Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To game or not to game

Youngbloods4ever has just recently admitted to having a reading addiction that HAS to be just as bad as mine...which is WHY I we/I love her.  She is a wife and mom to four kids.  Her writing style is honest and witty. You can also find her at her own blog YoungBloods4ever.

I grew up in a very "gaming" household. Sunday nights we busted out the cards, board game, you name it. We sat down for hours of competitive fun.

Hubby, on the other hand, did not. He grew up creating his own fun, hiding from his insane older siblings and hanging with friends.

I didn't think this would be a source of contention within our marriage. But believe it or not, it has been. When Sunday night rolls around I still get a twitch in my hands for a good game of Hands and Feet or Scum. I'd love to hear the word "PIT" screamed in my house once in a while. I wouldn't mind getting a Life with my kids. Sitting on Baltic with crap doesn't sound like a bad idea this week.

Sorry for the poor sound quality. It's youtube's fault, not mine. But I love his physical comedy, so I had to add this!

I was thinking about the Toilet issue and what really bothers me. Games kept coming to mind. I know I have to be reasonable about this. I know that hubby really loves to just hang and watch movies.

The major issue is that during movies I believe in the "no talkie" rule. Unless, of course, it is me that is talking. In which case I am totally allowed to talk whenever! So, how do we converse when all we do is watch movies? How do we really spend that alone time with each other when there is a third party? (the tv, duh!)

I love the interaction, competitiveness (within reason) and the fun that can be had during a great game session.


I'll be over at Bejeweled Blitz if you are interested. Since hubby isn't I have to "cheat on him" and turn to my computer for my fix. (Minds out of the gutters, PLEASE! My fix is with GAMES. Did you read anything I said?)


K said...

I think this topic is one that every couple should talk about! I've noticed that since having a child, my hubby and I at night are so tired that we may not spend as much quality time doing something that involves talking and interacting (like if we were playing a game together). Instead, we sit in our tv room next to our daughter's bedroom, wear headphones to watch a movie (b/c she's a light sleeper and the movie would wake her up), and then go to bed where we talk for a little bit. My family too spend evenings playing card games or board games at the kitchen table when we were growing up, and it was ideal for bonding and enjoying each others company. My husband and I want this too for our children, but why aren't the two of us doing that right now? Some nights I don't feel like watching a movie, so I sit beside my hubby and read or write while he watches the movie and catches up on things on his laptop. But our talking is at a minimum. I think I'm going to talk with him about this topic tonight! That's the first step toward spending quality time together in the evenings, but I'm looking forward to hearing what others have to say on this topic.

Anonymous said...

No games for me. Well a board game now and then with the little people in the house is fine but I don't like Playstation in the slightest. Last night Hubby was playing golf and it didn't bug me (umm, cause I was blogging anyway) until I wanted to go to bed then it bugged me. Since I was sleeping on the couch (so he would get up with the Chick in the night) I really wanted to tell him to turn it off! Now!
It normally doesn't bother me for him to play games unless he thinks he can get out of doing things, like taking care of the kids, simply because he's playing. Never mind that I might be also doing something as well, like working!

Heidi said...

My family also played games (love PIT!) and the Spouse and I started competing against each other when we started dating at 17. I always beat him the first time, he always beat me every SINGLE time we played any game after that. We also watch a ton of TV. He ruined games for me forever.

vailian said...

Before we go to bed, my girlfriend and I try to play at least one game of Backgammon... I can recommend it because a game is over in ten minutes or so, and the element of chance is big enough that the loser doesn't have to feel resentful.
Anyhow I think TV is a real relationship-killer. Except of course if you both like soccer and there is a good game on and there is plenty of beer.

valerie said...

The only games I've played lately is Littlest Pet Shop Go Fish. Woohoo. lol Hubby and I use to play card games with friends but since they moved away (like 7 years ago) we haven't played much since. I think they are lot's of fun, but he's not really into that.

The Blonde Duck said...

Neither my husband or I are game people, except for Rook, which is a traditional thing on my side. He'll play poker occasionally and used to play video games, but not really. And I'll watch a movie while doing scrapbooking or something, but it's rare we sit down and watch one together. Usually it's old Westerns or we both get so sucked in!

Our quality time is through drives and going out on a lunch date every weekend. Also, we talk a lot in the kitchen while cooking or out in the back on the porch.

DGB said...

WonderWife™ and I play Scrabble. The thing is, that we're so focused on the game that it's hard to have a conversation during it. But it gets us away from the TV and keeps the healthy competitive streak alive in our marriage.

As for you...why don't you try one of them there DVD games? It's a movie. It's a game.

Pen Pen said... boyfriend of 8 years loves to play those games. He doesn't do it when I'm there much cuz I SUCK SO BAD at them that it just feels like a loss to me, so I don't want to be part. It's a good way for him to interact with his best friends who are on other sides of the country tho--they all go on this head set thing and can play as a team together with mission and can talk to eachother--that's a good thing for him for sure!
...We do talk a lot at night tho--We're both night people and even if the day has been long, we complain to each other and it helps us feel validated :)
We like to play board games with groups, but usually not JUSt the two of us---not sure why :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I LOVE to play HUSBAND doesn't...and ya know what... IT SUCKS!!!

When we were first married we would play Yahtzee and Speed together...every night...

Then he stopped trying to impress me...

*Shakes head*

But he'll play Mancala once in a while if he's in the mood, but other than that, I get my game fix with family and friends when they are over!

MakingChanges said...

Sorry I missed the convo today peeps. I was at a funeral and family function all day long with Hubby's side of the family. Loved what you have to say.

I'm gonna clear one thing up, though- I DO NOT LIKE video games. Unless you are talking old-time Atari (did I just date myself??). I am mainly talking about board games and such that you sit down and get talking, visiting and just being together.

Totally agree that TV can totally kill a relationship. Which is why I don't have one in my room. That is our sanctuary!

TisforTonya said...

I thought it was only me!

Seriously - I grew up playing games constantly - couldn't get through a day without a little PIT or SkipBo...

Hubs doesn't do ANY games - and actually scoffs a little when I try to teach games to the kids so that I'll have someone to play with (the kids love Hand and Foot)

I also do a little "cheating" online with games, but I don't think he minds since I always minimize the screen so that the "chat" portion of the game doesn't annoy me :)

Anjeny said...

Julie..I love games. My family loves games too but it's been a while since we've played together. Most of the time my kids and I are the ones who played games..our newest favorites are Scrabbles and MahJong.

My 17 yr old is always the one who likes to challenge me most, my hubby pretty much gave up because he got tired of either I beating him or our 17 yr.

So now I play computer games...Jewel Guest and Holiday Express. Maybe you and I can hide out in cyper space sometime and play...yeah? lol

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha Youngblood. I loved this. It was just really cute and well written. Love that you cheated on hub with the computer to play games. ha hahahahahahah I have an SIL just like that.

I'm not a huge gamer, but my son is like you. He feels close to the family if we're playing games.