Friday, May 8, 2009

The Garage

The Cave.... umm I mean the Garage.

My husband has a tool for everything. Seriously. There isn't a tool to be found that my man doesn't have. Funny thing is - He really doesn't use that many of them – Well on occasion he does. But they are cool, and I think they must be fun to pick up and organize from one tool box to the other. I know he loves to hang out in the garage, and watch his Direct TV, or listen to his IPOD all the while moving one tool chest from one side of the garage to the other side. You know it’s his club house. Then after that is done. I think? He then moves the different tools to different tool boxes. It’s a guy thing, who knows?

Besides the regular, every day tools of hammers, wrenches, etc. we have big and different, and who knows what kind of tools.

We have big welders; he mentioned he wanted to learn to weld, so we weld…. Um, lets see, we have welded.... Umm. Well; anyways I will come back to that when I think of what we have welded.

We have a sand blaster. Ok, that one I think is for taking the paint off my sons’ car project. But don’t you think we could have rented one, borrowed one? Like we are going to ever use it again? Could they not be telling me there are more car projects down the road? (And this car thing will be for another post at another time…. Stay tuned)

Oh my favorite. We have this box, which has these round holes with gloves attached. Looks like something that belongs on the space station. Apparently it is a "parts washer" of some sort?? You stick your hands into these big huge gloves with the parts already in the box and wash away? Looks pretty cool and kind of scientific. lol

We have air compressors, with all these weird attachments, to do, well, I am sure they do something. Oh yeah I remember now. I have seen the big huge air compressor that is about 6 feet tall , 3 feet round, hooked to the little air compressor, to fill up my sons bike tires. An important one to have. LOL

And drills – Don’t get me started on the drills. We have one so big it stands on the floor of the garage, and is about 6 ft. tall! Of course you have to have the cordless, and then the one with the cord, or actually two of each. Why? Who knows, that is one of the mysteries of the cave, er… sorry the garage. There are just some questions, that can’t be answered.

Actually I don’t mind his garage, or his tools. I really don't. Why don’t I mind all his toys, er… I mean tools? Because they make him happy. And because, we have a great agreement. I don’t ask how much a tool cost or why he needs another one, and he doesn’t ask about my designer purse I have on my shoulder, or all the ones stacked in my closet. That I play with and move from one side of the closet to the other. ;o)

What agreements have you made to keep the peace? Or kept each other happy? Do you each have a collection of something that the other just doesn’t get?


Unknown said...

I refuse to comment on my umm, issues but the cave sounds familiar. We no longer have an official garage so Hubby uses the downstairs foyer/hall as his cave to do whatever it is you do to an expensive racing bicycle. I don't ask and he usually doesn't tell. He wants another bike to replace the one he has, I'm fine with that (he's going to read this and think I said ORDER IT. No dear I did not say that. Sell your current bike and then I'm a-okay with whatever). He also has thousands of tools in storage and a huge workbench and whatever else man stuff guys own.

He does not make fun of my many shoes (I wear the same three pairs though depending on seasons) or my bags or my books that are threatening to take over the house. We have an agreement, a free pass if you will about that stuff.

Cute post Missty! And so true!

valerie said...

That sounds exactly like my hubby's man cave except he actually does use all those tools. He likes to rebuild cars. He also likes to collect them. Right now we have a 69 camero, an old WWII army jeep, and a 36 plymouth something. lol Now he wants a different camero. We have an agreement, he gets something, then I get something. He wants another car, then I want living room furniture. See? Everyone wins! ;)

TisforTonya said...

hmmm, our tools aren't the SAME tools, but apparently the same type of problem :)

Our agreement: He doesn't ask about the scrapbook supplies or book purchases (much), and I don't comment on the camping supplies or that his bike cost more than my first car! (much)

Heidi said...

I'm pretty sure it's the other way around--I have the collections that makes my husband scratch his head in wonder.

MakingChanges said...

I have already admitted to being a profession pack-rat. I think I might have to start a weekly help meeting for this problem.

I digress, sorry. Back to the issue- Hubby collects electronic-type-thingies. We have just about every type of cord known to man because we have just about every type of electronic whatchamacallit known to man. And most of them don't work. He keeps telling me he is going to get them working and then sell them. We don't have a garage, but I call our downstairs the dungeon and his office is in the dungeon. I rarely venture into it. It scares me!

Oh, and, he has just learned not to ask me about anything.

dadshouse said...

I'm divorced, so I don't have to negotiate like that anymore. And I also don't have too many tools (my brother got bit with that bug). My toy is my Bianchi road bike. I love cycling!

Shirley said...

My husband has several chests of tools that he says he will use more once he retires. Uh huh, sure. His favorite collections are golf clubs (how many sets of clubs does one person need?) and chrome pieces for his Harley. Oh, and golf shirts. I don't care if he brings this stuff home, but I do tend to whine if he wants me to stand around while he shops for them because he takes way too long. In return, he rarely says anything about my whole closet full of shoes and purses....or my books...or all the material that will one day become quilts.

I really can't say anything about his toys because for every one he gets, I tend to get two or three. Works out perfectly!

Missty said...

And can you believe it. Matt came home with a new tool just last night! lol He had a "sparkplug" wrench. Wow, we don't have one? Nope not this kind its a special one for the dirt bikes. Cool! Guess who is going shopping while in Chicago this week! lol

And Shirely I am with you -I don't mind, as I tend to probably come out ahead. lol Its just that his are on display more... you know the ENTIRE garage! lol

Missty said...

Ok, strange - I posted responses before the one above this one. Oh well.

Andrea - no garage?? Oh my!! My sister who has a basement, can't believe we don't have all that extra space as well! lol. Good thing we don't - or it would be full of something.

Valerie - Great arrangement! I am thinking you get new furniture as soon as that remodel is done!

Youngblood - Oh I am sending matt to your meeting! And cords - we have cords and chargers for everything! But he has gotten organized with them - they are all now labeled! YAY! Progress.

T - Yeah, we are the same. We both know we need our "Stuff" .

Heidi - LOL Thats Ok, we still like ya! JK LOL

Dadshouse - Ah the road bike - we have one of those to... or should I say dh does. lol He is out riding even as I type! But the question is... do you have a little mount on the bike tool kit? lol

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

My husbands bike is his toy, but since we live not in a home right now, I really don't have the tool problem...

But he LOVES going to look at tools so I'm sure that I will have that problem in the future!

But like others have said... He doesn't complain about my shoes, scarfs, purses, or random clothes that show up in my closet...

So I let him get whatever for his Mountain Biking and Snowboard obsession!

valerie said...

Missty-I actually got my furniture a few years ago. :) But don't worry, I'm sure there will be something I can find to bargain with. hee hee