Sunday, April 11, 2010

The IT Factor...he's got it.

You should click on the video and let it play while you read this post because I'm sure when my husband listens to country (which is practically never) he dedicates this song to me. (bwahahaha) Cause let's face it he should be writing this post about me! ;) Click HERE for official video!

When did I know my spouse had the IT factor?

I was 18 when I met him.

At that time boys or men or guys were more a tool than anything else. Not a tool as in they bugged me but a tool as in they helped me... hehehe in the best way possible.

Guys for me were more for FREE movies, dinners, rides, clothes, travel, help with homework, and for a feel good make out session every once in a while. I also had a select few guys that were more the brother-friend type that I hung out with all.the.time. but could and would never think of doing anything more with then just be really good friends because that would be like doing MORE with your brother... and that's just wrong (plus I was never their type, as they eventually found out).

I didn't really NOTICE my husband at first. He was just another guy that started to hang around my group of friends. In fact, one day at a football game we both attended he attempted to say HI to me and I had NO idea who he was at first, and as soon as it dawned on me how I knew him (while giving him the nice HI-back-but-I-don't-know-you nod and smile) I still couldn't remember his name.

But that didn't last long. He came around so often that soon he became almost one of the girls. It would be my close girlfriends and I and HIM. My other girlfriend put first "I like him don't touch dibs" on him so I didn't go the "do I like him route". She called him... it was hands off for me.

But soon enough my girlfriend started dating someone else and with some betting late one night my husband and I had our first date planned. The date wasn't anything incredibly spectacular--he was MR. Tuesday in an abnormal string of dates that week (one every day and two on Saturday), but he was the hottest and we never wanted for conversation. One of my worst pet peeves was that usually with the cute guys I always had to keep up the conversation and although I don't mind hearing myself talk, it was still exhausting and boring once I ran out of things to ask and say.
So I knew he was hot, to me anyway and all my girlfriends, so he was good eye candy. We could talk until the wee hours of the morning and I wasn't the only one talking! He was funny--man was and IS he funny with quick wit (AND he laughed at my jokes, or at me, either way he seemed to get me) nothing else brought me quicker to crushing on a guy then quick wit, someone who could REALLY make me laugh out loud! If you have ever read my other blog you would know how into my religion I am... well so is he... and that was a definite turn on.

There is more but this is getting long and I probably lost half of you at paragraph two.

The IT factor came during the first kiss. True Story.

He had everything else, but when I knew I could spend the rest of my life with the guy (because I PROMISE you that marriage was the furthest from my mind) was when he kissed me.

Let me just say, the man can kiss.

And not just kiss, but like forget-what-you-were-saying-or-thinking kind of kiss, like limbs-go-weak kind of kiss, and I could never get enough.

After our first kiss I'll be honest, I never wanted to do much of anything else. I was not an unseasoned kisser. Sure I was a virgin in other aspects (like sex) but I was very practiced in the art of kissing and making out--let me not lie to you, I was a super slut when it came to kissing.

How very vain and selfish of me right? He had everything else but I never thought about spending any more time with him then the other guys until our first kiss. And being the gentleman (or wuss) that he is, he waited to kiss me. It took 3 MONTHS if I remember right!!! He blames it on moving away so we were long distance and he wasn't sure he wanted to lead me on since we were living far away from each other at the time... (rolls eyes) :)

Anyway... the IT factor, he's got it.

What about you guys? When did YOU know your partner had that IT factor? Was it the way they treated you? Was it their minds? What was it?


Anonymous said...

Hubby and I met on a dating website. The one thing that stood out from everything else was that he ONLY messaged me because I had a son. He WANTED a ready made family. He is 10yrs older than I am and he wasn't going to message me because I was only 21yrs old. He thought I would be some immature child. But when he saw that my son was my first priority (I made that very clear in my profile) he messaged me.

Because of this, because he was so completely willing and truly wanting to be a father to a child that wasn't biologically his ... I just knew :)

Mae Rae said...

