Friday, May 22, 2009

Playing Pranks/Tricks

I have so many things I want to bring up on this blog. So many things I want everyone's opinion on.

But my best inspiration is when I read other peoples blogs and get a little REAL WORLD from their lives. For instance... THIS post inspired the one I'm about to write.

Playing tricks/pranks on your significant other.

My guy is FULL of them. I think it comes embedded in their brains at conception. Well at least in MY guy's case... but I don't think he's alone, in fact, for being a guy I think he's pretty average if not bordering on above average.

One of the first things I remember him doing to me is pouring ICE cold water on me while taking a shower. Keep in mind, I like my showers STEAMING HOT... so the contrast of the ICE COLD water was shocking and I screamed at him every time... "THAT IS SO MEAN!!! WHO DOES THAT! YOU'RE SO IMMATURE!" And not one ounce of remorse.

Next... he thinks its hilarious when he's waiting for me in the car and I come rushing out to get in and he drives off right before I open the door. I always slam my hand on the car and threaten to punch him while he's laughing his head off. If you don't know what I mean, here's a good reenactment!

Yea... I'm a little hairy in this video and sometimes I have a temper.

The list goes on... but the last one I'll share is the MOST favorite thing he likes to do. He KNOWS I scare easily. I even scare myself sometimes. Don't Judge. My BIL and SIL have a bathroom that has a mirror for a wall (why anyone would want to see that much of themselves while sitting on the toilet is beyond me) EVERY TIME I entered that bathroom I scared myself because I thought someone was in the bathroom! hehe.


My guy likes to lurk around corners while I'm off in my own world and scare the CRAP outta me! Bang on the bedroom window while I'm reading or just about to drift off for a nap and scare the CRAP outta me! Or pound on the bathroom door while I'm going to the bathroom and scare the CRAP outta me!!!

Honestly... it's a miracle that I haven't had a heart attack! Or that I haven't killed him!

All the while he's having the time of his life!

He's horrible and MEAN and conniving and SOOOOO immature.

But when I get my revenge and play pranks on him... especially ones like the SHOWER example I gave you above, that he taught me... it's HILARIOUS and totally deserved and completely mature!

Just Saying! :)

I'm not gonna lie... adds some spice and fun in a relationship. Albeit ya have to know where the line is.

So what about you guys? What's your favorite prank/trick, make sure to explain in detail, I mean, for the sake of research? Or are me and my guy like two little kids who need help?




Unknown said...

I scare so easy. Hubby knows better than to sneak up on me. He does it even when he's not trying to. I mean he can be in the next room and walk in where I am and freak me out.

Never hide around corners or I might kick you down ya know? ;)

Missy said...

My hubby knows I would kill him if he pulled the shower trick. But jumping out from behind a corner is fair game.
I, on the other hand, am EVIL. I do crap to him he doesn't even know about.
When I was breastfeeding our youngest, he was bitchin' about how he can't play with the boobs, and breast milk is gross... blah blah blah. Yeah so one day before getting in the shower, I expressed a nice shot onto his towel. He still doesn't know to this day. But it made me feel better.
Then while we were separated the idiot locked his keys in his car while it was running. When he called to ask if I still had the spare, I told him it was no where to be found. Even though it was in the top desk drawer. That was back when he thought child support meant leaving a package of diapers on my front porch. He totally had it coming. He doesn't know about that either.

valerie said...

We don't really trick each other but I may have to keep in mind a few of your tricks for future use. I do sometimes flush the toilet when he's in the shower. :)

Emily said...

I don't even have to try. My husband is so jumpy, like you, that he scares ME most the time, by his jumpiness. The other day I walked in the front door, and he was right there (not expecting me) and he screamed so loud that I had to turn around and close the door again, heart pounding. All I have to do is walk into a room casually and he'll make the same fast, loud, low-pitched "AAH!" and then he'll ask me why I'm sneaking around and why I scared him so bad.

TisforTonya said...

The creepy similarity of our men is getting to me again - although I think I've finally broken him of the ice water trick... payback? No, but when I refused to shower at night for too many days in a row (see Monday's post if you need elaboration on what that means)...

We have an ongoing hide and seek game with a little rubber glow in the dark rat... it's followed us through 3 states and has been hidden in camping gear/robe pockets/ shoes... I even once covered it in chocolate and served it to him as a special dessert. Silly? you bet - but it's fun too... it's currently been hiding for 6 months and neither of us remembers where it is or who hid it... but it'll show up, it always does :)

shortmama said...

I swear that poset was about my own hubs. He does the same cold water in the shower thing to me. He also scares the crap out of me on a regular basis. He has done things like hid under the bed and when I go to get in bed reaches out and grabs my ankle, or hides in the closet and jumps out as I walk by. Oh yeah, good times

MakingChanges said...

This one is just mean, but I have to tell you because it is really embarrassing and Hubby loves to do it to me. It started when we were dating. To remedy the problem I actually don't go to the store that often with him- only when absolutely necessary.

He will knock stuff off of a shelf when there are people around and when I start to walk away from him (because I know this is the clue that he is about to start) he screams at me like he is handicapped and running after me. He yells for me not to leave him. You can imagine the looks people give me. Hubby is REALLY good at being "special."

