Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What would you Rather episode 3

What Would You Rather:

It's that time again. Choose one or the other(it make it more fun that way--NO FENCE SITTING)-- Answer just one of them or all of them! Comment and then follow so you can comment on other people's comments! :)

Chew a piece of toenail off a your spouses dirty foot, or throughly lick their unshowered armpit?


Admit that you once commited a horrible crime, do the time in prison, and get on with your life, or never admit it to anyone, live an honest life from then on, and deal with the guilt?

This one is just for the MEN:

As a man, wake up to find you have grown nonremovable D cup breasts or that your testicles have disappeared?

This one is just for WOMEN:

As a woman have your boobs drop 6 inches overnight or your butt drop 6 inches overnight? (this question found here)


Anonymous said...

Does Shelle need to stop smoking crack while posting or not??????????

Anonymous said...

Admit that you once commited a horrible crime, do the time in prison, and get on with your life, or never admit it to anyone, live an honest life from then on, and deal with the guilt?

I would admit it, do the time and then write a book, go on tour or some such.

Hey I know!!! I could become a Democrat and run for congress, maybe even trick the mass of sheep into voting for me for president even though I have no experience and hate America!

So yeah thats what I'd do!

T said...

I'm taking the toenail over the armpit any day - easier to scrub my teeth thoroughly than pour bleach over my tongue!!!

I think I'll do my time in prison... well, maybe... there are pros and cons here... away from my kids? I'll take the guilt I guess.

and the droopy bum seems preferable now that they have those Spanx pants :)

~Kenny said...

I think I would rather wake up with D cup breasts. here is the thing I really love my testicles, my buddies, Klackers if you will. They go every where I go and they loved to be scratched just like a puppy. Plus if I woke with a lovely set of Front Side Air bags I could just fondle them all the time. You women are so lucky! :-)

Anonymous said...


1. I'd rather lick the armpit. Feet seriously give me the creeps. I can't stand them.

2. I'd like to think that I would own up to it and do my time. So I'll go with that one.

3. Id rather my boobs drop 6 inches. I don't have much of an ass, so it that dropped, well, we'd have some serious issues. If my boobs dropped, they may actually be normal for "mom boobs". I still have beautifully perky and round boobs despite having two kids lol. And those can be held up with bras ;)

615sWife said...

WOW Really!!! ok I guess I would lick an armpit, not real sure why but there is just something about toes. and I would confuss and do my time, also I would rather have my boobs drop, You can always find a good bra to hold the girls up!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm . . .

Armpit. Any day.

Do the crime, do the time, get on a reality show.

Lose the testicles. They are pretty much useless at this point.

And, Shelle, I'm with Sage: What the hell have you been smoking!?

cfoxes said...

Totally do the guilt thing.

I will not even comment on the first question.

Does your butt really drop? My seems to spread. But I would rather that than my boobs.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Sage Tysdaddy- I don't mess with smoking it!? It's bad for my lungs! I prefer injection, it's quicker. LOL.

And did everyone notice Sage side stepped the first question and the man question!? Coward! ;)

I would do the toenail cause I'm dry heaving just thinking about the armpit!

I do the time and move on with my life--guilt is bad for me.

I think my boobs for the last one. Cause bra's can work wonders, but pants can't...although T is right, they do have spanks...but I'm sticking with the boobs!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Kenny! LOL your answer was priceless! Hahahaha

Mariah said...

Feet? ewwwww going with the armpit, at least I can gargle and stuff. What if the toenail got stuck in-between my teeth??? That would be WRONG!

As far as the crime, I would admit it and do the time.

I REALLY don't want my breasts or my but to drop six inches. Sic inches is ALOT!! But if I had to choose I think butt, no....breasts. NO!! NEITHER!

The Bare Essentials Today said...

I would take licking the armpit over the toenail chewing thing ANY day! Feet...ewww.

I would much rather have my butt sag by 6" instead of my boobs. I can see my boobs, all day, every day, but I can choose not to look at my butt if I don't want to!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Mariah!!! LOL I loved your answers! I am gagging at the toenail getting stuck in the teeth!

Bare Essentials--you have a point about not having to look at your butt...hmmmm

heelsnstocking said...

Im going with the arm pit and pretending its the mother in laws cooking I seem to manage to get through that experience.

I won't confess no matter how much you spank me

and i think its got to be the boobs they will make a fetching scarf in the winter

Sunday said...

Okay, I would MOST DEFINITELY lick my hubby's armpit before I would get anywhere near his feet. Feet are for walking, end of story.
Plus, he smells good even when he hasn't showered in a day.

As for the crime...
I couldn't live with that kind of guilt so I would own up to it, do my time, and then pray I could somehow forgive myself in the process.

As for the seems everything is drooping nowadays so what's another 6"?

Anjeny said...

Shelle..where do you come up with these things? The first one totally gross me but I'll chew the nail over the armpit. I can do it with my eyes close and tongue as far away from my teeth as possible.

The crime..if they will allow me to sleep as long as I want, I'll do the time(LOL). Yes, I'll do the time cuz life is too short to live with guilt.

For the last one...I'll go with the boobs-dropping-six-inches. I'm flat-butted as it is...LOL

Just Jules said...

Alright so much to ponder......

toenail for sure. guy's armpits are hairy and that is all sorts of nasty.

i would like to think I would do the time but I don't know if I could be anybody's bitch, and my kids would suffer greatly - so...... I may just live with the guilt on that one.

Boobs for sure - already happened, living with it, not that big of a deal that is what push up bras are for.

Cameron said...

For real?!?! I'd pay to wake up with permanent D cups. :)

DCHY said...

Hmm. Armpits, jail, and...the man question is moot because when you lose your testicles, you overproduce estrogen and develop breasts. ;)

Nolens Volens said...

1st question - I would rather smell armpits than feet. My wife sure can create SMELLY feet.

2nd question - I'd turn my cellmate into my bitch, run the prison, become financially independent, and retire to an island near the equator before writing "NV's Way of the Life".

3rd question - since everyone knows I have a huge set of balls, I can live without the real ones and use my boobs as my food shelf.