The IT factor for me was something that was always there and yet I refused to believe. My hubby was my brother's best friend. I thought he was an ass, but could not stop thinking about him. I dreamed about him at the age of 15 for months. It was 8 years before we went out on our official first date and it was from there on.

615sWife said...

I was 16 years old when I met my hubby, we were at church right after 9/11 and the church was getting together for a special pray meeting and I saw him walk in and I thought wow he is cute, so I kept my eye on him to see what girls he talked too, to see if he had a girl friend well he didnt so I took went over to him and sat down and for some crazy reason offered him the rest of my pizza, oh you should have seen the look on his face PRICELESS!!!! Well anyways I was new to the church and wasnt real sure who hung with who well it turned out that he was best friends with my best friends brother. So he was around all the time. But like you shelle I couldnt do anything because my BF was into him. Well When I was 17 the bf decided that she didnt want anything to do with him and so i jumped on it and told him that i liked him. We dated for about a year before I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, It was at church camp and we were in worship and I looked over at him and he was praising God with all of his heart and soul. Eyes closed, hands up and singing his heart out. I knew right then and there that this is the man for me. We got married when I was nineteen and we are about to celebrate our 6th wedding ann.
oh and shelle I understand the whole kiss thing, I could be in a horrible mood and all he has to do is kiss me and I melt and forget why I was mad in the first place!

DCHY said...

I chuckled at your "I was a super slut when it came to kissing" sentence. ;) As for my wife, that occured when I noticed the time and finally left her house at 8 am after our 2nd date. No, we just talked...and talked and talked. We did the same thing on our first date. Decided enough was enough. LOL

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Alex-You guys are one of the NEW ways to meet your one and only couples!!! On the internet...I think it's romantic ;) Seriously though how cool of a guy is he to WANT you because you were already a mom... love that story.

MaeRae- "I thought he was an ass, but could not stop thinking about him." GAH! Those guys always reel us in?! Why is that!? lol. That's such a cool story!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

615sWife--okay your story is awesome! It was very important for me that he believed what I believed and that God was important to him. I loved hearing you felt similar! You must have a really great guy!

DCHY-"Decided enough was enough. LOL" hehehehe--well that was very practical of you guys!

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. I cried some reading it.

I sure how someone got that cat some new glasses from those white MC Hammer shades he is waerin!

LOL @ kissing slut, I lol'd!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hahahaha You made Southern Sage cry some.


That was awesome! I laughed when you said you were a virgin in other aspects (like sex) ha ha ha ha

Good on you for being a super slut in the kissing department. I wasn't a super slut, but I was a slut none-the-less.

I lub the pics.

Hey, remember when we were at lunch last week and we were laughing about having to be glammed up even at Walmart, in case someone recognizes you and snaps a photo? Someone commented on my blog that they saw me buying diet Coke at Macey's and recognized me from my blog pics. eeek!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Sage- *shakes Head* if you don't like the glasses then it is a sure fire way to know they are pretty cool! ;) Glad you cried, it's healthy for the soul! There is no shame in being a kissing slut!

Crash- HA! Why did they not say anything to you? Or run over and ask for your autograph and picture??? What kind of fan do you have!? lol!

See that is why we are twins... both sluts! :)

Garden of Egan said...

When he kissed you?????
When we were sitting outside last week having lunch I had no idea YOU were so dynamite.....and you know what I'm talkin' about!!!

Oh, and he is some good eye candy. But you're pretty stinkin' cute yerself!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Shelle. It was pretty awesome. I sometimes joke with him that the only reason he married me was for my kid lol.

He wanted a ready made family. He didn't want to have to wait. He wasn't specifically LOOKING for women who already had children, but he's told me before that Racer WAS the reason he messaged me in the first place.

I wanted that too you know? I was tired of dating men for the fun of dating. I wanted a commited relationship that would become marriage at some point in the near future. I wanted someone to not only be a good role model for Racer but someone who would be a dad to him (his bio father has never been in the picture).

Hubby was all that and more :)

Since then, my FIL met his (now) wife on the same dating website and a family friend has met her fiance from there as well (wedding is set for this July).