Sorry if this offends anyone. Just one of the MANY things Hubby does to embarrass me- I embarrass easily!

DGB said...

I'm not so much the prankster as the little worm that gets in your ear and annoys.

For instance, if WonderWife™ ever says something like, "Is the TV too loud?" or "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you." My response is always, "What?" And I will keep doing that until she gives up.

Also, if I ever ask you, "You know what?" out of the blue...the answer will always be, "chicken butt."

Yeah, I'm surprised I'm still married too.

Anjeny said...

LOL...sorry if I am laughing again but this is just funny because it sounds exactly like me. My hubby get a kick out of scaring me like that too...he would hide at corners and jump out at me. Or when all the lights are out in the house and I would go to the bathroom or kitchen, not bothering to turn on any lights, mind ya, he would stand either behind me or around a corner very still so when I turned, of course,my heart stopped for minute and screamed. Oh he thought that is totally hilarious. It was my fault actually, I once told him how I used to do that to my aunt when I was a teenager and my aunt scare easily, I guess my hub thought he should be the one pay me back.

To get back at him, I'm the one who dump the cold water down on him in the shower. Another one is when we're walking, I would go behind him and when he lifts one foot up, I would kick under his foot, sometimes if I do it right and at just the right force, it would trip him and he would fall flat on his face...I know very painful for him and mean on my part. If he's wearing slipper, when he life his heel, I would step on the back of the slipper and either he falls or his foot comes off the slipper which made him stumble a little.

Now this one Shelle, you would love this one...when my hubby is standing, you know very still so his legs are totally straighten in the knee area..I'd go behind him and kick him in the knee or I'd knee his knee to make his knees bend...that one is funny because with the right momentum and force, he will practically be down all fours. Try that with your hubby and see how he likes it. I do that to my kids too so now they along with my hubby are always keeping an eye on me when I go behind them when they're standing. When they remembered, they would usually bend their knee just as I was approaching them from behind.

I got loads of tricks up my sleeves. I used them when he does his trick or when I'm pissed at

Anjeny said...

I meant when he "lift" his heel in the last line of the second paragraph.

Anjeny said...

Oh yeah Shelle, I like to call myself a prankster sometimes so I think couples playing tricks on each other is totally acceptable...keeps the marriage me, playing tricks stems boredom in a relationship but of course both parties need to know it's just all in the name of harmless fun.

Anjeny said...

Oh I forgot another one..I know I'm practically taking up your comment box but I just can't get over how similar our hubbies are in their prankster. Besides the one you mention about driving away just when you reached the hubby when we're driving on the road and let's say we drive down a kind of a crowded road, the one where a whole bunch of cars are parked or maybe people walking on the side walk. He'd reached his hand outside and when I'm like totally concentrating on the road trying to maneuver my way out of a narrow road, he hit the side of the door, really hard, you a big BANG like sound and I'd stepped on the break really fast and screamed on top of my lungs. Oh man, his face gets totally red from him laughing soo hard...I've gotten used to it or expect it now when he's with me and I'm driving so it doesn't do anything to me that much so now he's moved on to our daughters now. Those poor girls!!

Or he'd tell me to back the car into the drive way...he stands behind so he can signal to me how much further to go and of course, again when I'm in deep concentration, he would bang on the side of the car again, my heart always jumped at that, always worried I hit one of the kids. Or he stand real close to the car and when I rolled slowly back, he'd screamed (fake of course) and lift his foot up and hopped around on one foot acting like I ran over his foot. So I jumped out of the car and run up to him see how badly he hurt, yeah, you can see where I'm going with this, right? The real rascal!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Blogging Mama--I totally kick and punch... it's a natural reaction... I think he likes that better!!!

MISSY!!! Holy cow girl... you are my hero. I want to keep my tricks to myself, in secret, but I SUCk at keeping secrets. Dang it all!

Valerie--lol@flushing the toilet when he's in the shower... try the cold water... it's really quite funny!

Emily--LOL... I'd LOVE to see my guy scare like that.. but he's a rock... kinda stinks!

T--no shower for a few days... that' just wrong... LOL... the rubber rat at first creeped me out, but by the end of your story I cocked my head and said aaahhhhh... so cute!!! I need to find myself a glow in the dark rubber rat... okay maybe not a rat, but something like that. That's really cool!

ShortMama... HIDING under the BED... I'd kick him!!! That would freak me out so BAD.

Hey baby, if you are reading this... DON'T DO THAT!!!

YoungBlood--LOL!LOL!LOL! I'm sorry, but that is GENIUS. I'm totally doing that to my guy the next time we go to the store... I can't wait to see his face!!! Awesome... cough... I mean, RUDE! How dare he!

Daddy Geek Boy--Your wife is a SAINT... I would have definitely broken you have that! lol! Actually when I ask my husband, Who left the TOWEL there? or something like that he always replies, "Jo Mama"...

ANjeny--THANKS FOR THE IDEAS... you DO have loads of them! I'm going to do the knee one to him! HA! THat is funny!

I love how this blog makes me feel normal! THat is either a compliment or not... you guys decide! lol!

Heidi said...

Oh, boy, things are way too stressful around here for that kind of thing to be the least bit o'fun. Love the video!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Thanks for the linky love. Such a good topic, but it does need to be fun for both people.

Loved all the great ideas.