Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whose Turn is It?

Do you ever have disputes with your spouse on whose job it is to do what? Does he take out the trash, you do the dishes, etc? Or do you take turns? You won't take the dogs for a walk because you did it last. He won't change a diaper because it's obviously your turn.

My husband I have those conversations too..

Husband: Honey, go put the DVD in the PS3

Me: You put it in, I ordered the Pizza

Husband: Yeah, but I went to the door to pay the guy

Me: I poured your drink

Husband: I plated your food!

Me: I'm going to one day carry your children and go through hours of painful labor!

Husband: Wouldn't we have to have sex first!?

Me: Touche' funny man . . . touche'.

Untypically Jia


Blogging Mama Andrea said...

This made me giggle :) Usually I cook since he gets home after dinner, he will on the weekends if I ask. He's more than willing to do dishes or laundry and I don't usually have to ask for that.
Anything else? Yeah, I don't think even knows how to work the vacuum. ;) Maybe with his next wife.

Missty said...

No. we don't do the take turns or keep track thing. Not sure why we don't. lol

Its about give and take not keeping track.

We have always both just pulled our weight, if it needs done and I am there, then I do it, if he is around he does it.

We pretty much know if it is about the house cleaning I do it, as I am home. I really can't see him working 8-10 hours and then doing laundry or dishes. kwim?

He or the boys do the yard. Simple enough.

This stuff pretty much drives me around the bend. My sister and her husband do this stuff, its annoying. lol

valerie said...

My hubby and I agreed when we were first married if there is some chore to be done just do it. Trash needs taken out or you see the bathroom needs cleaned? Just clean it. It's not just the mans chore or the ladies chore. I mow the lawn sometimes. He vacuums. The one thing he does is his own laundry because also when we were first married he made a comment about how his mom did it and of course with a smile I said "then move back home with your momma cause this is the way I do it!" from then on he does his own. I do mine and the kids. He will do the towels though. :)

Youngblood4ever said...

heeheehee! That was great. Ya, I am pretty sure if there was someone bugging my house and listening to every conversation Hubby and I have they would laugh. We do this a lot. Usually our rule is, though, whoever asks first, the other has to do. Needless to say- I do a lot of jumping the gun on the asking so I don't have to do. Such as- turning off the bedroom light, locking the door, or if I want a snack.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HA! Good post Jia!

Ya know, we pretty much just do what has to be done. And when I say WE, I mean HIM! :)

He's so good to just do whatever. He cooks, does laundry, weeds, takes out trash, vacuums, cleans... etc.

I do stuff to.

Really, I do.


Steph said...

We sometimes have this argument about putting DD to bed. DH travels, so when he's home I want him to put her to bed b/c I do it more often.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha! My hub isn't that straight forward. He says things like "Have WE ordered that medicine yet?" or "We need to pay that bill."

He speaks in code. It turns me to PASSIVE resistance.

Youngblood4ever said...

Crash- and by "we" he means "you." Ya, I get it. Hubby does that too and I am rude enough to make him restate what he REALLY means.

Untypically Jia said...

I'm glad everyone enjoyed. Hubby and I do have our own personal chores. He brings home the bacon, I cook it, we both get fat LOL!

Mama Mel said...

Hi from SITS! So funny! And sounds like a typical conversation in our house too! :)

Anjeny said...

Fun post it. I have to go with some of the commenters here..keeping track of who does what is exhausting in my book. Since I'm home, I take care of the house chores...of course, I've given all the kids chores to do..while he brings in the dough. He loves being outdoors so he does our yard, mowing, planting or whatever. Sometimes I help out outside when I get bored being in the house and sometimes he does some housework when the mood strikes.

I pretty much banned him from doing any house-cleaning because usually when he cleans, he deep cleans and ended up throwing away whatever he gets his hands on..very frustrating, I tell ya. I prefer doing things a certain way and he's the same way so my kitchen is totally off-limits to him just like his tool closet is off limits to

Jia, I love your comment about how your hubby brings home the bacon, you cook it and you both get fat...very hilarious.

T said...

I think we used to do the Turn thing a little more... and then we had kids... and then a few more kids... and now I just try to make sure it's always one of the kids' turns!

(laughing still at the hub's last comment...)

Denise said...

We use manipulation when we don't use the children. That's what we had them for right?

Romero the lawn guy does the outside work, and b/c I'm home I do most of the household chores. I don't like him in my kitchen b/c he's a slob, so I cook most of the time. He thinks cooking dinner ends when dinner is done and leaves a TON of dirty dishes. Bleh! I clean as I go so there's nothing to clean up.

Keeping track of who did what is exhausting and we just end up snipping at each other about who didn't put the toilet paper on the roll, when we could have saved that oxygen and just gotten it done.

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