Anonymous said...

After seeing those glasses all I can hear is "Who turned the dogs out" running over and over in my head!

Was he wearing those parachute britches in that pic?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

How can I take you seriously Sage when you can't even get the write words to the Who Let The Dogs Out Song!!! And M.C. Hammer didn't even SING that song!

He did sing " U Can't Touch This" which is fitting since you seem to be dwelling on M.C. Hammer ;) Since even in those glasses you can't touch him! hehehehe

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Garden of Egan--what is you blog!? I can't find it... you don't have a profile that takes me there!!! HELP! I hope you aren't disappointed that I was a fire cracker!

Alex--that is really so cool. It means you made a good and right decision not just for you, but for your child! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Now surely you know I'd never stoop so low as to touch Hammer pants and Dogs out glasses!?!??!?

SHeeeeeeeeeeeesh. Who would wanna is the question!?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Nice try... but prove how fashion forward you are with a full picture of you with sunglasses on. I triple dog dare you!

Chief said...

Dude, you guys are like hawtness rolled up in a tortilla! whateverthehellthatmeans

and I never pictured you for a kissing slut.... hmmmmm

615sWife said...

Shelle, He is a great guy! He puts up with me LOL!!! We didnt have it easy at all being together. The BF I talked about well I lost her as a friend because she thought it was wrong that I would go out with him knowing she had liked him, and my parents didnt like that we had sex before getting married. You know the song " She is in love with a boy" yep that was me!! But we are still going strong and let me tell you being married to a police officer is no easy doing but that is another It factor! That man looks good in his uniform LOL!!

Anjeny said...

LOLing @ Sage's "who turned the dogs out...

Shelle, I don't know I told you already but you and the hub look totally hot!!

And LMAO@kissing slut.

My hub had the IT factor on the second time I met him, was at a school dance. Although I knew it then, I resisted for six months before I finally decided I've tortured him long enough...of course I'm sure he had no idea what he'd gotten himself into because I'm still torturing him now..LOL.

heelsnstocking said...

I met my husband at 16 in a 21+ nightclub, after a few weeks i had to tell him my real age as i needed a lift to school! lol by then we were smitten and he didnt care (he ws 24). As for when the lightening struck, think it was the night we met, i walked past him, I had noticed him earlier, he looked like rick astley (very in vogue at the time)He said 'I can't stop looking at your smile'. It made me smile some more... I wonder where that man went, he sure isnt the man I went home to last night.

heelsnstocking said...

and must add sounds like you guys have it good... work hard and keep it that way x

Sunday said...

I also didn't really notice my hubby at first when I met him.
We sat near each other in our church's divorce ministry class and I remember looking up to him because he had been divorced for a number of years already and was sort of a mentor for those of us newly traversing the world of living alone.

Then it all changed one day when he came over to help me finish some carpentry projects for my house I was selling. He was balancing himself over the railing of my deck in order to get leverage to cut the end off of a door and it hit me.

This guy is TOTALLY prepared to take a header off of my 20+ foot deck and give up his entire Saturday to manual labor because he's just a nice guy?


He liked me and in that instant I realized I liked him too.

A lot!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Chief- every girl has her vice, mine happens to be kissing... Sigh! Hawtness in amy compliment given to me, I'll take!

615swife-that makes your story even better that against the odds you guys are still going strong!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Anjeny- I bet you are loads of fun even on your worst days and he's lucky to have ya!

I don't know about us being hot...but we DO compliment each other!

And Sage is a dork-who turned the dogs out? Pshaw!

Heels-i think it's cool at such a young age that you knew. People do change through experiences and maturity and stresses and not always the way we would hope or want...that is why marriage is the best and hardest thing, it takes work and rediscovering your partner sometimes on a daily basis.

We have something most definitely, but we work at it.

Sunday- I love those stories best when all of a sudden the light comes on...and yea, guys don't give up full days to just anyone! What a great guy!

mother goose said...

Loved reading this!
it was our first slow dance together! ::swoons::