heelsnstocking said...




Gucci Mama said...

I love fall. The cool, crisp weather. Pumpkin bread and spicy scents in the air. The beautiful, changing leaves and fabulous expensive sweaters.

Um, what's sex again?

Fall is definitely my favorite season, though. Is that what we're talking about?

UP said...

After 33 years, everything is important!


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

UP!!! Congrats! 33 years! That's awesome!

Hey... btw, I thought you were funny yesterday. Just sayin.