Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's Talk About SEX

Funnily (is that a real word-oh well, I'm going with it!) this post happens to fall on my 13th anniversary.

Ok let's talk about sex. Yes, I said it.


I think my hubby and I have a pretty good sex life. After 13 years (the 27th of this month!) it's still going strong. Most day's I'm all for it. you ever have those days where you just might not be in the mood but the other is, and maybe it's been a few days or so since you've done the horizontal mambo, and the hubby is starting to become Mr. Cranky pants, and you know if you give him a little lovin he'll feel a little better?

That's the kind of sex I'm talking about. I admit it. Sometimes if I'm not really in the mood but I know that he is (well, when isn't he?) and he's giving me the wink, and it's been a few days, I'll go for it.

Just a quicky. Just a little something that, you know, will please your man. I think sometimes that helps keep the peace in the relationship. Now no flames please.

I'm not talking about if you are just not jiving with it and say no way and they are going to take liberties because they can. Nope. Just sometimes I don't mind helping out my man a little bit, and often times I end up having a pretty good time myself.

So....does anyone else do it sometimes just to please the other?



Anonymous said...

Yes I often must force myself into the act. I can hardly bring myself to do it! Its a struggle! I mean why can't she see I'm just not up to it?

hehe yeah I did too!


I suspect she does the same thing sometimes. Really though you should do it. Why not? You are out nothing, it costs you nothing and it pleases him. So I say do it and do your best to pretend like you are all into it.

Actually she says "well I wasn't in the mood but then when....... i was all for it so I'm glad I participated!"

Missty said...

Valerie - Frist Happy Anniversary!

And sure I have done that. So has my husband. Not every time are both of us raring to go.(usually, but not always.) ;o) lol And really we both become cranky if we don't get what we need.

And most times, when I thought I was to hot or to tired or not in the mood... I realize "I guess I was in the mood!" lol
And we are both happier.

valerie said...

Thanks Missty! Somehow we made it thirteen years. The hardest being the last month! Kitchen remodels suck! lol

valerie said...

Sage-I know it's a hard to get through, but someone has to do it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Always for her!!!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Umm, yea! Been there and done that ;) Sometimes I'd really rather just roll over and go to sleep and he'll snuggle up and be all cute and I'm think nooooo.

But I'll give in because then I know after that I'll get to go to sleep, lol!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Sage, somehow I can see a guy forcing themselves to enjoy it. Maybe I'm wrong though!

Anonymous said...

BMA guys like me are team players. We will give all to the team! Selfless.

I'm nearly a martyr.

valerie said...

If only they could all be like you sage! ;)

Mike said...

From a man's point of view, you have the right idea on how to keep a marriage healthy. Sex is a way for us to connect intimately and even guys need that sometimes.

Congrats on the upcoming anniversary....

This Mom said...

Oh I tottaly have done it just because he was in the mood. THough I know that after I feel more relaxed and sleep better so I guess it really is a release for both of us.

I know that my hubby and I went trough a dry spell and I had to work to get back into the grove but once there, well you know.

Anonymous said...

Val, then I wouldn't be unique! I am nothing if not unique!

valerie said...

Thanks for the congrat's Mike!