Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friday Night Date

I had a flash of inspiration when I was cleaning out the dresser in the playroom the other day. Or rather I happened upon a book that is full of great inspirations.  It's a book called The Little Black Book of Dating Ideas.  I've had it forever and a day but I started flipping through it (anything to avoid the chore I was doing) and I thought I might share some of the ideas from the book and some of my own Great Date Night ideas.
The nice part is that anyone married or single can use them to turn a boring night of What do you want to do?  No, What do you want to do? into a night of Let's do this! instead.

The book is organized into seven categories of dates.  For example Simple and Easy; Different and Free and Off the Wall to name a few.

Some of my favorites are:
  • Spend an afternoon at a cafe people watching
  • Stay out all night seaching for the best cup of coffee
  • Visit a car dealership and test drive cars (or window shop on a day when the lots are closed)
  • Play spy!  Pick someone to follow and see how close you can get without being noticed.  When they notice you eat at the closest restaurant.
  • Write down names of surrounding towns on slips of paper and pick one from a bowl.  Spend the day exploring
  • Dance on the beach and then go for a midnight swim
There are lots of other tips in this book with everything from romantic to group dates to a category labeled Money to Burn (wouldn't that be a fun one if it were true?)  The point is that just about anything can be a fun date and there are lots of great ideas.  

I'd would love to cram the comment box with your suggestions for great dates. Things you've done, things you wish you could do.  It can be from any time period of your life it doesn't have to be since you met your spouse.

What's the best date you've been on?  Where would you want your date to take you?

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Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

We use to always go ICE BLOCKING for our dates. We had this GREAT hill on a golf course and those ice blocks can sure FLY... literally!

Andrea those date ideas are BRILLIANT!

I need that book! PRONTO!

When I was reading them I was like, I wanna try that... and that...oh! and that!

Missty said...

We do something every weekend. Bike riding at the beach, is our favorite right now, just before sunset, then stop at a little bistro or place and watch the sunset and eat dinner.

But movies, eating out, etc. the usual stuff is always welcomed.

The other thing we have been doing. Is going to a little bar and playing pool and eating nachos. it has been tons of fun! And the best part, is California has a no smoking law, so no smoke in my hair... or lungs! lol
Something new and different. And hey I am getting good at pool!

Kimberly said...

Great topic Andrea even though dates are a fantasy for me right now with my newborn. So I just think back on all my dates with my hubby. My favorite one was our 2nd date; he came down to Costa Rica where I was doing research in the rainforests and we spent a week together. Quite a long date I suppose, but the best date!

Denise said...

Can I just say I love the nonsmoking laws of Cali! I wish Oklahoma would adopt the same laws. I hate coming home from darts and smelling like an ashtray... and I'm a smoker!

Ok - as far as the book is concerned, feel free to send that to me at any time. I really like the surrounding town idea, sounds like a lot of fun. Andy and I are old and fat and we have 4 kids. We dont date anymore, we spend our evenings with Mr Troop Mom or Princess Diaries or that one about the traveling pants. Disney channel is a Godsend and I love thee.

That book might could spice up my pre-marriage marriage.

Anjeny said...

We used to go hiking when it was just the two of us and when the kids came along, we bring them along too. I always get a kick out of seeing my boys trying to outlast their older sisters.

I like these suggestions you have but I especially love the last two. I am definitely going to that last suggestion a try this weekend...after all we live right across the beach, it's a shame I hardly take advantage of that.

Seeing how much a penny saver my hubby is, these ideas would be totally up his ally.

Thanks Andrea...this is a great post!!

kyooty said...

If only babysitters were free

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Kyooty-- good point... Valid point. So I should probably take advantage of the perma babysitters we live with that r free!

Kimberly- I love new born and long as I don't have to take care of them! Congrats girl!

CaJoh said...

My wife and I like to look at houses. We know we can never afford to buy one, but it is nice to be able to see what we like to see if we could ever build our dream home.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Thank you all for offering up your ideas. I've been scrolling through them today and I see some I'm adding to my list! I love little books like these because sometimes it is hard to be more creative than dinner and a movie.

I look forward to hearing more!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Thank you all for offering up your ideas. I've been scrolling through them today and I see some I'm adding to my list! I love little books like these because sometimes it is hard to be more creative than dinner and a movie.

I look forward to hearing more!

vailian said...

My GF and I do lots of things-- films, poetry readings, concerts, museums, tours, bike rides, cafes, restaurants-- but somehow the oldest activity is the best for a relationship: going for a walk. And even if you have a terrible argument during it, at least you feel like you have done your body a favor! And it is cheap and can be done with children.
The worst thing for my relationships has been watching TV.

IWA (e - va) said...

That book sounds awesome as I am needing advice in this area! My dates ususally end up at costco or borders!

In utah we did the test drive car thing while we were dating... we actually went to one dealership picked up a nice car and then drove it around to other dealerships tyring out their cars! It was fun!

T said...

We also are big fans of house browsing... have no plans to move anytime soon, but walking through a new home and just dreaming is nice...

we actually went to the furniture store once to dream shop for that imaginary house...

FUN to spend imaginary money and act like there's "money to burn" sometimes!

I need this book... great topic!

Casey said...

When Jamie and I first started dating, I packed a picnic basket and we went to the beach to watch the sunset. It rained the entire time but we had our picnic in the cab of the truck and it was amazing.

H.K. said...

I love the last minute dates that we go on. When ever we plan a date, something always comes up or we're really tired. And so since we seem to always be tired going out in the evenings, we go out for breakfast on a Saturday morning or go to the local cafe shop and have something hot to drink with a pastry.

We're both refreshed from having a good night sleep, and it's cheaper than going out to dinner!

We have been known to go out on a Friday night when one or worse both of us want to fall asleep instead! Sad, but true.

Denise said...

I think my favorite date was on a stormy night. I love storms, so we ran through the drive-thru at taco bell and sat on the tailgate of the truck to watch the storm. Cheesy, simple and cheap. We both really enjoyed it though.