Monday, April 5, 2010

Here's the order of my list that it's in . . .

It IS Monday, right?!


According to Our Fearless Leader, our topic today is:

Ten things my spouse does that I LOVE and 10 things about my spouse I HATE.

Let's see . . . Love/Hate. Very strong words. Love, I can handle. Hate? We'll see . . .

And this question is really looking for two very different kinds of responses. One is about doing, a very ethical sort of inquiry. The other is about essence. Actions vs. Being. Hmm . . .

Alrighty, then.


1) She is a great kisser. From the first clumsy effort, over piping hot pizza, I was hooked.

2) She asks questions . . . When it matters, she asks for clarification.

3) . . . but not too many questions. The devil is in the details, after all.

4) She makes kickass mashed potatoes.

5) And gravy.

6) She smiles a lot. It ties the room together.

7) She scrubs my back in the shower. Despite all the hair and age spots, I might add. And she uses a scrunchie. Score!

8) She volunteers. Whether it's building sets for the school play or helping the new art teacher get acclimated to Little Johnnie's Post Nasal Drip, she's on it. And never expects a Thank You.

9) She lets me drive. Even if it's merely over the river and through the woods, I get to sit in the Captain's Chair. And she feeds me cookies and chats me up to keep me awake.

10) She plays Guitar Hero. Even the really hard Tool songs. She immerses herself in the things others enjoy, and makes them that much more fun.


1) Her heart is large. She loves everyone. Even the people I tend to loathe with more than a small amount of passion. I wish she'd hate people more.

2) Her hands are tender. They touch things with a tenderness and compassion I often lack. I wish she'd smack me around more. (No, not like that!)

3) Her eyes are focused. She sees all and never looks away. I wish she'd blink every once in a while so I could get away with more stuff.

4) Her mind is young. Not in a childish way, but in an innocent way. I wish she'd share my frequent cynicism.

5) Her brain is sharp. She gets A's on Big Brain Academy. Me? I keep searching in vain for the pass/fail option.

6) Her feet are quick. She runs ahead, looking for adventure. I wish she'd stop for a minute and let me catch up.

7) Her lips are sealed. She refuses to gossip or belittle anyone. I wish she'd let fly more.

8) Her legs are strong. Harper legs, we call them. Hers carry the weight of it all and never grow weary. I wish she'd stumble occasionally.

9) Her ears are tuned. She hears the good and filters the bad. I wish she'd listen to me when I whine.

10) Her body is a temple. She looks great all the freaking time. I wish she'd get older already.

In sum: My mama didn't raise no fool. I do indeed know how to pick 'em, no?


tysdaddy said...

Just subscribing to the comments. I'll be at work all day, so keep 'em coming in. I could use the excitement.

And for the record, I wrote this at four in the morning, because that's how I roll . . .

SciFi Dad said...

You had me at "she plays Tool on Guitar Hero".

MommyLovesStilettos said...

She sounds like a fantastic lady! :)

heelsnstocking said...

good to read how appreciated she is, it would be a shame for her to be as amzing inside and out and not to see it x

The Stiletto Mom said...

What a great list! She sounds like an amazing woman. Remind me though, not to challenge her to a match on Guitar Hero, she'd kick my butt!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic lists! You know, even in the list for the things you hate, you still remain positive. They're still good qualities to have, even if they can be annoying.

Anonymous said...

Where does, "I broke the lawn mower today" fit into those lists?

Seriously folks - I love this man - but his glasses are seriously in need of a prescription.

And I PLAY Guitar Hero. No one said I was any GOOD at it. And as for the Lips are sealed one - just get me going on the idiocy of our local school board.

Okay thanks for the kind comments all and for the man that wrote it - - There will be mashed potatoes for supper tonight to hopefully soothe away the fact that something is seriously wrong with the lawn mower.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Bwahahahaha at your wife's comment! My van seems to get dinged by itself also, it's really weird!

Yes Tysdaddy Real World works around your MUST be Monday! Hehehe!

Excellent lists...she sounds amazing, like a saint, and totally deserving of both the love and the "hate" :)

Chief said...

Great Job...

Im wondering if I can get her to leave you for me...

Anonymous said...

Very refreshing. :-)


Anonymous said...

Chief --

Not. A. Chance.


Shannon O | Confessions of a Loving Wife said...

I love this post! You're a very smart man.

Just Jules said...

well done