Wednesday, April 7, 2010

10 things I love and Hate about Duke

WHAT A PROMPT!  Why did I pick this one Shelle?! LMAO

Love and Hate are emotional extremes... and I don't do well with extremes as I am more of a middle of the road kinda gal.  However, I am going to give this my best shot cuz when it comes to Duke, I can usually eek out a pretty good post if I am able to bitch and moan a bit in the process.  I'm gonna go after it a bit differently though... CHIEF STYLE.

10. I love how he plays with my hair.
10. I hate how he has to twirl my hair at night to wind himself down enough to fall asleep.  Sometimes he twirls and twirls until it pulls my hair out.  Seriously, this childhood habit has gotten way out of hand!  Just because he is bald as a cue ball doesn't warrant me suffering through years of hair pulling!

9. I love that he is affectionate by nature.  Lotsa hugs for the boys by their dad is always a good thing.
9. I hate that he has to smack my ass, rub my head, grab a boob and pinch my cheek....  every time I walk past. DON'T TOUCH THE MERCHANDISE!

8. I love how he is in charge of the grocery shopping and making Dinner.
8. I hate that everything I eat tastes like cayenne pepper and ketchup (OK so sometimes he adds tuna)

7. I love that he is the designated driver for the family.
7. I hate that he never knows where he is going, never drives the speed limit (either 10 below or 10 above) and refuses to use his windshield wipers.

6. I love that he is frugal and refuses to incur debt.
6. I hate that he is a tightass. 10 cents for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese over the nasty Wal-Mart brand is not going to make or break his retirement nest egg.

5. I love that he doesn't care whether I am a good housekeeper or not.
5. I hate that he is such a pig, doesn't pick up his dirty underpants, or wash his whiskers down the sink when he shaves.

4. I love that he is a "mans, man" or whatever it means to when a dude is "all boy".
4. I hate that he has to grab himself, fist pump, pass gas, belch, hack loagies etc... to ensure no one makes the mistake of implying he is "Metro".

3. I love that he has a strong work ethic.
3. I hate that he refuses to call in sick when it is clear he is deathly ill or better yet, one of the kids gets sick and I have to be the one to stay home so he doesn't wreck his perfect attendance.   

2. I love that he tries to fix things on his own around the house to save money.
2. I hate that our faucets are on backwards, he torched a hole in my countertop, the garage door is bungeed together and only half of our sprinkling system is operational.

1. I love that he thinks I'm hysterical.
1. I hate that he only laughs when I make an ass out of myself trying to be funny.

What do you love/hate about Duke err I mean your significant other?

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Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

bwahahahahaha @ fixing things around the house and faucets are backwards! That is the perfect post and a great way to do the LOVE-HATE!

Two extremes indeed and I was wondering how you guys were going to write these posts but they both turned out incredible!

Good Job CHIEF! You are definitely the resident comedian over here!

I love that my husband always wants to be with me, like he can never get enough... but I HATE that anytime I'm away from him he feels neglected and then I have to "give him some" to even the score--(rolls eyes)

Anonymous said...

lol that was an awesome list. I love how you gave a Love and Hate for the same things. It was funny :)

Chief said...

Shelle... I shoulda added that too!

so needy these men!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I love that list. My bf is such a tightwad too. Drives me crazy because there are certain things at the grocery store that I want BRAND name. I don't care what anyone says, it tastes better!

heelsnstocking said...

proper chuckling outloud at that! just what I needed to lift the soul.

That all sounds like real life and good stuff to complain about, imagine how you would feel if he stopped touching the merchandise. Then you'd be complaining!

Just Jules said...

good morning. Oh the joy of spouses. I love that my guy can keep me level when I tend to float. I hate that he pulls me down... funny how that all works huh

Homer and Queen said...

Who knoew we were pretty much married to the same guy!!! Except he doesn't twist my hair at night, he shakes his foot!

Chief said...

Mommy Loves... there are pros and cons to loving a dude...

Chief said...


Chief said...


Chief said...

Queen.. I have a dog that does that at night! snort

From Tracie said...

That is just plain awesome!!

That whole hair twisting thing....would drive me crazy!!! I love how my husband likes to cuddle...but not when I'm trying to fall asleep, because then I don't want anything to touch me except for a fuzzy blanket!

Oka said...

Loved's so true the very things that make us love a man, can drive us batty crazy too.

CaJoh said...

At first I thought Duke was the team, but I am very much mistaken.

I love how you intertwine the love/hate for each point. I think a lot of people have this love/hate relationship when it comes to many things.

WhisperingWriter said...


I love that my husband loves to cuddle.

I hate that my husband loves to cuddle. After ten minutes I need my damn space and he gets all hurt when I push him away.

M-Cat said...

At first I thought you were describing Splenda Daddy - and Duke could be twins seperated at birth on many of these accounts.

And Heaven help the girl who marries Tuffy. His hair twirling is a thing to behold. His gf right now had to make a deal. No hair playing if she has it up.


CountessLaurie said...

WOW... there are hair twirlers out there??? DANG!

I LOVE that Dave will brush my hair.
I HATE that I have to beg Dave to brush my hair.

Chief said...

Thanks for stopping over everyone! I will get back after work...

Its hitting the fan here... gotta do something to earn the paycheck! said...

Shit woman! You took everything! Duke may as well be living here with us! My faucet is dripping, (faster and faster everyday, by the way. Soon we will have a steady stream of water running down the drain...), due to the fact that John was the last one to "work" on it.

Kmama said...

LOL this was a great post. I was totally cracking up!!

Chief said...

Thanks Everyone! What a day.... not enough minutes to make it all happen!


Its off to bed and the hair pulling