Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brilliantly Put

Found this on youtube. Hubby told me about it. Ya, the whole time I was watching it with Hubby I was reflecting on all the times I have used each word/phrase. TOO TRUE!

Hope you enjoyed!!!



Anonymous said...

I love the GO AHEAD... hahahahaha... and the silent sigh! HA! Glad this clears up the 5 minutes rule! HA!

This was great youngblood! :)

Anonymous said...

That was really ME... SHELLE-BlokThoughts responding in the comment above!

Cookie Crums said...

But they never learn! LOL

Cameron said...

So very, very true. On a side note, I've learned one thing that may help men.

Occasionally when my wife asks me to do something, I'll just respond with a blank, stupid look on my face. After a couple second, she'll huff and say, "NEVERMIND, I'll do it." Might get you in a little bit of trouble, but it gets you OUT OF whatever chore the wife wanted you to do.

Youngblood4ever said...

Cameron, now that is just evil!

There was one thing that they didn't put on there that I think is important advice, too.

When a woman asks you to do something it usually means RIGHT THEN. If we have to ask it probably is good to assume that you forgot to do something you were already supposed to do. OR she needs your help to get something done right then and it can't wait. Hubby likes to do that, which will eventually lead me to doing it myself and then we have a totally UNNECESSARY fight just because he thought he could do it later.

Anjeny said...

LOL Cameron...that is why when a man wants to have sex later, the woman completely fakes the headache or time of the month excuse. I don't think men should try to outsmart women in tend to have long memory and along with the ability to multi-task, we can do our daily routines to the fullest and plan out our next revenge at the same time...Be afraid, be very afraid!! ahahah.

Jules...I love this video. I've used all nine and still using them too...I think the one that gets my hubby on his toes most is the first one...FINE.