Monday, April 19, 2010

Vacation Planning

Since I am the planner in the family, I tend to run with the vacation planning. In fact, when hubby suggested we take a road trip to Arizona, four states away, I’m not sure he really meant it. However, once I got actually buy-in, the planning began. The number of miles and hours on the road would be many. But the places we could see would make for a great family vacation.

The road trip binder contained a day-by-day break down with directions and maps for the day, the activities planned and what we would need for each. Each of my girls also had a similar binder with journal pages and activity pages for each day. While my family tends to pick on me for being overly organized, the binders were a huge hit.

Three days of driving to reach our destination – my brother’s house. Four days of fun in the sun and three more days of driving to get home. Overall, we had a great trip. Visited family, saw great scenery, and did fun activities. Hubby, who has a bad back, was a great sport. However, I’m pretty sure he’ll be planning the next road trip – and that it won’t be such a long trip.

Next planning session - summer camping. Well, I’m off to start filling the camping binder with calendars, maps, and checklists.

How about you? Who does your vacation planning?

Domestically Disabled


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Holy Cow girl! Travel binders!? I'm totally impressed! How much to hire u?

I usually plan, but sometimes I wish he would--planning is annoying to me to be honest--but I'm by nature an unorganized person so maybe that is why?

DCHY said...

I keep a list of what to pack on a note in my pager. That way, I can whip it out and rattle off what hasn't been packed. We are going to Florida in June and it has been left to me to handle the logistics of driving and lodging. My wife will take care of the food and the clothes. Used to be that I'd handle everything, but she learned that she could handle her share of responsibilities and she helped me with the hotel search.

heelsnstocking said...

this summer we are off to france, we've booked a farm house for 5 weeks, im going for the first 3 weeks and my dad comes out for last 3 weeks so we over lap. The kids get 5 weeks of bliss!

Trouble is whilst dad is great at sorting it all out I already have holiday fatigue. If I hear how many miles to hotel, how long tunnel crossing and how long drive in france is, sharply followed by my mum saying she making sandwiches (promptly followed by the list of fillings) aaarrrrggghhh.

Love them to bits but Im a turn up and relax kind of girl. Do what ever we want whenever we want. I book our honey moon the day before the wedding and it was a name it when you get there sort!

Domestically Disabled said...

Thanks for the comments.

Shelle: Funny, I've been asked that before. I realized that I really love putting together the binders (color coded...I know, I know) and I have friends that hate to organize! Maybe I should start offering my services. The binders definitely kept the kids occupied and interested on the long ride.

DCHY: I'm glad she's taking on her part. When we start pulling together the camping lists, everyone in the family participates a bit more. I give the kids each a list of what they need to pack and they are responsible for their own clothes and toys...and they are only 6 and 9. I'm starting them out young. Lol!

heelsnstocking: That sounds like so much fun!!! I love the spontanious trip adventure as well - so while I had activities planned, the times weren't set. The days we were at our destination, we just winged it each day. As for the directions, miles and hours...I live with a hubby that hates to get lost, let alone travel to a different state, so I tried to "be prepared" but still have fun. Good luck on your trip! Try your best to relax as much as you can with family around :)


Well, we don't know where you live, so we don't know if you have to fly or drive ther. If you have to fly, start with buying a round-trip plane ticket. Then pack accordingly. Next, book a hotel.


Find out how you're going to get from one place to another, meaning, do you want to rent a car, are you going to take the bus, etc.