Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun Stuff Together

Because we all know there is more to marriage besides sex….. lol ;o) How about some other fun ideas today.

My husband and I spend about 90% of our free time together. Seriously, if he isn’t working – we are together. We go out to eat every weekend, movies, spas, dirt bike riding, long drives… whatever each of us wants to do, we do it together. We do weekends away and long extended vacations. (Photo of us in Italy, Trevi Fountain.)

We don’t have any “couple" friends. The few couples we use to do things with long ago have all moved away, so there are just us. And really I like it that way.

So what I am thinking of today are ideas. What ideas do each of you have regarding spending time with your spouse? What do you love to do together? Or what do you wish you would do.... but just haven't put the importance of it because you need to find the time or babysitter or have to plan and save.

A fun thing we have done…. forever is Matt will jump up and put on his shoes, as I am sitting there, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Tuesday night, or a Sunday afternoon. He will get up and say “I don’t know about you, but I am going to go __________. That blank could be I am going to go get an ice cream cone, or going to a movie, or go take a walk. It ends with me jumping up and saying well, you’re not going without me. And off we go. Its fun, it’s spontaneous.

And yes it’s easier now that our kids are older.
But even when our kids were young, we knew our couple time was important, and we budgeted in babysitting, etc. We did trades with friends. His jumping up pretty much started as our oldest was around 12 or so and we wanted to start leaving the kids alone. So we would go out for just ice cream cone runs, just the two of us.

So I told you a few ideas on how we spend our time together, how do you spend your alone time? Let’s share some ideas of fun things to do with our mate. And I will add some more ideas as we comment.

Missty over at Life is Good


Anjeny said...

Living right across the beach, my hubby and I have picked up walking on the beach as our time alone together. Sometimes we even bring the dog along to walk him too. I just find that walking on the beach and talking just the two of us a very soothing thing to do and a great bonding time for us.

Of course, we sometimes we steal away to run walk to 7Eleven which is right by our house to get slurpee another fun to do together.

And now we just purchased a kayak so we will be doing that more just the two of us. It's actually my favorite water sport, I guess you could say and he ♥ anything to do with the ocean so that is going to be our fun thing to do.

CaJoh said...

I will have to try that technique. Usually it is my wife who sets the agenda, so being spontaneous may just add some additional flavor to whatever we do.

Thanks for the ideas.

T said...

we'll do a lot of different things together - with a houseful of children sometimes just having him run with me on errands can be fun.

movies, hiking, ice cream runs (haha, this is still bringing up yesterday's post in my mind), walks in the park, star watching on the back porch... any time we spend together is good for us :)

We're a "project" couple - we always have a household project in the works - and I love the time we have together painting, sanding, tiling... even shopping for the supplies... and the projects we do usually wipe us out so much that we fall into bed exhausted... but happy!

The Crazy Coxes said...

We do a lot of the things you do Missty!

We always run errands together on the weekend. I don't really like Home Depot, but I can be bought with food.

We "sneak out" a lot in the mornings when the kids are asleep and go get donuts or bagels or a full on breakfast. The kids like it too because then they get to sleep in.

We always find time to go out - just the two of us. Because he has lots of church repsonisbilites, I will go along to some of them and we "put in our time" and then go out to dinner.

Missty said...

Anjeny - We LOVE the beach. We don't live on it, but are a simple 40 minutes away. That was another spur of the moment thing we did a few weeks back. Loaded up the bicycles and rode along the boardwalk then stopped for dinner at a tiny place with a window view of the ocean and sun setting. And way to go with the kayak, we love to kayak.

CaJoh - give the idea a try, its fun and silly and we do it all the time. lol

T - projects are always fun. We have been through a few of those. At the moment I prefer no projects. lol

Crazy - We love breakfast out, pretty much every Saturday morning, before our Home Depot or Lowes run. I guess I am the same - bribe me with food... and I am there!

Here is our latest moment together, last night - got ice cream then Matt stopped at our neighborhood park, we ate our cones, then went over to the swings to swing. I haven't been on a swing in years! Fun few minutes out.

Lets hears some more ideas - we all need them.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I love that u do that spontaneous thing! That's so cute and fun!

My guy and I we do movies together. Tuesday or thursday night... And we make sure to sit in the back... And we go on ice cream shake runs... And we do one trip together just for us... This year is NYC!

Anonymous said...

I like these ideas. I wish we would travel together, but we dont. We always say we want to but never do anything about it.

I like the I am going _____ idea. I will give that one a try. We usualy just stay home or do our own thing.

Anonymous said...

I know boring but we love to work out together or go running or bike riding.

or really any alone time without kids is great.


Missty said...

Shelle - Oh we Love movies, we go a couple times a month. I have a ton of summer movies that are on my must see list. Oh I want to go to NYC! We have been many places but not NY, yet.

Anon- As far as traveling. Pick somewhere, and start planning. Plan a year out or longer. Put it on your schedule and start researching and talking about it. Save, then buy plane tickets, save some more and pre pay for hotels (its always cheaper!) I live for vacations. WIth my kids and without! lol

Sammy - not boring at all. Its something you do together. And I think it would be fun.

Shirley said...

We do a lot of the same things as some of you - movies, dinner, running errands, etc. Because my husband works close to home, he often calls and invites me to lunch. I enjoy lunches out even more than dinners. We enjoy going to the theater. We also play a lot of games - usually some game every night. Tonight we went to play miniature golf. Husband usually goes to conferences in January and August and I go with him most of the time.....and we visit the kids and grandkids as often as possible. : )

Cookie Crums said...

We do spur of the moment things but it's a little harder with a young child. Just this past Saturday we went grocery shopping together. Normally, it's a family thing where we pick up and go. Running or going for an evening walk with our child and dog is the new thing...and I love it!

Our time tends to be late at night when the little one is in bed and the house is quiet. We're in the bed together talking, computering, reading or whatever but there with each other touching in some way.

We also have a couple we "date" and love it! With kids some and without kids too.

I would like to travel more on weekend getaways but we do it two or three times a year...but when we do it tends to be really nice places. I might need to be dial it down a notch so we can get more in just not as nice of places...We are lucky in the fact that my parents live close by so they are willing to keep our little one whenever we ask for the most part. In that sense, we are truly blessed!

Penelope said...

It sounds like you have a beautiful marriage :)

My husband and I do a lot together too, but he works in a field where most of the men are not like this, and they don't want to bring their wife along if we do something!

I prefer happy couples that love eachother's company, at least some of the time :)

And I love to spend time just with hubby too. He is my hero and best friend.