Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Complement and Compliment

Early on in our relationship my wife and I were discussing how we got along together and we decided that we both complement and compliment one another. Since these two terms tend to be confused with one another, I will describe both, then will show how this is true in our relationship.


When one complements soneone they tend to complete the other person. So often we find that there are pieces of our personality we lack that the other brings out. They say that opposites attract— and being able to complement one another makes the combination of the two stronger than the individuals themselves.


When one compliments someone they tend to say something that makes the other person feel good about themselves. This is not straight flattery because "flattery gets you nowhere". So often we find our partner in need of a little ego boost. Giving a compliment to them helps them to overcome those challenges they face and lets them know that they are on the right track.

My wife and I are quite different from one another. Where I am typically outgoing, she tends to be a bit shy. When we are together she has more bravery and feels less timid about meeting new people. My wife tends to see the deails in things, whereas I usually see the big picture. When I am stuck trying to see something, she is able to put my views into perspective. I truly enjoy being recognized as a couple rather than two individuals. So often when we are together we tend to bounce ideas off of one another and make an interesting cohesive pair that many people enjoy being with.

Whenever I notice that my wife seems down, I try to compliment her and show her that she need not worry too much about whatever is bothering her. Likewise, whenever I am frustrated about something, she will compliment me and show that my frustration is not worth getting worked up over.

The ability to compliment the other helps fill in the gaps where the other lacks. This complements the other and helps build that relationship all the more.



Christy said...

I agree. And I appreciate that you put the compliment part in there. We do need that - to help keep us going, to give us insight into what you like (dress, hair, etc.), to help us feel lik eyour proud to be seen with us. Minor though it may seem - genuine compliments are a huge asset in a relationship.

Missty said...

Great post! And I agree, I think we work best if we complement each other. And my husband and I do.

And the other compliment is just as awesome! That is one thing my husband rocks on! He is always good at saying how nice I look, or how good a meal tasted, etc. And really I try and do the same for him. Who doesn't want to feel appricated?

A compliment can go along ways!

T said...

Love this!