Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Marriage Show 3

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"I don't owe you anything!" Mr. Jenkins shouted, a scowl twisting his already sneering features.

"How dare you go into my past like that!" 

"What happened to the girl?" the DJ asked, pouncing on a possible juicy tidbit. "Why aren't you married now?" Mr.Jenkins clamped his lips together and refused to answer. 

"Obviously, he lost his way," Father Frank sniffed, crossing his arms. "He needs faith in the Lord." 

"I need religion like I need a hole in the head!" Mr. Jenkins snapped. 

"Blasphemy!" Father Frank bellowed. "With thoughts like that, Mr. Jenkins, it's no wonder you have lost the love of your life." 

"Now, now," Venita chided, her red lips pursing. "There have been times you have doubted love, Father." The pastor turned pale. His lips trembled slightly. 

"I have not." 

"Faith doesn't mean not answering questions," Venita replied, tossing her golden hair behind her shoulder. "In fact, didn't you doubt marrying your wife moments before you walked down the aisle? Didn't you hit your knees and ask God why"

-- "That's private!" Father Frank shouted, lunging at her. "How dare you say those things! How dare you doubt my marriage!" 

"She isn't doubting anything." Everyone in the room turned to look at the third man, Mr. Drake. "Don't you see?" Mr. Drake continued. "She's trying to prove that we all want to be loved and cared for. She's trying to prove that our blanket theories are wrong. Mr. Jenkins' theories have been tainted by his bitter past and his fear to try again. Father Frank's marriage has hidden insecurities and secrets." His eyes turned to Venita. "And I'll save you the trouble of admitting my past." He turned to the others and held up his hands. "A girlfriend lived with me for three years and left me because I couldn't commit to marriage. My cohabitation study won me all sorts of awards." The room fell into an awkward silence. The DJ cleared his throat. 

"So, Venita, how are you going to change these men's ideas of love?" Venita smiled, her eyes flashing. 

"Easy," she replied. "With love." To be continued...

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