Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Discussion-join in!

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Happy Valentine's Day or Single Awareness Day to everyone!!!

Today is either looked at as a fun day or a depressing day.

I want your opinion in comments what kind of gift YOU as a male/female would like on this Day, if any.

Also, if you will, what one experience on Valentine's day was your FAVORITE or BEST... or WORST.

You choose.

This should be fun... so twitter and/or facebook this and share it around. Let's see how many people we can get to participate!

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Comment, read, and comment on other people's comments! Let's have a Valentine's Discussion!!!




nitebyrd said...

A while ago, I wrote on my blog about the most horrid Valentine's gift(s) I received from my X.

I'd like peace of mind this year, if I can't have that I want a big, honkin' diamond - ring, neckace, earrings - I don't care.

DCHY said...

There's a reason why Valentine's Day is a fun day for me. My best Valentine's Day experience was losing my virginity on that day.

Before that year, I used to dread Valentine's Day every year because I never got many cards or gifts. My fault, I suppose for trying so hard to be invisible at schools.

Vodka Logic said...

My husband and I aren't much for the romantics, but I would like that he remembers. A card would be nice.

If he gets candy he'll worry I'll complain cuz I'm on a diet, if he doesn't he'll worry I say...what no chocolate...guy can't win..

DCHY.. lol at losing your virginity. Sounds like the best to me.

3GKnight said...

I suppose I can call this my first Single Appreciation Day.

Personally, I think V-Day is a scam. Just another way to generate income for card/flower/chocolate companies. If you have to wait until a specific day during the year to buy or do something to show your mate you love them, you're doing it wrong.

Not a fan, but if I were with someone who wanted to celebrate it like a holiday, I would do it for them. I do have one question for you all though, if you were that 'someone' would you be offended if I asked you not to celebrate it for me? even if I got you something?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Ooohhhh good answers everyone! DCHY lol@ why you like Valentine's day now. 3girlnight-i wouldn't celebrate for you if you asked!?

I just want a love letter. Every year. That's it. Nothing money needs to buy, just a letter-open and honest-about how he feels about me. I can never get enough of them, and they never fail to make me all warm and happy inside for him.

Like VL said, if he got me chocolates I wouldn't eat them because I'm not eating sugars and flowers die.

Worst valentine's was any starting from middle school to high school because of my expectations of them... And then getting let down! Lol.

3GKnight said...

If I told you that Valentines day didn't mean anything to me, and to not spend any money on me on that day, what would you think?

I'm not saying I wouldn't appreciate a romp in the hay on Valentines day, but I don't really appreciate 'tokens of love', especially as part of a mass-market holiday, but on any day for that matter

This hits on the topic for tomorrow, maybe even expands it a little, but if you respond to presents as a way for your mate to show you love, could you understand if they don't.

I know, this is kind of deep for a Monday morning. Not sure even I understand it. Ha!

TisforTonya said...

too many expectations for the perfect romantic day... frankly, it kind of bugs me. Chocolate (which I don't like), overpriced flowers, and steak dinners (can't eat steak...) - my poor ManOfTheHouse can't win.

oh wait - yes he can... because all I really want is recognition that he was thinking of me... and that doesn't have to happen TODAY... I mean... yes, I'm letting him make dinner and all that... but a note or a phone call makes me feel just as giddy :)

Nolens Volens said...

DCHY, that's funny. How did that happen? Did you sweet-talk the poor thing into it? ;)

As for me, nothing beats a good old-fashioned blowjob on Valentine's Day. I just bought my wife a Bugatti Veyron. I think I will get a lot MORE than just a blowjob tonight, even if the Veyron is 1:64 in scale. ;)

PorkStar said...

Best Valentine's experience. Getting some all day long and skipping work. Back when i was married.

The worst. Every year after divorce.

Snooty Primadona said...

Meh! We don't care that much about Valentines Day around here. I mean, we've been celebrating it for 34 years, so it's just not an issue. However, when I was younger, I thought it really mattered. Now? Not so much. I'm really against all the advertising and hype over a day that's basically like any other. I don't want a card or flowers. I just want good food!

I seriously don't think singles need a day to intensify the fact they are alone. I'm pretty sure they are already more than aware of that fact.

We really just try to wow one another with amazing food. This year, he's making dinner & I'm doing my fabulous Chocolate Truffle Tarts with Raspberry Sauce & Whipped Cream & Fresh Raspberries.

Then, we'll cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie as we treat our Acid Reflux.


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I haven't had a bad VD, but some are definitely more "memorable" than others.

After 32 years I'm still amazed that I never get tired of love notes and hugs and kisses. I think I may need them more.