Saturday, July 11, 2009

Taking a Test Drive

This week we have a theme – compatibility. I’ve always wondered if such a service as described below existed. Would you sign up?

Did you ever wonder if you picked the right model when you picked your significant other? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could Test Drive them first? I have this theory that when we pick that person we want to be with we should get to have a trial run. Just like picking out a new car we could set parameters to finding our ideal match. I'm talking about going beyond dating service type of matching.

I’m going to use the male pronoun for simplicity’s sake. And because I’m a woman. Guys can feel free to insert ‘she’ for ‘he’.

When you want to go buy a car you could request "I’d like the mid-priced model with the 2.5 engine and four doors." So why not have the same option with a mate? I think it would be fair to request the average height, moderately successful single man who thinks 2 kids and a dog would be ideal.

The next step would be narrow the candidates who fit those requirements down to a select few, say three, and then be given a two week live-in trial run.

This way you would know the answers to questions like:

Does he leave the cap off the toothpaste? {no}

Does he rinse his cup and put it in the dishwasher? {no}

Does he know to separate colors and whites if he does the laundry? {usually}

Does he want to cuddle after sex? {define cuddle}

These are the kinds of questions that I would have liked the answer to before marriage. The best part would be the money back guarantee if the person you ‘tried on’ didn’t fit. I think three trial runs for one nominal fee of $299.99 would work.

Question for today is: If you could test drive your model beforehand and find out your compatibility what would be the most important question you would ask? What does your significant other do that you wish you’d know about beforehand?

Venus and Mars


Anonymous said...

Mine squeezes the toothpaste in the middle, drives me nuts!

You should run down the traits both physical and familial of a potential spouse early on in the relationship.

I mean if their parents and uncles and aunts and such are all 4 foot 8 and you always wanted to birth basketball players then x them out right away!

@ question
nothing I didn't know before hand. Discuss everything you can think of prior!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Yeah - I like the test drive idea, but I think there already is a test drive. It's called Dating.

I think people should date long enough to SEE the answers to important questions like are they a hard worker, how do they act around kids, etc.

You may not get the answers to "does he put the seat down" or "does he leave his cereal bowl in the sink," but you can at least get answers to the important questions.

Spend enough time together that you get the opportunity to meet the CRAZY relatives (not just the sane ones.)

Missty said...

I am with you Andrea. I think I figured out my husband well enough before. People sometimes go into marriage so blindly. And many times it is the little things that drive us the craziest the most.

People always figure out the biggies -same religion, check. Will make decent money, check. Do they want kids, check. Is the opposite sex than I am, check. lol

But it is those little things that start little, then other stuff bugs you, then everything bugs you then you are arguing over very stupid stuff, but you argue. And there goes the relationship, little by little.

Yep, all for the test drive.

Hmm, the question?

I have no question. I wish I had known how he thought for many years "his family could do no wrong." lol You know he really thought his family was perfect, I hated to be the one to point out they aren't. lol But as he is getting older, and can see things on his own, he is FINALLY getting it. Thank heavens!

IWA (e - va) said...

So this past weekend, I have actually been working on spending time with my spouse and trying to compromise... It's been a *&^%$^% of a week! but it has been so much fun!

My question for the test drive would be? Do you sing, would you be willing to sing to me? and can i have command of the music in the car!

He said that he wish he had known a head of time that Im a Remote hog!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I wish I knew that he didn't like to call people. Like ANYBODY... I always have to do it.

like car people

or if we are selling something our house our car...I'm the one that has to talk to them!


Anyway... i say the same... dating is like my test drive.

With my religion... that's all I got! lol!

Oh And I wish I knew he didn't like to play board games and such with other people...

We played all.the.time. together... but he's not a game person and I COMPLETELY am... I could play them EVERYDAY!

Okay...I'm out! lol!

Denise said...

I agree that dating is the test drive, however some say it's uncooth to date more than one at a time, and with the test drive thing, you could knock 'em out pretty quick and narrow down the list. Total time saver lol.

As for the question... we got pretty intense as far as questioning goes prior to shacking up, and so far there hasn't been anything that I wish I would have known. Keep your fingers crossed lol!

Amber Lynae said...

I agree that dating is meant to be the test drive and it can take time.

Things I didn't know before and show have asked more about. I didn't realize HOW much video games he played because during that dating stage he played when I wasn't around. And because we were both of the wait until after marriage for the intimacy department type I wish I would have had a better picture of his libido. It took me a while to realize that the fact I have a more active libido than him wasn't something to do with his feelings about me. And Dancing- I love to dance and be silly I should have asked (i actually did but he hasn't quite lived up to it) If he would dance with me.

While I didn't have the answers to all of these before hand I'm not certain they would have been deal breakers, just things I wish I knew before hand so I would struggle with them afterwards I would have been warned. But I'm don't think I would have choosen any differently. I did get very lucky in my choice of hubby; he is great.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I'm finally online to thank you all for chiming in on my post! I think it's really important when these annoying daily habits come up (as I've discovered) is to remember that its a small thing and the big picture is what's important.

That said sometimes I get a bit umm, stubborn about his mug on the counter and I'll leave it there for days till HE deals with it ;)

Bex said...

compared to arranged marriages, we do get to test drive our spouses. we lived together before we got married.

but still, there are things that come up in marriage that you could never think to ask about. it has something to do with people changing and circumstances changing... you know, like moving to germany, for instance (or texas, in my case).